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Package details: Advance Package


Be in the know before the bids go out!
Take a more proactive approach to identifying government business opportunities. Build your lead pipeline by tracking upcoming bids thanks to the latest intelligence gathered by our knowledgeable team of researchers. In addition, you have access to the latest Federal & State/Local bid opportunities released.

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This may be an ideal package for your business if:

  • You want to network with key government decision makers before the bid goes out
  • Getting more lead-time for better bid preparation is essential;
  • You want to get the most extensive coverage of bidding opportunities; targeting a variety of government agencies;
  • You want to ensure that you don’t miss out on any bid opportunities
  • You want to save time by reducing your efforts when finding and researching bid opportunities

Features and Benefits:

  • Daily Email Notification: Your customized email, alerts you of opportunities that matter to your business every day;
  • Track future opportunities: See upcoming opportunities before they become bids. Put a team together as early as possible and network with government key decision makers;
  • Research team: Scans minutes from public meetings, monitors purchasing patterns, budget reviews, public referendums, and other sources.
  • State/Local & Federal Bids: Business opportunities (Bids, RFPs, RFQs, RFIs) researched daily from thousands of federal, state, city and county websites, publications, contract reports, and other sources;
  • Targeted opportunities: Opportunities are filtered based on your business preferences and you can modify them anytime you want;
  • Search Engine / Online Access: Search all bids, upcoming bids and awards – present and past. Great for prospecting and research to discover agencies that buy specific products, as well as accessing contract award and bidder information from past bids.
  • Support team: Phone and email support by our professional customer care staff;
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Get more from

  • Starting an additional $44 per month, gain that extra industry advantage with our premium package
  • Track details of recently awarded bids, as well as upcoming bid opportunities not released yet
  • The more you know – the more you grow!
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The ability to not only see current bids, but to analyze past bids and even future potential opportunities makes a difference.


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