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S207--Pest Control Services

Category: S - Utilities and Janitorial Services

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Maine
Date Entered:   04/15/2022
Due Date:   04/21/2022
Description:   THIS SOURCES SOUGHT/REQUEST FOR INFORMATION IS ISSUED FOR INFORMATON AND PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT CONSIDERED A SOLICITATION. The purpose of this source sought/RFI is to gain knowledge of businesses that are capable of satisfying the following work requirements:STATEMENT OF WORK:Contractor shall furnish all labor, supervision, transportation, tools, materials and supplies necessary to perform pest control services in accordance with the guidelines established by Federal, State ( local ordinances and this statement of work. Contractor to provide on-site pest control services for at least (16) hours per week, eight (8) hours a day and eight (8) hours a night at each site, Brockton, West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain, weekly. Jamaica Plain facility will be performed eight (8) hours on Saturdays. Contractor shall respond to all routine calls within twelve (12) hours and emergency calls and situations pertaining to bed bugs within two (2) hours of notification by the Contracting Officer s Technical Representative (COTR) to provide service. These services shall be performed by certified, trained, and licensed pest control operators in any or all categories as required by the State of Massachusetts. 1. SERVICE/MAINTENANCE/INSPECTIONThe Contractor shall perform service, maintenance, and inspection to ensure the following tasks are accomplished. Inspections of areas to determine which pest management measures are appropriate and required.Provide recommendation of environmental sanitation practices that restrict or eliminate food, water, or harborage for pests. Selection and utilization of non-chemical control methods that will eliminate exclude or repel pests (including, but not limited to insect electrocution devices, traps, caulking, air screens).Selection and use of the most environmentally sound pesticide(s) to affect control when chemical control methods are necessary.Control (eliminate or prevent the flourishing or spread) of general arthropod pests (including, but not limited to cockroaches, ants, carpet beetles, spiders, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, centipedes, millipedes).Control of flying insect pests (including, but not limited to house flies, stable flies, blow flies).Control of predatory pests/disease vectors (including, but not limited to lice, bedbugs, fleas, mites, ticks, bees, wasps, mosquitoes).Control of stored product pests (including, but not limited to sawtooth grain beetles, red/confused flour beetles, trogoderma beetles, grain moths).Control of mice and rats (including, but not limited to house mice, field mice, roof rats, Norway rats).Control of other vertebrate pests (including, but not limited to, subterranean termites, drywood termites, fungi, wood boring beetles). Treatment may be required as a separate service in a contract negotiated by the medical facility at the time of need.Control (treat and eliminate) of bed bugs (cimex lectularias) in the environment.2. SPECIAL PESTICIDE APPLICATION PROVISIONS: The following provisions shall be adhered to by the Contractor in performing pesticide applications of the areas specified below: a. Food Handling Areas: Treatment is limited to times when food is not being held, processed, prepared, or served; and while not occupied by facility employees. The Contractor (in the possession of pesticides or application equipment) shall at no time enter facility elevators which are occupied by food service equipment. b. Patient Occupied Areas: The Contractor shall utilize order free pesticides that does not expose patients or staff above permissible exposure levels (PEL) and use a low volatility as possible, in accordance with the established guidelines.c. Critical Areas: The Contractor shall submit a list of pesticides for intended use in areas listed below for approval by the COTR, prior to any application. When space treatment is required in these areas, the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) method of pesticide application shall be utilized with approved equipment capable of delivering a particle size range of 0.5 to 15 microns. The planned use of pesticides in these areas requires recognition of the attendant hazards to occupants, supplies, equipment, and surfaces. No substitution shall be made at any time without approval in advance from the COTR. Pharmacy Research Facilities Operating Room Intensive Care Units Respiratory Care Areas SPD3. STORAGE OF PEST CONTROL MATERIALS: No pest control materials or equipment shall be stored or kept at the Medical Center when the contractor is not working on site unless authorized first by the COTR.4. DISPOSAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTES: The Contractor shall not dispose of any excess pesticide containers, or any other materials contaminated by pesticides at any location on the Medical Center premises.5. PERSONNEL QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS: NOTE: Certification shall mean a current Certificate of Competency in pest management in any and all categories as identified by the State of Massachusetts.a. The Contractor shall provide a detailed list (at time of submission of quote) of all certified professional staff to be utilized in the performance of this contract, including copies of state certifications and categories of training. Non-certified employees may assist the supervisor in performance of the work as long as they are in immediate contact with and visible to the supervisor. The supervisor will assume all responsibility for their work. The Contractor shall comply with applicable federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines and licensing of pest control operators, performance of pest control and use of approved pest control chemicals and equipment set forth by the EPA and National Pest Control Association. It is the contractor s responsibility to keep abreast and comply with changes in these regulations and codes applicable to the contract so that compliance with all current regulations and codes is maintained. All the contractor s personnel assigned to performance of this contract shall be clearly distinguishable from VA employees and must have visible on their uniforms, the name of the company and employee s name so they are easily recognizable at all times.Pest Controller must comply with the Children s Protection Act, G.L. c. 132B, 6C to 6J(Chapter 85 of the Acts of 2000), effective November 1, 2000, requiring schools, day care centers, and school age programs to implement pest management strategies that minimize the risks to children from exposure to pesticides in school settings. Contractor will also work with day care centers within the Boston Healthcare System to ensure compliance. References as follows: Jamaica Plain- Bldg # 9, Small World Day Care Center West Roxbury- Trailer- Bldg #89, Day Care Center Brockton- N/A6. Place of Performance VA Medical Center150 S.Huntington AveBoston, MA 02130 VA Medical Center1400 VFW ParkwayWest Roxbury, MA 02132VA Medical Center940 Belmont St.Brockton, MA 02301 On an as needed basis- VAOPC251 Causeway StBoston, MA 02114 VAOPC130 Marshall RDLowell, MA 01852VA Halfway HouseWoodside AveJamaica Plain, MA 02130Period of Performance: Base year plus four option years. The options may or may not be exercised. 7. SCHEDULE/HOURS OF OPERATION: a. Pest management tasks shall be pre-scheduled and performed on scheduled days. The Contractor shall not work outside regular agreed upon working hours without prior approval of the COTR. b. In the event climate or weather conditions become unsuitable for work or may induce an environmental hazard, then the entire work shall be re-scheduled to a date and time satisfactory to the Contractor and the COTR. Postponement will not reflect any penalties assessed to the Contractor, nor would there be any additional cost to the Government. c. Normal business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. A list of Federal holidays may be found at d. Some contract tasks may require work to be performed after normal business hours.e. The Contractor shall allow VA personnel to interrupt the pest control application process at anytime due to events that interfere with normal functioning of the facility and require immediate attention including utility services, fire protection systems, and transporting patients, personnel, equipment, and carts.8. SERVICE CALLS:Routine: The Contractor shall, within 12 hours after receipt of notification by the Contracting Officer or COTR, and at no additional charge to the Government, re-treat areas where contract specifications of contract specifications of performance have not been met. Emergency: The Contractor shall respond within 2 hours after receipt of notification by the COTR, at no additional charge to the Government to provide integrated pest management services to correct emergency deficiencies.Bed Bugs: The Contractor shall respond within 2 hours after receipt of notification by the COTR to any situations pertaining to bed bugs. The Contractor shall employ or have access to certified pest control dogs specialized in the identification of bed bugs. The Contractor shall respond with these dogs within 24 hours after receipt of notification by the COTR when there is a need for these dogs as determined by the situation.9. REPORTS: All logs and reports shall be catalogued by the Contractor. The Contractor shall sign in at the beginning of their scheduled work shift and out at the end of their work shift. This will be done at the COTR s office at each facility which will be designated once the contract has been awardedThe Contractor shall complete and submit to the Chief, EMS or the COTR the medical facility provided Integrated Pest Management Maintenance Record. All Integrated Pest Management Maintenance Services performed during the work shift will be documented after each treatment visit prior to the Contractor leaving the facility and reviewed by the COTR. The Contractor shall be responsible for supplying, completing, and submitting all reports required or requested by Federal, State or local ordinances which pertain to any duties contained in the contract. The Contractor shall be required to furnish the VA, prior to initial application of pesticides, a list of the trade names and the chemicals used; labels showing the contents, the use strength of the chemical as applied, the antidote, and Material Safety Data Sheets. This information is required for emergency treatment in the event of ingestion of and/or contact with the materials. The Contractor shall furnish the same information each time he changes chemicals or products used in the performance of this contract. The Contractor shall furnish an annual report to the COTR containing the number of pesticides used during the fiscal year to include the amounts of insecticides, herbicides, and rodenticides as well as the total amount of funds spent on the contract during the fiscal year. This report is due within 1 month of the end of the fiscal year.Responses to this sources sought will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. After review of the responses to this sources sought, a solicitation announcement may be published. Responses to this sources sought notice are not considered adequate responses for a solicitation announcement. Responses to this sources sought/RFI are due by 12 pm EST time on April 21, 2022. Responses to this notice shall be submitted via email to Telephone responses shall not be accepted. If a solicitation is issued it shall be announced at a later date, and all interest parties must response to that solicitation announcement separately from the responses to this request for information. Responses to this notice are not a request to be added to a prospective bidders list or to receive a copy of the solicitation. The NAICS code for this requirement is 561710 and a small size standard of $12,000,000.00.
241-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 01 (36C241) Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 04330 ONE VA CENTER TOGUS ME 04330 Issa Shawki, Contracting Officer, Phone 774-826-3192, Email
RFP Number:   36C24122Q0465
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