Bid Opportunity: C1DA--Correct Electrical Deficiencies Project Number: 534-22-104

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C1DA--Correct Electrical Deficiencies Project Number: 534-22-104

Category: C - Architect and Engineering Construction

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Georgia
Date Entered:   04/29/2022
Due Date:   05/25/2022
Description:   Pre-Solicitation NoticePre-Solicitation NoticePage 9 of 9Pre-Solicitation Notice*=Required FieldPre-solicitation NoticePage 1 of 9PN 534-22-104: Correct Electrical Deficiencies Ralph H. Johnson VAMC located in Charleston, SCGeneral InformationSet Aside:?Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small BusinessProduct Service Code:?C1DA - ARCHITECT/ENGINEER SERVICES -CONSTRUCTION HOSPITALS & INFIRMARIESNAICS Code:?541330 - Engineering ServicesAward Item : AE Design1. INTRODUCTION: This is a Pre-Solicitation Notice for Project Number 534-22-104 that requires Architect and/or Engineering (A-E) Design Services to correct Electrical Deficiencies at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center located in Charleston, SC 29401. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. NO SOLICITATION PACKAGE WILL BE ISSUED UNTIL AFTER AN EVALUATION HAS BEEN MADE ON THE SUBMITTED SF-330s. The contemplated A-E Services that are anticipated to be awarded will be procured in accordance with the Selection of Architects and Engineers Act (Public Law 92- 582), Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 36.6, and VA Acquisition Regulation 836.6. This procurement is subject to the availability of funds. The Government is under no obligation to award a contract as a result of this announcement.2. SUMMARY OF SERVICE:Provide Professional Architect/Engineer (A/E) and healthcare planning services necessary to correct multiple electrical deficiencies throughout the hospital. Services shall include, but are not limited to:Surveys, Testing, Site Analysis Study Perform all work necessary to accomplish the preparation of existing conditions plans which, at minimum, includes site investigation for: structural, architectural, interior design, equipment/furnishings, mechanical, plumbing, fire detection/protection/suppression, electrical, electronics/security, telecommunications, healthcare technology systems and devices, radiological shielding, environmental hazards (such as suspect lead-containing materials, suspect ACM or other hazardous materials), and associated permitting required by local jurisdictions. Complete electrical power investigations to determine existing loads in the limits of work. The A/E shall arrange visits to the project site with appropriate disciplines as the A/E deems necessary to complete all work for appropriate documentation of existing conditions. Preparation of Contract Drawings and Specifications Schematic, Design Development, and Construction Documents: Preparation and submission of design concept documents, interim design document submittals, and the Final Construction Documents at the completion of the design development process in accordance with the Design Package Submission Schedule. Submittal packages shall contain a complete set of documents as specified in the Design Requirements and Submissions subsection of this scope of work. The A/E shall develop a design necessary to meet the requirements in the Project Scope section of this scope of work. The design shall include engineering and architectural services rendered necessary by the VA at the end of Part I.A Investigative Services within the construction cost parameters.Construction Period Services: Review and provide recommendations on all submittals, shop drawings, product data, samples, request for information (RFI s), modifications, etc. in accordance with Construction Period Services section of this scope of work. A/E furnished services shall include third party asbestos monitoring, commissioning, and providing record drawings based on finalized contractor red-line as-builts.Site Visits: During construction, allow for thirty (30) site visits as directed and scheduled by the COR. The A/E shall furnish documented field reports denoting the purpose and results of the site visit. 2. DESCRIPTION: The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center is seeking a professional A-E firm to Provide professional engineering services for the design and construction administration to replace electrical panels, motor control centers, overcurrent protection devices, transformers, and other related electrical equipment due to the equipment age, condition, code violations, improper ratings, improper coordination, and/or inaccessibility at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center.Project shall correct the following deficiencies:Deficiencies identified in AES Electrical Distribution System Condition Assessment dated September 19, 2018 (FCA 380684): The short circuit analysis, which aims to identify if circuit breakers can safely interrupt the fault current due to a short, has currently identified one-hundred-nine (109) OCPD s that have failed the device evaluation for interrupting capacity. These OCPDs are contained within a total of 35 electrical panels. Refer to the OCPD Failing Device Evaluation table in Section 3.6 of the study for details. This project shall replace all panels that are listed as Priority 1, and as many of the Priority 2 panels as feasible given the project budget.The Study also identified eighty-three (83) OCPD s that require settings adjustment or replacement to either better coordinate with other OCPD s or to provide the correct level of protection for downstream conductors. Twenty-three (23) of these are simple setting adjustments, many of which have already been made, but shall be verified by this project. However, fifty-five (55) of the OCPD s require replacement. Of the 55 that require replacement, 45 are simple breaker replacements while 10 will require complete replacement of the electrical panels. Refer to the OCPD Replacements table in Section 4.4 of the study for details.Panel X-Ray and 2H5 deficiencies (FCA 339273): Panel 2H5 is very old, undersized, and water damaged. Panel 2H5 feeds panel X-Ray via a direct tap on transformer T-2L7/8 primary with no OCPD or means of Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) isolation. Project shall replace panel 2H5 with new and provide a proper feed to the existing panel X-Ray .Elevator electrical deficiencies (FCA 410583): Alternate (Emergency) electrical power to the elevators is provided via three (3) Manual Transfer Switches and one (1) Automatic Transfer Switch. Power to these switches is provided from an array of wire taps, disconnect switches, and enclosed circuit breakers. All of this equipment is in poor condition and has numerous code violations. In addition, the Emergency power feed is undersized and cannot power more than three of the five elevators at once. Project shall replace this equipment with a new properly designed electrical distribution system and new Manual Transfer Switches. Clearance / code violation deficiencies (FCA 122921): Multiple electrical rooms have been identified as having code violations for inadequate working clearances, inaccessibility for maintenance, and/or inadequate climate conditioning. This includes the following rooms: A147, BB116, A290, D200A, D240A, C322, B399, B490, C416, A550, A580, and B590.This project shall modify and/or enlarge these rooms to provide proper clearance as required by code. Alternatively, relocate the equipment to other existing or new electrical rooms.Accessibility deficiencies (FCA 122921): Multiple electric panels and related equipment are currently located in publicly accessible rooms and/or rooms that are not easily accessible by engineering personnel. This includes equipment located in the following rooms: A139B, C120, C130, B249, BB207, D211A, D236, B459 and B552G.This project shall relocate equipment in these rooms to existing or new electrical rooms that are accessible only to engineering personnel.Equipment in poor condition (FCA 339277): One hundred and twelve (114) electric panels have been identified as being poor condition and/or beyond their useful life. This includes the following panels: 1H3, 1H7, 1H9, 1HE9-CC, 1HE4, 1HE10, 1HE13, 1HE16, 1L4, 1L5, 1L6, 1L7, 1L8, 1L9, 1L13E, 1L14, 1L15, 1L16, 1LE1, 1LE2, 1LE3, 1LE4, 1LE5, 1LE7, 1LE7-LS, 1LE8, 1LE10, 1LE11, 1LE11-LS, 1LE12, 1LE14, 1LE15, 1LE16-LS, 2H3, 2H5, 2H7, 2HE10, 2HE3, 2HE5, 2HE6-CC, 2HE8, 2L5, 2L7, 2L10, 2L12, 2L13, 2L14, 2L15, 2L16, 2LE3, 2LE5B, 2LE7-LS, 2LE8-CC, 2LE9-CC, 2LE10, 2LE11, 2LE12-ES, 2LE13, 2LE14, 2LE15, 2LE16, 2LSP, 3H1, 3H2, 3H3, 3L1, 3L3, 3L5, 3LE1, 3PH2, 3PHE, 3PLE, 4H2, 4H3, 4HE3, 4L3, 4L4, 4L5, 4L6, 4LE3, 5H1, 5H3, 5H4, 5HE1, 5L1, 5L1A, 5L3, 5L4, 5L5, 5L6, CCF, CKL-A, CKL-B, CKL-C, CVL, DPC, HA, HB, HDA, HDEB, HESA, HLSA, LP-EP3, MCC-8E, MCC-NB, P2A, P2B, P3B, P4B, PH1, PLE, PLE2, S2, and SE.This project shall replace these panel with new. Alternatively, for panels that are lightly loaded, relocate the loads to another source and then demolish the panel.Co-mingled Essential Electrical System (EES) loads (FCA 339101 & 339102): The Essential Electrical System consists of the existing Generator-C and the downstream Automatic Transfer Switches and distribution equipment. NFPA 99 Chapter 6.7 and NFPA 70 Chapter 517 require that the loads on this system be separated into three branches: Life Safety, Critical, and Equipment. The codes also specify what is to be connected to each branch. Currently, our Critical and Equipment branch are co-mingled onto the same branch. Also, there are multiple loads connected to our Generator-C that are not allowed to be on the EES system according to the codes.All panels that are replaced and/or relocated in this project in paragraphs A/E above shall be evaluated for compliance with the EES codes. Loads shall be moved, removed, and/or separated as required.3. FINAL CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: Drawings for Bid, including cost estimates, specifications, and calculations, shall be completed within 365 calendar days after date of Award. 4. All offerors are advised that in accordance with VAAR 836.606-73, the total cost of the contract for A-E services must not exceed 6 percent of the estimated cost of the construction project plus any fees for related services and activities. Additionally, FAR Clause 52.236-22 (c) - Design Within Funding Limitation, will be applicable to this procurement action. Design limitation costs will be provided to the most highly rated A-E firm selected to complete the design.5. Interested firms should email their submissions to: David.Parente@VA.GOVThe SF-330s are due on May 25, 2022, at 5:00 PM (Eastern). Use the instructions located in section thirteen (13) below for submitting your SF-330.ONLY EMAIL RESPONSES WILL BE ACCEPTED: Personal visits for the purpose of discussing this announcement will not be entertained or scheduled. Selection shall be in order of preference from the firms considered Most Highly Qualified. Questions may be directed only by e-mail to David.Parente@VA.GOV.6. In accordance with FAR 36.209 Construction Contracts with A-E Firms and 36.606 (c), all interested contractors are hereby put on notice that no construction contract may be awarded to the firm that ultimately designs this requirement.7. Security Issues, Late Bids, Unreadable Offers(a) Late submission of offers are outlined at FAR Parts 52.212-1(f) and 52.215-1(c). Particular attention is warranted to the portion of the provision that relates to the timing of submission.(b) Please see FAR 15.207(c) for a description of the steps the Government shall take with regard to unreadable offers.(c) To avoid rejection of an offer, vendors must make every effort to ensure their electronic submission is virus-free.? Submissions or portions thereof submitted and which the automatic system detects the presence of a virus, or which are otherwise unreadable will be treated as unreadable pursuant to FAR Part and FAR 15.207(c). (d) Password protecting your SF-330 is not permitted. The Contracting Officer will file the offer electronically which will allow access only by designated Government individuals.8. The selection of the most qualified contractor will follow the guidance provided in FAR 36.6 Architect-Engineer Services. Additionally, this solicitation is also issued in accordance with Public Law 109-461, the Veterans Benefits, Healthcare Information and Technology Act of 2006, Sections 502 and 503, as a set-aside for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) contractors. Pursuant to 38 USC 8127(d), competition is restricted to SDVOSB construction firms, as there is a reasonable expectation that two or more offers from SDVOSB contractors will be received under this solicitation. Apparent successful offerors must apply for and receive verification from the Department of Veteran Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) in accordance with 38 CFR Part 74 and VAAR 819.70 by submission of documentation of Veteran status and ownership and control sufficient to establish appropriate status. Failure to be both VERIFIED by CVE and VISIBLE on at the time SF-330s are submitted, when the proposal is received as a result of the solicitation issued to the most qualified firm, and on the date of contract award will result in the offeror s proposal/SF-330 being deemed not acceptable. All offerors are urged to contact the CVE and submit the aforementioned required documents to obtain CVE verification of their SDVOSB status if they have not already done so.9. The Government will not pay, nor reimburse, any costs associated with responding to this request. The Government is under no obligation to award a contract as a result of this announcement. Firms will be selected based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work. The estimated magnitude for construction (not design) of this project is between $5,000,000.00 and $10,000,000.00. (a) Contract Award Procedure: At time of award, the contractor must be certified by VetBiz and registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database. Register via the SAM internet site at Failure of an SDVOSB to be VERIFIED by CVE and VISIBLE in VetBiz shall result in elimination from consideration as a potential contract awardee. Failure of a SDVOSB to be registered in SAM at the time of contract award shall result in elimination from consideration as a proposed contract awardee. The proposed services will be obtained by a Negotiated Firm-Fixed Price Contract. (b) The review/design of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, or other engineering features of the work shall be accomplished by architects or engineers registered in a State or possession of the United States, or in Puerto Rico or in the District of Columbia.(c) The project drawings/design shall be in compliance with applicable standards and codes described in VA Program Guides and design materials. Master Construction Specifications Index, VA Construction Standards Index, VA Standards Index, and Criteria are available in the Technical Information Library (TIL) on VA Website address: The awarded A-E firm will prepare drawings and specifications in sufficient detail such that qualified outside General Contracting companies can prepare accurate and timely proposals for the desired work. The awarded A-E firm is responsible for ensuring that the specifications and drawings supplied fully represent all of the work described in the Request for Proposal (RFP). The Medical Center must remain operational throughout the construction period and a detailed sequence of work will be provided by the A-E to minimize impact of the construction. The NAICS code for this project is 541330 with a small business size of $16.5 million. The SF-330 can be downloaded through the GSA Forms Library at:, type in SF-330 in the Find a Form block and click on search.11. SF 330 SELECTION CRITERIA: The VA will utilize the following selection criteria in descending order of importance. Specialized experience and technical competence in the type of work required.Basis of Evaluation:Specialized experience pertains to the types, size, volume, budget, and complexity of work previously or currently being performed by the Offeror that is comparable to the work covered by this solicitation. Specialized experience may also include unique conditions, considerations, or circumstances encountered that are relevant to this solicitation.Specialized experience does not include overseas offices for projects outside the United States, its territories, or possessions; nor does it include subsidiaries that are not normally subject to management decisions, accounting, and policies, or a holding or parent company or an incorporated subsidiary that operates under a firm name different from the parent company.Technical competence includes construction and design projects similar in project scope, size, construction features, dollar value, and complexity of that listed in the solicitation. Technical competence also includes experience in energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recovered materials.Similar complexity is considered projects of an operational, construction, or design likeness to the work covered in this solicitation.Specific emphasis of experience and technical competence shall be geared primarily towards electrical systems design, while also demonstrating competence with related structure, fire protection, and healthcare facility design.Offerors unable to demonstrate proven specialized experience and technical competence may be considered non-responsive.Failure to provide requested data may negatively impact an Offeror's rating.Submission requirements:Submit a summary sheet for the Offeror and each key consultant. Each summary sheet shall not be more than one (1) page in length, and no more than fifteen (15) pages total.Past Performance on contracts with Government agencies and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules. Basis of Evaluation:Past performance is a measure of the degree to which an Offeror satisfied its customers needs and requirements and compliance with applicable codes, standards, laws, and regulations. The evaluation of past performance will include but is not limited to:The customer s assessment of the Offeror's commitment to customer satisfaction;Timely delivery of quality work;The Offeror's record of conforming to contract requirements and applicable codes, standards, laws, and regulations;Successful implementation of the Quality Control Plan and quality control procedures;Addressing design errors/omissions timely;Providing Construction Period Services satisfactorily to customers;Adherence to approved schedules; and,History of timely and professional communication and cooperative behavior.Include information on problems (errors/omissions) found, how the problems were corrected, and the impacts to the successful completion of the project (time delays, cost impacts, design modifications, etc.).Provide information supporting favorable cost control, quality of design submissions, and schedule compliance.Provide Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) ratings for submitted relevant projects. If no CPARS data is available, provide Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQs). PPQs must be incorporated into the submission; CPARS reports and PPQs will not count towards page limitations. Offeror risks receiving a lower rating if fewer than three (3) are received.Include a discussion on the Offeror s record of significant claims for improper or incomplete design services.Higher ratings may be given for work performed on VA Medical Center campuses.Failure to provide requested data or to provide an accessible point of contact (POC) may negatively impact an Offeror's rating.Failure to demonstrate proven competence to perform projects like the requirements of the solicitation may be considered ineligible for award.Data from other projects not included in b) above are acceptable under past performance (such as cost control or schedule delays) in tables or charts.Submission requirements:Submit a summary sheet describing the Offeror s past performance. The summary sheet shall not be more than two (2) pages in length.Provide either a CPARS or PPQ for each submitted relevant project.Professional qualifications necessary for satisfactory performance of required. services.Basis of Evaluation:Evaluation of professional qualifications will include but is not limited to the subjective assessment of the Offeror's individual resumes.The Offeror shall have a professional engineer, registered in any state in the United States, knowledgeable in their appropriate design discipline, to be the lead designer responsible for reviewing and approving design submissions.The Offeror shall have a professional engineer, qualified and knowledgeable of state and local regulations, be the lead designer responsible for reviewing and approving design submissions and facilitating permit documentation (depending on the nature of the designi.e. environmental, stormwater, etc.).Key personnel to provide qualifications to meet this criterion include Principal(s), Project Manager(s), key consultants, individuals responsible for implementation of the Design QA/QC Plan, and other individuals that are responsible or accountable for design submissions.The Offeror shall describe and/or depict which projects and how well key personnel of the design team have worked together.Higher ratings for this criterion may be given when the Offeror's specific personnel demonstrate relevant credentials, such as professional engineer/architect registration, involvement, and degree of involvement in professional organizations, research/publications, code/standard body involvement, etc.Offerors unable to demonstrate professional qualifications necessary to perform designs may be considered non-responsive .Failure to provide sufficient data supporting professional qualifications may negatively impact an Offeror's rating.Submission Requirements:Submit personal resumes and relevant information for key and responsible personnel on SF330 documentation. SF330 documentation shall not be more than one (1) page in length, and not more than fifteen (15) total pages.Experience in construction period services to include professional field inspections during the construction period, review of construction submittals, support in answering requests for information during the construction period, and support of construction contract changes to include drafting statements of work, and cost estimates shall be included as an evaluation criterion when construction period services is included in the statement of work for A-E services. Basis of Evaluation:Evaluation of the Offeror s knowledge, skills, and abilities to complete necessary Construction Period Services (CPS) to support successful project completion.Provide a narrative describing the below services, but not limited to:Professional field inspections, both scheduled and emergent;Maintaining a comprehensive submittal log inclusive of material data, shop drawings, certifications, etc.;Review of construction submittals for design conformance, variance, and applicable code/standard compliance;Providing timely and complete responses to requests for information;Providing supporting documentation (statements of work, cost estimates, technical reports, etc.) for construction modifications;Providing record drawing documentation;Process for correcting design errors/omissions identified during construction; and,Other requirements defined under CPS in the Statement of Work.Submission Requirements:(1) Provide a narrative that describes the Offeror s performance completing CPS for construction. Narrative shall not be more than one (1) page in length.Location in the general geographical area of Charleston, SC, and knowledge of the locality of the Ralph H. Johnson VA facility. Basis of Evaluation:Offeror s will be subjectively evaluated based on their knowledge (and the knowledge of subcontractors) of unique conditions or variables, such as familiarity of applicable codes, regulations, construction market & labor conditions, geotechnical, seismic, weather, environmental, or other unique considerations found in the Charleston, SC geographical area.If prior experience in Charleston, SC is minimal, describe how the design team plans to obtain specific knowledge of local conditions or project features required for a compliant design.Data from other projects are acceptable to highlight knowledge of the Charleston, SC geographical area.Offerors that submit relevant projects outside of the Charleston, SC geographical area may be given a lower rating than projects within the Charleston, SC geographical area.Submission Requirements:Provide a narrative that describes the Offeror s experience in the Charleston, SC geographical area. Narrative shall not be more than one (1) page in length.Implementation of a Design Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan. Basis of Evaluation:Provide a Preliminary Design QA/QC Plan and associated procedures to be utilized on this solicitation that demonstrates that the design submissions, drawings, plans, specifications, submittal logs and other relevant information will go through a rigorous review process and coordination effort within the A/E firm and with subcontracted firms. Denote industry standards, best practices, and performance improvements taken to increase efficiency and quality,Identify the roles and responsibilities of the major personnel of the Offeror. It is expected that a Principal of the Offeror, knowledgeable and engaged with the project, reviews and approves submissions prior to their submission. Identify the key personnel that are expected to be accountable for the implementation of the QA/QC plan and responsible for completion of contract requirements.Depict the successful implementation of the QA/QC plan/procedures in the submitted relevant projects. Failure to provide QA/QC plan/procedures for each project may negatively impact an Offeror s rating.Describe the process for finding and mitigating design errors/omissions during design.Submission Requirements:Provide a preliminary Design QA/QC Plan and any associated procedures to be utilized for this solicitation.Provide a summary sheet depicting the successful implementation of the Design QA/QC Plan. The summary sheet shall not be more than one (1) page in length.Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time. Basis of Evaluation:Identify the Offeror s past, present and projected future workload, including VA contracts over the previous 12 months.Describe the Offeror s capacity to incorporate this solicitation s work while meeting prescribed dates for current workload. Each key team member to include % of available capacity to take on new project.Evaluation of this factor will be an assessment of the Offeror s ability to complete design documents within the period of performance and meet solicitation requirements.Data from other projects are acceptable in tables or charts.Higher ratings may be given for this criterion when information provided exceeds the minimum requirements.Submission Requirements:Provide a narrative that describes the Offeror s work capacity. Narrative shall not be more than one (1) page in length.The extent to which potential contractors identify and commit to the use of service- disabled Veteran-owned small businesses, Veteran-owned small businesses, and other types of small businesses as subcontractors. Basis of Evaluation:Offeror s shall be evaluated based on their utilization plans for service-disabled Veteran- owned small businesses (SDVOSBs), Veteran-owned small businesses (VOSBs), or other types of small businesses.Offerors shall submit qualifications for proposed consultants per other criteria in this solicitation.Submission Requirements:Provide a narrative that discusses the Offeror s approach. Narrative shall not be more than one (1) page in length.12. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. This is a request for SF-330 A-E Qualification packages only. Any requests for a solicitation will not receive a response. No material will be issued, and no solicitation package or bidder/plan holder list will be issued. The three most highly rated firms based on the technical review of all of the SF-330 s received will be invited to provide oral presentations. A solicitation will only be issued to the most highly qualified vendor after oral presentations have been concluded and evaluated. 13. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS:In addition to the submission of the SF 330, Offerors are required to provide the following supplemental information as part of the total submission package.Submission InstructionsThe Offeror is required to submit project data/information to support meeting the evaluation criteria contained herein. Data/information submitted shall best demonstrate the Offeror s ability to meet or exceed solicitation requirements.Offeror s shall complete and submit the following statement: I [signatory authority], of [Offeror Company or Joint Venture] certify that the team proposed to perform under this requirement demonstrates the capability of 50% SDVOSB performance in compliance of 48 CFR 852.219-10 .The Offeror shall submit up to five (5) relevant projects and associated data for evaluation:The projects/data submitted for evaluation shall be utilized throughout the submission package;The projects/data shall be completed or substantially (50%+) construction complete;Projects/data shall be from the date the solicitation closes to five (5) years prior;Projects/data submitted shall be projects with total construction costs of five million dollars ($5,000,000) and greater;Projects may include Federal, State, or local Government, as well as private industry projects. Offerors are responsible for providing project description and applicable information in sufficient detail to permit evaluation of project relevancy versus minimum requirements.Failure to meet above submission requirements may result in the submission being considered non-responsive .Projects submitted not meeting the below evaluation criteria or submission requirements may be scored negatively or considered non-responsive.When pages are referenced, a page signifies an 8-1/2 x11 single sided piece of paper.14. VA Primary Point of Contact: David Parente David.Parente@VA.GOV
247-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 7 (36C247) William Jennings Bryan Dorn Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 30904 ONE FREEDOM WAY AUGUSTA GA 30904 David W. Parente, Contracting Officer, Phone 843-789-6255, Email
RFP Number:   36C24722R0063
Bid Documents:   Download Document
The official solicitation bid document(s) posted by the agency, often including detailed specifications, requirements, forms and directions necessary for bid submission.

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