Bid Opportunity: G004--VA Connecticut Healthcare System??s Mental Health ServiceLine Homeless Services Oversight 3 Transitional Beds with LOS of 120 days

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G004--VA Connecticut Healthcare System??s Mental Health ServiceLine Homeless Services Oversight 3 Transitional Beds with LOS of 120 days

Category: G - Social Services

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Maine
Date Entered:   04/01/2022
Due Date:   04/11/2022
Description:   2Sources Sought Notice Obtain a qualified vendor to provide temporary HousingThis is a Sources Sought notice and not a request for quotes. This request is solely for the purpose of conducting market research to enhance VHA s understanding of your company s offered services and capabilities. The Government will not pay any costs for responses submitted in response to this Source Sought Notice.This Sources Sought notice provides an opportunity for respondents to submit their capability and availability to provide the service requirement described below. Vendors are being invited to submit information relative to their potential to fulfill this requirement, in the form of a capability response that addresses the specific requirement identified in this Sources Sought, please ensure that you indicate your DUNS number on your response. Refer to the Performance Work Statement section below for the requested service description. This Sources Sought is to facilitate the Contracting Officer s review of the market base, for acquisition planning, size determination, and procurement strategy.Performance Work StatementVA Connecticut Healthcare System s Mental Health Service LineHomeless Services Oversight3 Transitional Beds with LOS of 120 daysI. Introduction: VA Connecticut Healthcare System, Mental Health Service Line is committed to meeting the needs of homeless Veterans. Mental Health is an integral component of overall health care and each component of care has implications for the physical health problems which can also affect mental health and mental health problems can exacerbate and even stimulate physical health problems. Housing is key to recovery. Transitional housing is critical during the recovery process. These three beds will provide temporary transitional housing in a supportive and recovery-oriented environment with 24 hours per day on-site support services, including recovery groups and individual case management. These three beds need to be within a 15-20-minute proximity to the West Haven Campus of VA Connecticut Healthcare System and the Community Referral and Resource Center (CRRC) for ease of connectedness with their outpatient treatment provider and the VA Homeless Team. II. The Contractor Agrees to Provide: Provide access to three (3) individual beds; each Veteran having their own room during their length of stay. These 3 beds are for VA referred Veterans with varied Mental Health diagnosis but with emphasis on Veterans who are homeless, Veterans struggling with substance abuse and Veterans seeking and working on their own recovery. VA Homeless staff liaison will be assigned and will maintain a waiting list for these beds, and work with the vendor staff to ensure that beds are always full. VA Homeless staff will refer a Veteran for an open bed. The vendor staff maintains the right to refuse a referral if deemed inappropriate to their facility only with discussion and written justification provided to the VA liaison. Admissions will occur primarily on weekdays, Monday thru Friday, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. but on occasion, a referral may be needed on a weekend, Saturday or Sunday. All bed linen etc. will be provided by the contractor during the length of stay per Veteran. General length of stay for VA referred Veterans is up to 120 days. Extensions may only be granted if and only if approved by the VA liaison and/or his/her own designee. Within the first 3 days of admission, a meeting will occur with the Veteran, VA clinical liaison and other program staff to create a recovery action plan and steps /responsibility toward appropriate recovery goals. Collaboration weekly with VA Liaison regarding bed availability is required. The contractor s staff will orient Veterans to their house rules prior to admission (During referral process) and again upon actual admission. The contractor s staff agree to return the Veteran back to VA Connecticut Healthcare System if medically indicated for inpatient hospitalization if its not deemed medically inappropriate The Contractor will provide safe and secure parking to any Veteran who may have a POV and chooses to keep it on premises during their approved stay. The vehicle must be properly licensed, insured and in operative condition. The Veteran must have a valid state driver license in good standing as well in order to maintain a vehicle on premises. The Contractor will automatically discharge any Veteran from bed status for the threat of and/or act of any type of violence. If this occurs, the VA liaison must be notified immediately. The Contractor will provide Veteran residents with access for weekend passes if approved by staff. The Contractor s staff will require Veteran residents maintain a curfew of 11:00 p.m., 7 days per week. The staff will also provide case management services in collaboration with the VA Mental Health providers while Veterans are housed at the facility. The Contractor s staff and VA staff will continue to collaborate during the Veterans stay in the program. Both will intervene if the Veteran shows signs of relapse, inappropriate behavior (i.e. disregard for rules). If a Veteran is not making progress toward his goals, The Contractor s staff and VA staff will meet with Veteran to formalize an assessment and plan intervention(s) and document a new recovery plan with the changes/goals noted. The Contractor will provide each Veteran with a written copy of their house rules and a signed contractual agreement will be signed. VA and Contractor s staff will determine frequency of rounds, but not less than bi-weekly. Reciprocal release of information s will be signed and remain in effect the entire length of stay in this VA financially supported bed. If a Veteran rescinds the release, discharge will result since this halt collaborative communication and intervention/referral assistance. Progress reports and recovery plans will be shared weekly with the VA Liaison. The contractor staff will provide Assessment, evaluation, treatment planning and discharge/referral assistance. Collaborate with VA outpatient Mental Health providers to arrange for follow-up and aftercare services The Contractor will provide each of the three Veterans, three nutritious meals per day. If a sack lunch is required for programming, this too needs to be provided. The Contractor will provide on-site staffing 24-hour per day, 7 day per week in the program. A copy of the staff s resume(s) and credentials with trainings must be on file with the VA during this contract period. Any changes in staffing must be reported to the VA in writing. Communicate to VA Mental Health provider if veteran is discharged &/or does not return to program at any time. Notification will be provided on next business day if after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends and holidays. Notification of any house rule violations or infractions will be communicated to VA within 12 hours of event or incident. Comply with VHA and HIPPA guidelines. Veteran s must cooperate with random urine tox screens. If refused, the VA liaison must be notified immediately. VA liaison and Contractor may initiate discharge following multiple refusals. The Contractors staff does not administer medication but will safely hold medications in a locked secured area, and document in a separate log any medications taken by the Veteran consumer. If deemed necessary, a visiting nurse can be assigned to the Veteran consumer who needs medical monitoring of medications. Work in concert with the MH Service Line Manager &/or designee of VA CT Healthcare System and the Firm Director, Errera Community Care Center Collaborate with VA PAOD during after hours, weekends and holidays for psychiatric mental health assistance Invoice VA Connecticut monthly for services rendered thru the fiscal online services as outlined in the contract when awarded. Inform VA Connecticut of any issues, concerns in a timely manner i.e. within no later than 12 hours The Contractors staff will provide stable housing and utilizes the model of positive incentives to Veterans who adhere to the program requirements and model behavior conducive to recovery. o Program Treatment & Case Management which the Contractor Provides and documents progress: ? Individual Counseling ? Development of social, living and vocational skills ? Life skills training ? Vocational Planning ? Next Step Housing Referral and assistance III. Reporting All providers will comply with agency directives, circulars, procedures and policies, maintain records and statistics, and carry out assigned caseloads and treatment for veterans referred for service provision under this agreement. Comply with JCAHO reporting standards and documentation requirements. IV. Work Environment The mental health providers will be working to focus on serving the needs of our Veteran population while they strive to work toward their own recovery. They will function as treatment providers and as a treatment team in an outpatient community-based treatment environment. The work may require a combination of settings from his/her personal sedentary office to shared space in the residential care setting. The work is typically performed in an adequately lighted and climate-controlled facility. May require occasional travel for transfer assistance &/or treatment consultation. All providers are always expected to follow safety procedures and utilize good judgment. V. Physical DemandsThe work is primarily sedentary, although some physical effort may be required. VI. Purpose of Contacts Contacts are to provide mental health services, recovery and treatment services to our Veterans as referred under this contract. Providers may liaison with VA agencies which may include consultants, contractors, primary providers, program officials, &/or business executives. VII. Customer Service Meet the needs of our Veterans referred and receiving treatment while supporting the VA and Mental Health Missions. Consistently communicates and treats customers (veterans, their representatives, visitors, and all VHA staff) in a courteous, tactful, and respectful manner. Provides the customer with consistent information according to established mental health policies and procedures. Handles conflicts and problems in dealing with the customer constructively and appropriately. VIII. Confidentiality Protect printed and electronic files containing sensitive data in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974 and other applicable laws, federal regulations, VA statutes and policy, and VHA policy, JCAHO and HIPPA. Protect the data from unauthorized release or from loss, alteration, or unauthorized deletion. Signed releases are required for the sharing of verbal &/or written information between VA and Contractor under this agreement. IX. VA Connecticut Healthcare System Agrees to Provide and Support: ? VA Liaison to coordinate referrals in collaboration with The Contractors Staff Liaison for these 3 beds. ? VA liaison will maintain a waiting list to help ensure maximum capacity and efficient bed utilization. ? VA agrees to pay a per day per bed rate, up to three (3) beds for veterans in Contractors facility, for a period up to 120 days. An extension may be granted yet must be approved in writing by the VA liaison and the Veteran must be in good standing with the Contractor. ? Clinical Consultation & Guidance as needed on a referral basis. ? Obtain necessary release of information & forward at time of transfer a complete transfer packet including but not limited to: COVID test results (must be negative), lab results, discharge summary, medication profile, and psychiatric evaluation & assessment, PPD results, and current individual service recovery plan. ? Allow any provider under this scope to attend educational training and seminars provided or sponsored by VA Connecticut Mental Health, which would improve or enhance the provider s clinical expertise. ? Perform daily contact with contractor staff liaison to discuss bed availability. VA agrees to allow The Contractor to utilize any of the 3 unoccupied reserved beds for their need if and only if VA liaison &/or designee notifies the Contractor of VA s lack of intent to occupy any of the beds during the next 24 hour period. VA agrees to release any of the 3 unused beds for the day only by 4:30 p.m. ? VA only agrees to financially reimburse the awarded Contractor, for BDOC occupied by Veterans under this agreement via the standard three (3) pre-reserved bed statuses.
241-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 01 (36C241) Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 04330 ONE VA CENTER TOGUS ME 04330 Andrew Gormley, Contracting Specialist, Phone 215-823-5000 X 203295, Email
RFP Number:   36C24122Q0412
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