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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Pennsylvania
Date Entered:   12/02/2022
Due Date:   01/03/2023
Description:   ITEM UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION AND VALUATION (MAR 2022)|19||||||||||||||||||||HIGHER-LEVEL CONTRACT QUALITY REQUIREMENT (NAVICP REVIEW FEB 1991)(FEB 1999)|1|ISO9001|INSPECTION OF SUPPLIES--FIXED-PRICE (AUG 1996)|2|||WIDE AREA WORKFLOW PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS (DEC 2018)|16|x|N/A|x|x|x|x|x|x|N/A|N/A|x||||||NAVY USE OF ABILITYONE SUPPORT CONTRACTOR - RELEASE OF OFFEROR INFORMATION (3-18))|1||EQUAL OPPORTUNITY (SEP 2016)|2|||WARRANTY OF DATA--BASIC (MAR 2014)|2|||FIRST ARTICLE APPROVAL--CONTRACTOR TESTING (SEP 1989)|10|FAT details are included in the drawing 5894148 "J"||||||||||BUY AMERICAN --FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS--BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM - BASIC(DEVIATION 2020-O0019) (MAR 2022))|3||||NOTICE OF TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE (OCT 2020)(DEVIATION 2020-O0008)|1||ALTERNATE A, ANNUAL REPRESENTATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS (NOV 2020)|13|x|x|x|||x||||||||BUY AMERICAN-FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS-BALANCE OF PAYMENTS PROGRAM CERTIFICATE (DEVIATION 2020-O0019) (JUL 2020))|3||||ANNUAL REPRESENTATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS (MAY 2022)|13|335931|500||||||||||||NOTICE OF PRIORITY RATING FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE, EMERGENCY PERPARDENESS, AND ENRGY PROGAM USE (APRIL 2008))|2||x|EVALUATION OF FIRST ARTICLE TESTING|3|||x|All contractual documents (i.e. contracts, purchase orders, task orders,delivery orders and modifications) related to this procurement are considered to be "issued" by the Government when copies are either deposited in the mail, transmitted by facsimile, or sentby other electronic commerce methods, such as email. The Government's acceptance of the contractor's proposal constitutes bilateral agreement to "issue" contractual documents as detailed herein.In accordance with DFAR 217.7301, Contractors shall identify their sources ofsupply in contracts for supplies. If the item currently being procured is anon-value added item, please provide:Actual Manufacturer:Cage Code:Address:Delivery Lead Time: __________________________ If incremental deliveries are possible, please provide a proposed schedule to include specific delivery times for all units.Offer valid for ___________________ days.Please provide email address for follow-up communications_______________________________________.Packaging location if different than Offeror:Name/Cage ___________________________________________Address______________________________________________NOTICE TO CONTRACTOR'S PROVIDING SURPLUS MATERIAL:A surplus material certificate and label MUST accompany your quotation forsurplus/new surplus/new manufactured surplus material. ALL surplus materialMUST have traceability back to a Government contract in order to be consideredfor award. Without this informationwe are unable to determine when theGovernment purchased and inspected the item and therefore, we cannot be assured of technical acceptability.If submitting your quotation via EDI, a faxed or email copy of the surpluscertificate, along with a photo of the box and label MUST be sent to the buyerASAP.This order requires a Higher Level Inspection.Please review the attached DD1423 for special testing instructions.Please include a proposed schedule for all CDRLs with your quote.The resultant award of this solicitation will be issued bilaterally, requiring the contractor's written acceptance prior to execution.1. SCOPE1.1 This contract/purchase order contains the requirements for manufacture and the contract quality requirements for the CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPEC .2. APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS2.1 Applicable Documents - The document(s) listed below form a part of this contract/purchase order including modifications or exclusions.2.1.1 Documents, drawings, and publications supplied are listed under "Drawing Number". These items should be retained until an award is made.2.1.2 "Document References" listed below must be obtained by the Contractor. Ordering information is included as an attachment to this contract/purchase order.2.2 Order of Precedence - In the event of a conflict between the text of this contract/purchase order and the references and/or drawings cited herein, the text of this contract/purchase order shall take precedence. Nothing in this contract/purchase order,however, shall supersede applicable laws and regulations unless a specific exemption has been obtained.DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0000.I | -|49998|0017894DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0000.II | -|49998|0022083DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0001 | -|49998|0022449DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0002 | -|49998|0039075DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0003 | -|49998|0039563DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0004 | -|49998|0032743DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0005 | -|49998|0035391DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0006 | -|49998|0041103DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0007 | -|49998|0040455DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0008 | -|49998|0036962DRAWING DATA=15252 |10001| -|WS |D|0009 | -|49998|0054705DRAWING DATA=5727489 |53711| R|FN |D|0001 | R|49998|0196266DRAWING DATA=5727489 |53711| R|FN |D|0002 | P|49998|0059403DRAWING DATA=5893739 |53711| N| |D|0001 | N|49998|0123658DRAWING DATA=5893739 |53711| N| |D|0002 | N|49998|0166981DRAWING DATA=5893739 |53711| T|FN |D|0001 | T|49998|0288775DRAWING DATA=5893739 |53711| P|PL |D|0001 | P|49998|0021771DRAWING DATA=5893739 |53711| P|PL |D|0002 | N|49998|0022995DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|OCOV |F3|49998|0005553DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0III |F3|49998|0005553DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|00VI |F3|49998|0005552DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0000.COV |F3|49998|0020953DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0000.I |F3|49998|0008210DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0000.II |F3|49998|0025946DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0000.III |F3|49998|0034613DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0000.IV |F3|49998|0037917DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0000.V |F3|49998|0025626DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0000.VI |F3|49998|0013281DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0001 |F3|49998|0028307DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0002 |F3|49998|0034523DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0003 |F3|49998|0038489DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0004 |F3|49998|0043727DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0005 |F3|49998|0056104DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0006 |F3|49998|0042272DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0007 |F3|49998|0027436DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0008 |F3|49998|0051237DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0009 |F3|49998|0054422DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0010 |F3|49998|0050379DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0010.A |F3|49998|0010096DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0011 |F3|49998|0051271DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0012 |F3|49998|0052340DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0013 |F3|49998|0059434DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0014 |F3|49998|0033560DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0015 |F3|49998|0051844DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0016 |F3|49998|0036531DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0017 |F3|49998|0033697DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0018 |F3|49998|0011659DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0019 |F3|49998|0014695DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0020 |F3|49998|0012548DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0021 |F3|49998|0012642DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0022 |F3|49998|0020792DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0023 |F3|49998|0009435DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0024 |F3|49998|0021126DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0025 |F3|49998|0017881DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0026 |F3|49998|0009126DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0027 |F3|49998|0012174DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0028 |F3|49998|0012342DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0029 |F3|49998|0020426DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0030 |F3|49998|0009141DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0031 |F3|49998|0020593DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0032 |F3|49998|0017535DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0033 |F3|49998|0008737DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F3| |D|0034 |F3|49998|0051230DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711| J|DOC|D|0001 | |49998|0213481DRAWING DATA=5894148 |53711|F1|1N |D|0001 |F1|49998|0054889DRAWING DATA=5906556 |53711| B|FN |D|0001 | B|49998|0052778DRAWING DATA=6105245 |53711| D|FN |D|0001 | D|49998|0055961DRAWING DATA=6105322 |53711| E|FN |D|0001 | |49998|0066748DRAWING DATA=6105323 |53711| C|FN |D|0001 | C|49998|0060916DRAWING DATA=6105357 |53711| C|FN |D|0001 | C|49998|0052094DRAWING DATA=6105358 |53711| C|FN |D|0001 | C|49998|0052977DRAWING DATA=6105359 |53711| D|FN |D|0001 | D|49998|0055991DRAWING DATA=6239880 |53711| C|FN |D|0001 | C|49998|0181784DRAWING DATA=6370928 |53711| A|FN |D|0001 | A|49998|0113604DRAWING DATA=6370928 |53711| A|FN |D|0002 | A|49998|0073756DRAWING DATA=6370928 |53711| A|FN |D|0003 | A|49998|0087005DRAWING DATA=6370928 |53711| A|FN |D|0004 | A|49998|0074493DRAWING DATA=6370928 |53711| A|FN |D|0005 | A|49998|0089297DRAWING DATA=6370928 |53711| A|FN |D|0006 | A|49998|0085026DRAWING DATA=6370928 |53711| A|FN |D|0007 | A|49998|0074676DRAWING DATA=6370928 |53711| A|FN |D|0008 | A|49998|0036940DRAWING DATA=6657093 |53711| A|FN |D|0001 | A|49998|0071141DOCUMENT REF DATA=MIL-STD-129 | | |P |041029|A| |03|DOCUMENT REF DATA=ISO9001 | | | |010417|A| | |DOCUMENT REF DATA=MIL-STD-973 | | | |950113|A| |03|3. REQUIREMENTS3.1 Design, Manufacture, and Performance - Except as modified herein,the CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPEC furnished under this contract/purchase order shall meet thedesign, manufacture, and performance requirements specified on drawing ;5893739;cage ;53711;.3.2 Marking - This item shall be physically identified in accordancewith ;MIL-STD-129; .3.3 Configuration Control - MIL-STD-973 entitled "Configuration Management", Paragraph 5.4.8, Configuration Control (Short Form Procedure), is hereby incorporated. The Contractor shall submit all Engineering Change Proposals in accordance with MIL-STD-973,Paragraph and Appendix D. Requests for Deviations shall be processed in accordance with MIL-STD-973, Paragraph and Appendix E. Requests for Waivers shall be processed in accordance with MIL-STD-973, Paragraph and Appendix E. (Originaland two copies shall be submitted to Contracting Officer, NAVICP-MECH, P. O. Box 2020, Mechanicsburg Pa. 17055-0788.)3.3.1 Configuration Control - When the Contractor has received authorization on a prior contract for the same NSN for the use of a drawing of a later revision status, that authorization is hereby extended to all succeeding contracts/purchase orders untilanother drawing revision is approved. The Contractor will notify the PCO of this occurrence in each instance, in the response to the solicitation. Such notification shall be in writing setting forth the contract under which the prior authorization was granted,the date of the granting of the authorization, and the name of the granting authority. Contractors shall also refer technical inquiries (other than those covered by MIL-STD-973) on company letterhead signed by a responsible company official, with copies distributed as stated below. The original and two copies of all Contractor generated correspondence regarding configuration shall be submitted to Contracting Officer, NAVICP-MECH, P.O. Box 2020, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-0788. Contractors are cautioned that implementing engineering changes, waivers, deviations or technical inquiries into the contract/purchase order without approval of the Contracting Officer will be at the sole risk of the Contractor.3.4 Mercury Free - The material supplied under this contract/purchase order is intended for use on submarines/surface ships and therefore shall contain no metallic mercury and shall be free from mercury contamination. Mercury contamination of the materialwill be cause for rejection. If the inclusion of metallic mercury is required as a functional part of the material furnished under this contract, the Contractor shall obtain written approval from the Procurement Contracting Officer before proceeding with manufacture. Thecontractor's request shall explain in detail the requirements for mercury, identify specifically the parts to contain mercury, and explain the method of protection against mercury escape. Such a request will be forwarded directly to the Procurement ContractingOfficer with a copy to the applicable Government Inspector. Upon approval by the Contracting Officer, the vendor will provide a "Warning Plate" stating that metallic mercury is a functional part of the item and will include name and location of that part. The use of mercury, mercury compounds, or mercury-bearing instruments and/or equipment in a manner which might cause contamination in the manufacture, assembly, or test of material on this contract is prohibited. The most probable causes ofcontamination are direct-connected manometers, mercury vacuum pumps, mercury seals, or the handling of mercury in the immediate vicinity. Mercury switches, mercury in glass thermometers, standard cells and other items containing mercury may be used if they arelocated so as not to constitute a contamination hazard. If external contamination by metallic mercury occurs or is suspected, the following test may be used to determine whether contamination by metallic mercury exists or whether corrective cleaning measures have been effective. Enclose the equipment in apolyethylene bag or close-fitting airtight container for eight hours at room temperature (70 degrees F minimum).Sample the trapped air and if mercury vapor concentration is 0.01 mg/cu meter or more, the material is mercury contaminated insofar as therequirements of this contract are concerned. These requirements shall be included in any subcontract or purchase order hereunder and the Contractor shall insure SubContractor compliance with these requirements. Technical questions pertaining to these requirements shall be referred to the Procurement Contracting Officer via the cognizant Administrative Contracting Officer. For background, the following information is provided: Mercury is corrosive to gold, silver, nickel, stainless steels, aluminum and copper alloys. Stainless steels, nickel, and copper alloys are widely used in reactor plants and other submarine/surface ship systems. Accidental trapping of mercury in acomponent could cause serious damage to vital parts. Mercury is also toxic if inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. It is evident that grave consequences could result from small amounts of mercury vapor present in an unreplenished submarine/surfaceship atmosphere.3.5 First Article Approval (Contractor Testing) - First Article Test (FAT) and approval is required.3.6 Security Clearance Required - This contract/purchase order requires the Contractor to have a Government Security Clearance in accordance with the attached Contract Security Classification Specification (DD Form 254).3.6.1 ;DD254 is required IAW DWG 5894148 rev "J" para - (C) PRESSURE TESTS (U) (This document is classified, vendor willneed security clearance).;3.7 Serialization - The supplier shall mark a serial number on each CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPEC in accordance with ;IAW DWG 5893739 rev "T" ; . Actual serial numbers will be assigned ;Serial numbers are obtained from NUWC Newport by sending email request to: NUWC_NPT_SERIALNUMBERS@NAVY.MIL;.3.8 Production Lot Approval (Contractor Testing) - Production Lot Test and approval is required.;Contractor should pay close attention to key requirements listed.Drawing 5893739 Key Features:Notes 3, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 30.Drawing 5906555 (Requirements for Bulk Cable) Key Features:Notes 1, 2, 3, and 4.Drawing 5906556-11 (Connector, Plug High Pressure Underwater - Altered Item 5727489-11) Key Features:Note 3.Drawing 5727489-11 (Connector, Plug High Pressure Underwater -Source Control) Key Features:Notes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 14, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15, 19 & 21, and 20.Drawing 6105245 (Backshell) Key Features:Note 3.Drawing 6105357 (Backshell Cap) Key Features:Note 3.Drawing 6105359 (Backshell) Key Features:Note 3.Drawing 6105358 (Backshell Cap) Key Features:Note 3.;4. QUALITY ASSURANCE4.1 Responsibility for Inspection - Unless otherwise specified in the contract/purchase order, the Contractor is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements as specified herein. Except as otherwise specified in the contract/purchase order,the Contractor may use his own or any other facilities suitable for the performance of the inspection requirements specified herein, unless disapproved by the Government. The Government reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in thespecification where such inspections are deemed necessary to assure supplies and services conform to prescribed requirements.4.2 Quality System Requirements - The supplier shall provide and maintain a quality system acceptable to the Government. The quality system requirements shall be in accordance with ISO 9001.4.3 Responsibility for Compliance - All items must meet all requirements of this contract/purchase order. The inspection set forth in this specification shall become a part of the Contractor's overall inspection system or quality program. The absence of anyinspection requirements shall not relieve the Contractor of the responsibility of assuring that all products or supplies submitted to the Government for acceptance comply with all requirements of the contract/purchase order. Sampling in quality conformancedoes not authorize submission of known defective material, either indicated or actual, not does it commit the Government to acceptance of defective material.4.4 Records of Inspection - (This requirement is not applicable to Government Purchase Orders) Records of all inspection work performed by the Contractor, as referenced elsewhere in this contract, shall be kept complete and available to the Government duringthe performance of the contract and for a period of four years after final delivery of supplies.4.5 First Article Test/Inspection (Contractor) - The Contractor shall conduct ;CRITICAL ITEM PRODUCTION FABRICATION SPECIFICATION DRAWING 5894148 REV J. ; First Article Test/Inspection on ;2 ; unit(s) in accordance with requirements ;Paragraph and ; .4.6 Production Lot Test (Contractor) - The Contractor shall perform 100% production testing in accordance with ;Production Lot Test IAW DWG 5894148 J.4.2 Quality conformance inspectionsParagraphs 3.4.1, 3.4.2, and;.4.7 Production Lot Test (Contractor) - The Contractor shall perform Production Lot Testing in accordance with ;IAW DWG 5894148 REV J.Preproduction Sample - A preproduction sample of two (2) each of the5W1, 5W2, 5W7 and 5W8 Cable Assemblies shall be manufactured using themethods and procedures proposed for production. The sample shall be tested as specified in specification 53711-5894148,Section 4, for the purpose of determining that thecontractor, prior to starting production,is capable of producing items that comply with the design and the technical requirements of the contract. If, after submission of the preproduction sample, a designchange is made to the Cable Assembly sufficient to affect its safety, life, or operational characteristics, or substantially altered facilities are used in production, a new preproduction sample shall be manufactured by the contractor and tested as specified inspecification 53711-5894148, Section 4.In-water /Dynamometer Test: Cable Assemblies being supplied by new vendors for qualification efforts or Cable Assemblies with major design changes will be subjected to in-water test runs and/or dynamometer test runs and becapable of satisfying all performancerequirements. The types and number of in-water test runs and/or dynamometer test runs will be determined, on an individual case basis, by the Government. The requirement for in-water testruns and/or dynamometer test runs may be waived, on an individual casebasis,at the option of the Government.(This system level testing is conducted by the Government.);.4.8 Quality Conformance Inspection - The contractor is responsible for conducting a Quality Conformance Inspection in accordance with ;Quality Conformance Inspection IAW DWG 5894148 Rev J paragraph 4.2; , paragraph ;Paragraph Documentation.; and preparing an inspection report in accordance with the Contract Data Requirements List, DD Form 1423.5. PACKAGING5.1 Preservation, Packaging, Packing and Marking - Preservation, Packaging, Packing and Marking shall be in accordance with the Contract/Purchase Order Schedule and as specified below.MIL-STD 2073 PACKAGING APPLIES AS FOUND ELSEWHERE IN THE SCHEDULE6. NOTES6.1 Ordering Information for Document References - The Department of Defense Single Stock Point (DODSSP), Website, provides product information for the Department Of Defense Index Of Specifications and Standards (DODISS)(i.e.Military/Federal Specifications and Standards), Data Item Descriptions (DIDs), and other DODSSP Products.A. Availability of Cancelled Documents - The DODSSP offers cancelled documents that are required by private industry in fulfillment of contractual obligations in paper format. Documents can be requested by phoning the Subscription Services Desk.B. Commercial Specifications, Standards, and Descriptions - These specifications, standards and descriptions are not available from Government sources. They may be obtained from the publishers of the applicable societies. C. Ordnance Standards (OS), Weapons Specifications (WS), and NAVORD OSTD 600 Pages - These type publications may be obtained by submitting a request to: Commander, Indian Head Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center Code 8410P, 101 Strauss Avenue Indian Head, MD 20640-5035D. On post-award actions, requests for "Official Use Only" and "NOFORN" (Not Releasable To Foreign Nationals) documents must identify the Government Contract Number, and must be submitted via the cognizant Defense Contract Management Command (DCMC) forcertification of need for the document. On pre-award actions such requests must be submitted to the PCO for certification of need for the document.E. NOFORN Military Specifications and Standards (including Amendments, Change Notices and Supplements, but NOT interim Changes) to be ordered from: Contracting Officer NAVICP-MECH Code 87321 5450 Carlisle Pike P.O. Box 2020 Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055-0788F. Nuclear Reactor Publications Assigned NAVSEA Documents and Identification Numbers (i.e. NAVSEA Welding Standard, NAVSEA 250-1500-1) are to be ordered from: Commanding Officer NAVICP-MECH Code 009 5450 Carlisle Pike P.O. Box 2020 Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055-0788G. Technical Manuals Assigned NAVSEA Identification Numbers (i.e. NAVSEA Welding And Brazing Procedure, NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248) are to be ordered from: Naval Inventory Control Point Code 1 Support Branch 700 Robbins Avenue Phildelphia, Pa. 19111-5094H. Interim Changes and Classified Specifications shall be obtained by submitting a request on DD Form 1425 to NAVICP-MECH.6.2 ;QUALITY ASSURANCE PROVISIONS (QAPs) can be found on WSS S drive.S:MECHNAVICPICPMWSS General SharesN97 General SharesN9713 TechnicalTorpedo (QAPs) QUALITY ASSURANCE PROVISIONSQAP Final;DATE OF FIRST SUBMISSION=030 DAC;53711-5759651 - (C) PRESSURE TESTS (U)5894148 para The Type II Interface Cable Assemblies shall withstand exposure to a pressure/temperature combination of the proof pressure of NAVSEA Drawing 5759651 and +285 degrees F -5/+10 degrees F) withoutevidence of deformation, leakage, or raised connectorinserts.Copies of the Certificate of Quality Compliance CDRLs shall bedelivered to the Engineering Support Activity, NUWC a Post Award Conference be conducted with the contractor/supplier to review the item Key Features. The government EngineeringSupport Activity, NUWC Newport, would like to participate in theconference if one is scheduled.;DATE OF FIRST SUBMISSION=030 DAC;Certificates of Quality Compliance for the following Cable Assembly requirements shall be delivered to the government via Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL).Electrical Bulk Cable Supplier QA Program Plan.Test data and certificate of test conformance to verify that theBulkCable components, materials and construction have been tested andthat all related requirements have been met (53711-5906555).Notarized Certificate of Compliance for each lot of delivered MoldingCompound material (53711-6105323) certifying that the material meetsthe specified requirements.Preproduction sample inspection and test data.Production Quality Conformance inspection and test data.Periodic Quality Conformance inspection and test data.Copies of the Certificate of Quality Compliance CDRLs shall bedelivered to the Engineering Support Activity, NUWC a Post Award Conference be conducted with the contractor/supplier to review the item Key Features. The government EngineeringSupport Activity, NUWC Newport, would like to participate in theconference if one is scheduled.;DATE OF FIRST SUBMISSION=ASREQ;Copies of the Certificate of Quality Compliance CDRLs shall bedelivered to the Engineering Support Activity, NUWC a Post Award Conference be conducted with the contractor/supplier to review the item Key Features. The government EngineeringSupport Activity, NUWC Newport, would like to participate in theconference if one is scheduled.;
NAVSUP WEAPON SYSTEMS SUPPORT MECH NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Mechanicsburg PA 17050-0788 P O BOX 2020 5450 CARLISLE PIKE MECHANICSBURG PA 17050-0788 Telephone: 7176052995, Email CANDICE.BENJAMIN@NAVY.MIL
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