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6835--Medical Gas Delivery

Category: 68 - Chemicals and Chemical Products

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Type:   Advance
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Arizona
Date Entered:   04/29/2022
Description:   RFI Questions and VA responseWhat is the currently pricing? We do not disclose current pricing. Provide your quote based on information in the solicitation and RFI responseHow many cylinders are out on rent between all the locations?? Please share a recent rental invoice, if possible.We cannot share any invoices.Telemetry service is now available for packaged gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and liquid nitrogen dewars.? We understand there was a recent missed delivery that resulted in a critical run out of nitrous oxide.? The telemetry service helps prevent run outs by accurately monitoring the gas levels of the cylinders remotely.? Low level alerts are shared with the end users and gas supplier via text message and email to help manage gas cylinder inventory.? How do we incorporate this offering in the bid package?? Medical gas supply is critical and should be monitored closely both onsite and remotely.? This can be incorporated by any means deemed by the vendor as an extra service; however, we do not require this at this time.Do you have bid paperwork that we can fill out or do we just provide you with pricing?? Provide your pricing on the attached Enclosure 3 form and your company information on the attached Enclosure 2 form.When is the date and time this bid is due? ?Do we submit via email to you?? This information is on the last section of the solicitation During the walk through it was brought to attention the awarded bid would have to be serviced within five (5) business days of the award? Yes. In order to assure no loss of service should current vendor pull all cylinders from the facility. Would need to know the expected award date prior to bidding?The solicitation closes on May 3rd. Award is estimated to be by May 6th but subject to change depending on the situation All sites listed start simultaneously. Yes. It is extremely critical, if a transfer of service were to occur the hospital as well as all Clinics needs service coverage to be seamless. This includes all tank change outs. All cylinders must be delivered with fully- empty tags which we did not see in the bid? This is standard Government practice and will be included in standard contract verbiage on final draft. Can we ask for option years in the proposal. No. This is a single year request. A multi-year contract will follow. Bid requires aluminum cylinders for Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide E cylinders/ is steel cylinders an acceptable alternative? No. Providers requested aluminum tanks for safety reasons. This is a screen out element. Respectfully request the VA's consideration for a due date extension, a multiple-year contract, and ample time to transition suppliers in order to allow for a competitive bid. No. This is a one-year contract to allow time to better plan for a multi-year.What is the GOV s rationale for soliciting this for only (1) Year? Will this location be included in the next iteration of the WSNC BPA? This is a one-year contract to allow time to better plan for a multi-year. We are not aware of WSNC working on any new BPAs at this time. What is the rationale for a 2-Hour emergency Delivery time? How many 2-Hour Emergency Deliveries have been required in the last (12) months? For emergent deliveries a 2-hour response is expected from vendor to inform of expected delivery time. 8.TUE & THUR DELIVERIES: Does this apply only to the VAMC or to all (6) Facilities? All Facilities.CBOC REQ s: What is the gas specific requirements for each Outpatient Clinic by gas (CLIN/size/type) & annual usage quantity by gas respective to each clinic?Chula Vista Oxygen, medical, aluminum, E-tank grab n go (6) N2, liquid, refill, liter (2) Deliveries Bi-WeeklyKearny Mesa - Oxygen, medical, aluminum, E-tank grab n go (17) N2, liquid, refill, liter (3) Deliveries WeeklySorrento Valley - Oxygen, medical, aluminum, E-tank grab n go (3) N2, liquid, refill, liter (1) YearlyEscondido - Oxygen, medical, aluminum, E-tank grab n go (3) N2, liquid, refill, liter (1) When needed. Usually every 6 months.Oceanside - Oxygen, medical, aluminum, E-tank grab n go (6) N2, liquid, refill, liter (2) MonthlyWhat are the Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Sizes (CLIN 0022 on ENCL 3 typically 10L, 20L, 35L, 50L, etc.) & fill frequencies required at each specific facility? Does the VA own all their Liquid Nitrogen Dewars? 20L. Yes.Are services for all (5) outpatient clinics expected to begin at the same time as the VAMC requirement? Are there any other CBOCs expected to be added to this contract?Simultaneous start, no interruption to service.Will the VAMC/CBOCs accept Steel cylinders as a substitute for Aluminum?Aluminum only. This is a screen out.What is the projected Award Date, Start Date, & Period of Performance Dates?Projected award date is May 6th but could change depending on the situation. Period of Performance is on the solicitationWhy is there no SF1449 for this RFQ when there has been an amendment with an accompanying Form 30?This is a combined synopsis/solicitation. The amendment is posted on the SF-30 to provide the job walk sign-in sheetHow many delivery points are there on VAMC San Diego campus (are there multiple, if so where)? Does the VAMC require deliveries internal to the VAMC other than external storage stated on PG 2 of 8, 2.3 Scope in the Combined Synopsis/Solicitation? Main delivery is to loading dock at San Diego Healthcare Medical Center 3350 La Jolla Village Drive San Diego, CA 92161.Is there any requirement for delivery at BLDG 1 where there is Asbestos? Yes. This is the main delivery point.How does the GOV intend to enforce Limitations of Subcontracting in accordance with VAAR 852.219-78? Please confirm that the Offeror must be licensed in the State of CA to distribute Medical Grade Oxygen & Specialty Gases for human consumption (FDA classified prescription drug)? Yes. Vendor assumes risk.What is the rationale for making Price the only Evaluation Factor, for awarding something as critical as Medical Grade Oxygen, a Prescription Drug? Why are bidding vendors not required to submit a statement of technical capability (to include Past Performance & Licensing/proper Insurance - which is a requirement by the CA Board Pharmacy)?This acquisition is a firm fixed price. It will be evaluated based on price.Please confirm that the language The contractor shall obtain all necessary licenses and/or permits required to perform this work applies to the State of California Board of Pharmacy requirements for offerors/prime contractor to be licensed to distribute medical grade gases (Oxygen is a prescription drug) as evidenced in the VAMC Palo Alto, CA Bulk Oxygen & Medical Cylinder RFQ (36C26122Q0038) Vendor Q&A regarding submission requirements for licensing?Yes. Vendor assumes risk.We did not see VAAR 852.219-78 Certificate of Compliance required in this RFQ? https://www.va.gov/oal/library/vaar/vaar852.asp#85221978 this is a requirement yet missing from the RFQ. Will an Amendment be posted requiring a signed Certificate of Compliance, which is significant in that the COC benchmarks an offeror s affirmation? The contractor shall obtain all necessary licenses and/or permits required to perform this work Please confirm that the Prime Contractor must hold Liability insurance specific to NAICS 325120? The contractor shall obtain all necessary licenses and/or permits required to perform this work CLARITY ON GAS LIST CLINS:i. CLIN 0003 Confirm Cylinder Size: 24 cu ft E-tankii. CLIN 0004 Confirm Cylinder Size: 6.6 lb E tankiii. CLIN 0005 Is this a 50 LB Cylinder Size?: Yesiv. CLIN 0006 Confirm Cylinder Size: 519 cu ftv. CLIN 0010 Confirm Cylinder Size: 6.6 lb E tankvi. CLIN 0011 Is this a 20 LB Cylinder Size?: Yesvii. CLIN 0012 Is this a 50 LB Cylinder Size: Yesviii. CLIN 0013 Is this a Steel or Aluminum Cylinder?: Aluminumix. CLIN 0018 What is the exact Helium/Oxygen Mix (%) and Cylinder Size?: 70/30x. CLIN 0020 What is the Gas & Grade (i.e., medical, food, industrial)?: Q is tank size (31 x 7 ). Not gas type.xi. CLIN 0027 & 0028 Confirm if one of these is a duplicate as the description for both CLINs reads MONTHLY RENTAL ULTRA-HIGH-PRESSURE TANKS : Duplicatexii. MONTHLY RENTAL CLINs (0024 thru 0028) Most Cylinder Rental CLIN quantities are grossly underestimated as (12) annually. VA expects the rental of a cylinder to be a monthly cost at 12 months of usage.Will the GOV change the UOM from MO to CY on the various rental grouping CLINs? Cylinder rentals are charged per cylinder based on the on-hand balances at the end of each month? No. VA expects the rental of a cylinder to be a monthly cost at 12 months of usage.What are the estimated annual rental quantities between the VAMC & each of the (5) CBOCs for GRAB N GO? The 1400 tanks quoted on the RFQ covers all locations.What is classified as OTHER TANKS and what are the annual rental quantity? This is to retain the option to rent tanks for gasses newly identified and needed.Will the GOV consider utilizing the following Rental Groupings (categorized by Size, Type, & Functionality) as the GOV may have or need gases that were not identified on the RFQ that are applicable to one of the groupings below? Yes.2.4 General Requirements, Para a. (P. 5-6 of 9), Contractor will send a usage report to the technical POC or contracting officer representative monthly on all gases purchased with the exact amount purchased and cylinder rental charges by locations to the VASDHS. Invoicing will be separated by location and annotated on all invoices sub or prime. Will the GOV clarify if each facility is to get its own funding document to invoice against or will it utilize one funding document for all locations? If one funding document, will the GOV consider one consolidated monthly invoice to include all locations (annotated separately)? Yes. Invoices from current vendor not specific enough to track properly. Invoices need to be specific.2.7 Period of Performance. (P. 7 of 9), The period of performance will be one year from award date. Does the period of performance include for phased in transition? This is included in the total POP. While time to execution is short, date must still be adhered to.2.7 Period of Performance (p. 7 of 9). Juneteenth, National Holiday is not included in the recognized National Holiday s. Will the GOV add Juneteenth to the National Holiday schedule?Juneteenth is a National Holiday and will be recognized as such.Please clarify page 6 of 8 stating: Contractor will bill and be paid for actual services provided by Contractor personnel. Contractor will not be paid for availability or on-call services unless otherwise provided herein. What is the GOV s rationale for such a statement?Disregard this statement. Performance should be in accordance to information stated in the Scope and General Requirements.
262-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 22 (36C262) Long Beach VANLO 85297 335 E. German Rd SUITE 301 Gilbert AZ 85297 Ositadima Ndubizu, Contract Specialist Intern, Phone (562) 766-2252, Email ositadima.ndubizu@va.gov
RFP Number:   36C26222Q0749
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