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S299--General Waste Removal Disposal Services

Category: S - Utilities and Janitorial Services

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Arizona
Date Entered:   03/16/2023
Due Date:   03/31/2023
Description:   B.4 DESCRIPTION/SPECIFICATIONS/WORK STATEMENT AND REQUIREMENTSSCOPE OF WORK:The Contractor shall provide General Waste Removal and Disposal Services and the Revenue Generation for hauling of Recyclable Materials for three VA facilities: The VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VAGLAHS) located at 11301 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90073, the VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center (SACC) located 16111 Plummer Street, North Hills, CA 91343 and the VA Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center (LAACC) located at 351 E. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. The estimated amount of compacted and general waste to be pick-up and disposed of by the Contractor is approximately 342 tons per month. The Contractor shall provide all labor, supervision, containers/bins, equipment, supplies, trucks, compactors, fuel and insurance to provide all services stated in this Statement of Work (SOW).Prices listed in the schedule are to be all inclusive for all equipment, supplies, trucks, compactors, fuel and services provided. All supplies and services shall be furnished F.O.B. Destination. Additional charges such as delivery fees, environmental fees, fuel surcharges, relocation of trash containers on VA grounds, etc. shall NOT be billed for, or collected from the Government for orders received under this contract. DEFINITION OF TRASH: The term trash as used herein shall mean all debris and waste accumulated at the VA Greater Los Angeles Campuses, including but not limited to the following: paper, cartons, metal, glass, floor sweepings, wood, coffee grounds, tree leaves, cardboard containers, citrus rinds, melon rinds, fruits, and other non-edible garbage, bricks, concrete and is not considered to harbor any viable pathogens nor hazardous materials. CONTRACTOR-OWNED TRASH COMPACTOR TRUCKS: The Contractor shall provide a rear loader truck that is compatible with the existing VA Medical Center compactor manufactured by Seabright Product, Inc., model numbers 4064 (30 cubic yd.) and 3260 (15 cubic yd.) and a front loader truck capable of performing the tasks outlined in this contract. The trucks used by the contractor to receive and dispose of all trash shall be equipped with a hack-bell, or similar warning device to alert pedestrians and other traffic, when the vehicle is backing up. The contractor trucks shall not dispose of, or drain off liquid accumulation on VA grounds, except within the bin enclosure area. The Contractor s personnel shall immediately clean up any spills of oil, or other fluids, caused by malfunctions of the engine or hydraulics. The Contractor s personnel shall pick-up and clean up all loose trash upon separation of each container or compactor and leave the area clean.The Contractor shall be responsible for storage and maintenance of their trucks. The Contractor s personnel shall not leave any of their vehicles on the VA facility grounds.SANITARY CONDITIONS: The Contractor shall be required to dispose of the trash in such a manner that shall not create conditions detrimental to public health or to constitute a public nuisance. The Contractor shall abide with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations governing removal and hauling of waste materials. Collections must be made in containers which must be fully enclosed, rat-proof, leak proof and fire retardant. Containers must be kept clean, sanitized, and after dumping, lids must be closed. Any trash or garbage scattered by the Contractor, or their equipment on the facility s grounds must be picked-up and disposed of properly.CONTRACTOR-OWNED CONTAINERS: The Contractor shall furnish the required number of containers, in the approximate sizes, types, and configurations listed in EXHIBIT I, TRASH PICK-UP DISPOSAL SCHEDULE. The Contractor shall close the lids on all Government owned 32-gallon or larger trash containers after dumping the trash. Contractor owned containers shall be kept in a neat appearance, repaired and/or painted as appropriate (i.e., appearance of rust spots, stains, excessively chipped areas, punctured holes, missing covers, lids or doors, etc.). The Contractor s driver is responsible for identifying required repairs. Containers not suitable because of age or condition shall be replaced within seven (7) business days from the date the notification is submitted to the Contractor by the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) or Contracting Officer (CO). The Contractor-furnished dumpsters/containers shall be fitted with a molded P.V.C. plastic top that allows easy access to deposit refuse and pose no danger to patients or employees. The lid shall be light in weight and easy to lift and close. All 3 and 6-yard containers/bins shall be outfitted on wheels except at buildings/areas where the container/s are located on a dock hilly terrain or as specified by the COR or CO. Government owned containers shall remain at the locations indicated on Exhibit 1.CONTRACTOR AND GOVERNMENT OWNED CONTAINERS: SIZE NUMBER OF CONTAINERSContractor Owned Containers: 6 Cubic Yards 66 40 Cubic Yards 70Government Owned Containers: 3 Cubic Yards 1 6 Cubic Yards 1 (Bldg. 509) 15 Cubic Yards 3 (Compactors) 20 Cubic Yards 1 (Compactor) 40 Cubic Yards 8 (2-SAAC, 6-GLA) 35 Cubic Yards 5 (Compactors)INITIAL DELIVERY OF CONTACTOR OWNED CONTAINERS:Within two business days prior to the effective date of the contract, the Contractor shall make arrangements with the COR to have their containers delivered to the designated sites at each of the VA facilities. CLEANING CONTAINERS: The compactor bin at Bldg. 500 VAGLAHS, and Bldg's. 200, 99 and 20 at the Sepulveda Campus shall be tipped to permit water drainage into the surface drain within the bin enclosure area. Spillage onto non-drainage surface shall be cleaned immediately. Compactor Cleaning shall be completed once per month and as needed to removed excess trash and for odor control. The area underneath the compactor and the tracks shall be cleaned and kept free of falling debris and trash after each service. Small Compactors at Sepulveda Buildings 1, 10 and 25 shall be cleaned as required and/or as needed after each service.TRASH PICK-UP DISPOSAL SCHEDULE: The Contractor shall provide the various types and sizes of containers, (unless specified as Government owned) pick-up and dispose all miscellaneous trash and non-edible garbage and any other general waste every day, Monday through Saturday (as required, see Exhibit I for individual stops). Trash pick-up for the 6-yard containers/bins shall be made between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. The pick-up time at Bldg. 300 shall be coordinated with the COR and VA Food Service Section, at approximately 10:00 a.m. each day to allow surface cleaning around the containers. In the event that delivery truck(s) are blocking the trash bins at Building 300, Contractor employee(s) is/are to physically request the delivery truck driver to move the vehicle or contact VA personnel at Environmental Management Service (EMS). If there is no response from either of those numbers, please contact the COR/Hospital Housekeeping Officer. Trucks shall be moved within fifteen (15) minutes once the delivery truck driver is contacted. Emptying of bins shall be completed in approximately five (5) minutes. The VA shall provide the Contractor with a list of POC s and phone numbers whom the Contractor could contact if needed and/or required. The pick-up time at Bldg. 500 compactor bin shall be made between the hours of 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 A.M. The Government owns two compactors bins for use at Building 500. The Contractor shall exchange the full compactor bin with a Government owned empty bin prior to hauling the full bin from the compactor bin area. The pick-up time for 4 and 6-yard containers/bins throughout GLA and SAAC campuses shall be made between the hours of 7:00am 11:00am.TRASH PICK-UP AS-NEEDED BASIS: The procedures for pick-up on an as-needed basis are indicated in the Exhibit I, Trash Pick-up Disposal Schedule. Any additional pick-ups shall be scheduled with the Contractor as noted below. EMS shall fax/e-mail or phone in their requests for pick-up to the number and/or e-mail address that the Contractor indicates below. The Contractor shall be required to respond to the request for pick-up within two (2) hours after the VA faxes/e-mails the request. The request shall indicate the size of the container, type of container, building location, name and phone number of VA personnel point of contact. All requests for as-needed pick-up or additional pick-up shall be made on the following calendar day.Contractor Fax No: __________________________E-mails addresses: __________________________MISSED PICK-UP: In the event the Contractor misses a pick-up, the Contractor shall be required to return to the facility that same day for pick-up of that container.Upon discovery that a pick-up was missed the COR, or EMS personnel shall email, fax or phone in the notice of a missed pick-up to the Contractor. The Contractor shall pick up the container the same day, and notify the COR/Hospital Housekeeping Officer, when the pick-up has been completed.12. WEIGHT TICKETS: The Contractor shall provide a record (weight ticket) of the actual weight of refuse picked-up and delivered to the landfill. Contractor shall remove and dispose of an average of 12 tons of compacted and general waste per day. Weight tickets shall indicate the weight of general waste and trash removed from each facility separately. Waste generated by the VA shall not be co-mingled and/or hauled in the same trash compactor truck with waste generated by other facilities or agencies serviced by the Contractor. The Contractor shall provide and submit all refuse disposal receipts and/or weight tickets in the arrears to the COR/Hospital Housekeeping Officer at Bldg. 218 Rm. 300 at VAGLAHS, no later than the 5th workday of the following month from when services were provided. Monthly invoices submitted to the COR shall report the weight of general waste removed from the VAGLAHS Campuses, indicating each facility separately, after verification that the invoices are properly submitted, the COR shall notify the Contractor 2 days later or by the 7th workday of the following month to go ahead and submit the invoices to Austin electronically for payment through the Tungsten-Network System. Invoices shall not be paid unless valid refuse disposal receipts and/or weight tickets are received. 13. CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITIES: It is the responsibility of the Contractor to provide all services in accordance with applicable solid waste disposal codes and regulations, including the payment of any applicable fees that are mandated by the city, state, federal, etc. in order for the Contractor to retain his/her permits and/or licenses. 14. LANDFILL: General waste shall be disposed of at a permitted landfill under the provisions and guidelines set forth by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. Contractor shall furnish proof of guaranteed available dumping privileges with their proposal. Once contract award has been made, the VA reserves the right to request proof of guaranteed available dumping privileges from the Contractor at any time during the contract period. All costs associated with the landfill shall be included in the unit prices proposed by the Contractor.15. QUALITY CONTROL: It is the Contractor's responsibility to provide a quality control mechanism to ensure that work performance conforms to the requirements of the contract. The name and telephone number of the quality control person(s) shall be submitted with their proposal. When the quality control person has been contacted he/she shall respond within two hours after being notified, if after 2:00 pm he/she shall respond on the next business day. 16. RELOCATION OF RECEPTACLES: Pick-up schedule may be revised due to changes in the location of receptacles. The Government shall give the Contractor a minimum of three (3) working day notice, in writing, prior to the relocation of receptacles and subsequent changes to the pick-up schedule. The service to relocate receptacles shall be part of the contract requirements, and shall be at no additional cost to the Government.17. REPLACEMENT OF LOST OR DAMAGED CONTAINERS AND/OR EQUIPMENT:The cost for replacement of broken, damaged or lost containers and/or equipment shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. The Government shall not be liable and/or billed for any replacement of broken, damaged and/or lost containers. 18. CONTRACTOR PERSONNEL: All Contractor personnel assigned to the performance of this contract shall wear a Contractor-provided uniform and badge that clearly identifies the individual as a Contractor. The parties agree that the Contractor personnel working under this contract shall not be considered VA employees for any purpose and shall be considered employees of the Contractor. The Contractor shall ensure that their employees assigned to this contract, shall be cognizant of the VA s sexual harassment, drug-free workplace policies and other appropriate federal employment requirements. The Contractor is responsible for providing fully knowledgeable, trained staff that is competent to meet the requirements of this contract and fulfill all obligations of this contract.Contractor personnel shall be technically proficient in the skills necessary, to include the ability to understand, speak fluently and comprehend the English language. Eating or smoking by Contractor personnel are permitted in designated areas only. All tasks accomplished by the Contractor personnel shall be performed to preclude damage or defacement of Government-owned equipment and facilities. The Contractor shall be responsible for repair or replacement of Government-owned items or facilities to previous condition, if determined to be at fault by the COR. 19. CONTRACTOR POINT OF CONTACT:The Contractor shall designate one (1) Point of Contact (POC) responsible for administrative matters in the performance of this contract. The POC shall have full authority to act for the Contractor on all matters relating to the daily performance of this contract. An alternate may be designated, but the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer and COR in writing those times when the alternate shall act as the POC. The Contractor shall provide the name and telephone number of the person designated as Point of Contact and Alternate on the space below: Point of Contact (Full Name): Telephone Number: E-mail Address:Alternate Point of Contact (Full Name): Telephone Number: E-mail Address:The POC shall be available by telephone Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. including National Holidays. 20. EVIDENCE OF INSURANCE COVERAGE:Prior to commencement of work to be performed, the Contractor shall furnish an insurance certificate indicating that the type of coverage, worker s compensation, professional liability insurance and vehicle insurance has been obtained and that it may not be changed or canceled without a guaranteed thirty (30) day notice to the CO. The Contractor shall maintain workers compensation and employee s public liability insurance and vehicle insurance in accordance with the laws of California. The Contractor shall abide with all applicable Federal and State laws regarding liability for the injury or death of an employee in performing the work under this contract and shall hold the Government harmless against any or all loss, cost, damage, claim expense or liability for accident or injury to persons or property occurring in the performance of this contract. HOURS OF SERVICE:The Contractor shall perform the General Waste Removal and Disposal Services during the hours of 07:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday including all National Holidays and in accordance with Exhibit I. 22. NATIONAL HOLIDAYSTHE CONTRACTOR SHALL BE REQUIRED TO PERFORM SERVICES ON ALL NATIONAL HOLIDAYS.New Year s Day1 JanuaryMartin Luther King s BirthdayThird Monday in JanuaryPresident s DayThird Monday in February Memorial DayLast Monday in May Independence Day 4 JulyLabor Day First Monday in SeptemberColumbus DaySecond Monday in OctoberVeterans Day11 NovemberThanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in NovemberChristmas Day25 DecemberWhen a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as a legal holiday by U.S. Government agencies. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as a legal holiday. Also, included would be any other day specifically declared by the President of the United States to be a National Holiday.SECURITY BACKGROUND CHECKSThe Contractor at the time of award shall certify that their employees working under this contract have had Security Background Checks initiated prior to working at the VAGLAHS, SACC and LAACC. Contractor Security Requirements. The Office of Security and Law Enforcement provides Department-wide policy on the assignment of appropriate position sensitivity designations associated with Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) positions involving national security and public trust responsibilities, and on the level of background investigations required for applicants for, and incumbents of, those positions.The cost for such investigations shall be borne by the Contractor, either in advance or as reimbursement to the Government. The level of sensitivity shall be determined by the Government on the basis of the type of access required. The level of sensitivity shall determine the depth of the investigation and the cost thereof. At this time, the current estimated costs for such investigations are as follows:LEVEL OF SENSITIVITYBACKGROUND INVESTIGATION LEVELAPPROXIMATE COSTLow RiskNational Agency Check with Written Inquiries$ 381.00Moderate RiskMinimum Background Investigation$1,730.00High RiskBackground Investigation$4,431.00The Contractor shall be required to furnish all applicable employee information required to conduct the investigation, such as, but not limited to, the name, address, and social security number of the Contractor s personnel. The VA shall provide all the necessary instructions and guidance for submission of the documents required to conduct the background investigation. Background investigations shall not be required for contract personnel assigned to Low Risk/Non-sensitive positions for 180 days or less under a single contract or series of contracts. However, a Security Access Clearance (SAC) background screening shall be required for appropriate preliminary checks IAW VA Directive 0710.IT C&A REQUIREMENTSThe C&A requirements do not apply; therefore, a Security Accreditation Package is not required.CONTRACTOR PERSONNEL SECURITY REQUIREMENTS:Position Sensitivity - The position sensitivity for selected position(s) contract under this have been designated as follows:POSITION TITLE: Assessed Risk Level: Truck Drivers Low Risk - NACI Background Investigation. The level of background investigation commensurate with the required level of access is Low Risk National Agency Check with Written inquiries (current cost: $381).The contractor is encouraged to have all contractor personnel performing services in positions identified within this contract as requiring personal investigation to immediately download the background investigation packet from the website designated below upon notification of contract award.It is imperative for the contractor to provide to the Contracting Officer, within two business days following notification of contract award, a listing of all contractor personnel performing services in positions identified within this contract as requiring personal investigation for the process to commence. This list shall be submitted using Contract Security Services Request Form #1A, spreadsheet and shall reflect the following information:Employee position/titleEmployee name (last, first, middle (if none indicate "NMN"))Social security numberDate of birthCity, state, and country of birthEmail addressAdditionally, an email address for the Contractor's primary point of contact must be included on the forwarding document for the list of employees.The contractor shall ensure that all employees identified in the listing submit a complete background investigation packet. Additional guidance and information in completing the required forms, as well as forms for packet submission can be found at: Contractor shall ensure that all personnel listed on the Addendum submit fingerprints as fingerprinting are required with the background investigation. Fingerprinting can be done at the nearest VA Facility. The Electronic Fingerprint Verification Form must be submitted with the above required forms.The Contractor shall inform their employee that when filling out Standard Form 85, that there should be no gaps in employment history. Any gaps in employment history on Standard Form 85 may result in OPM rejecting the documentation for investigation and delay contract performance.Contractor shall ensure that completed employee background paperwork is submitted to the following address within two (2) business days from date of notification of award to the following address:Department of Veterans AffairsGreater Los Angeles Healthcare SystemAttn: Mr. Eugene Humphries Environmental Management Service11301 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90073POC for the badging process to begin, sponsor designeeWhen notified that complete and acceptable investigation packets have been received at Contracting, the Contractor shall be prepared for employees to commence work on the date and time established by the Contracting Officer at the time of such notification. If the contract involves on-station work, Contractor employees shall report to the office designated in the Contracting Officer's notification of contract effective date for issuance of VA Identification Cards.When notified of an unfavorable determination subsequent to investigation by the Government, the Contractor shall withdraw the employee from performing work under this contract, and, at the request of the VA, submit another employee for consideration.24. CONTRACTING OFFICER'S REPRESENTATIVES (COR):Delegation of Authority letter(s) shall be forwarded to the Contractor after contract award identifying the COR(s) and all representatives of VAGLAHS, SACC and the LAACC authorized to order services and to accept or reject services from the Contractor. This designation shall be furnished in writing to the Contractor prior to commencement of the contract. The Contractor shall not accept any instructions issued by any other person(s) other than the CO or his/her delegated representative(s) acting within the limits of his/her authority. The COR shall be the Contractor s primary point-of-contact, and shall have limited authority in relation to the contract. 25. AUTHORIZED SERVICES:The Contractor is advised that only the Contracting Officer, acting within the scope of the contract has the authority to make changes which may affect the contract terms and conditions quality, quantity, price, and/or delivery. The Contractor must contact the Contracting Officer for approval in the event there are changes prior to proceeding. No other individual has the authority to make this binding changes and/or commitments. In the event that the Contractor commits to such changes at the direction of any person other than the Contracting Officer, the changes shall be considered to have been made without proper authority and no adjustment shall be made in contract price to cover any increase in costs incurred as a result thereof.26. IDENTIFICATION BADGE An identification (ID) badge shall be issued by the VA to the Contractor personal providing the services to the VA. The appropriate ID badge shall be worn at all times while on Government facility grounds, clearly displayed on the outermost garment (i.e. coat, jacket, sweater, lab coat etc.).27. SMOKING POLICY:Smoking is prohibited inside any buildings at the VAMC. Smoking is not permitted within or around the VA Healthcare System facilities, except in designated areas.28. PARKING POLICY:It is the responsibility of Contractor personnel to park only in designated parking areas. Information on parking is available from the VA Police Section. The VA facilities shall not validate or make reimbursement for parking violations of the contractor's personnel under any circumstances.29. RETURN OF CONTRACTOR S EQUIPMENT AND CONTRACTOR-OWNED CONTAINERS: Upon contract expiration, or earlier termination, the contractor shall arrange with the COR a time to pick-up the equipment and Contractor-owned containers. The Contractor must make arrangements for the equipment and containers to be removed from the VA facilities within three business days after contract expiration or cancellation. The Government shall not be responsible for any equipment and/or containers remaining at any of the three facilities and shall not be responsible for any cost associated with removing the equipment and/or containers from the facilities grounds. 30. REVENUE GENERATION FOR HAULING OF RECYCLABLE MATERIALS:This contract provides for the generation of revenue from recycled materials for the Department of Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VAGLAHS), VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center and the VA Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center.Contractor shall be responsible for the removal and transportation of recyclable commodities. Contractor shall be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations governing recyclable materials and/or commodities. Contractor shall provide all of the required recyclable containers needed at each of the participating facilities. Recyclable items included wood pallets, plastics, metals, cardboard paper, toner cartridges, and E-Waste (electronic equipment). E-Waste includes: Printers, computer equipment, scanners, test equipment, power equipment cameras, PDA s. telephones, audio equipment, fax machines, communication systems, VCR s televisions and any common electronic products or components.Location of areas requiring hauling of recyclable commodities are the following: VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System11301 Wilshire Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90073 VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center 16111 Plummer StreetNorth Hills, CA 91343. VA Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center 351 East Temple StreetLos Angeles, CA. 90012Contractor shall issue a check to the Government for the recyclables monthly in the arrears; payment from all of the VA facilities indicated above shall be forwarded to the VAGLAHS, Environmental Management (137) office, Bldg. 218, Room 300, Attention: COR or Hospital Housekeeping Officer. Receipt shall include the appropriate line items itemized from the schedule of recyclables and the tonnage/weight from each of the facilities separately. Weight tickets shall be provided with each report and the revenue check. Prices quoted on the schedule for recyclables are current market prices and may fluctuate. Prices for the recyclables are subject to change based on current market conditions. Contractor shall provide the CO and the COR with new pricing information at least 60 days prior to exercising the next option period, if the prices change from the ones listed on the schedule of recyclables. RECYCLABLES: Prices for recyclables are subject to change based on current market conditions.VA POLICIES:Possession of weapons is prohibited. Enclosed containers, including tool kits, are subject to search. Violations of VA regulations may result in citations answerable in the United States (Federal) District Court. 32. INVOICE AND PAYMENT:Contractor shall submit monthly invoices in the arrears electronically via the Tungsten-Network System at the end of each month for payment of work completed in that billing period after obtaining approval for the COR to go ahead and submit the invoice. The COR shall be responsible for reviewing and approving the monthly invoices in the arrears before the Contractor submits the invoice electronically via the Tungsten-Network System at the end of each month for payment of work completed in that billing period. The COR shall notify the Contractor no later than the 7th workday of the following month to submit the monthly invoices in the arrears electronically for payment through the Tungsten-Network System for all three facilities. Contractor shall submit the invoice electronically to:Department of Veterans Affairs Financial Services Center telephone number: (877) 489-6135)The invoice MUST be itemized to include the following information. Any information listed below that is not provided on an invoice, will render that invoice incomplete and the invoice will be returned for immediate correction. Description of Services Period of performance Date of invoice and invoice number Unit cost billed Extended amount due Contract number and obligation number. Weight of general waste removed for each facility separately Refuse disposal receipts and weight tickets for each facility separately.If there are any errors with the monthly invoices the COR shall notify the contractor immediately and the Contractor shall correct the invoices and resubmit them to the COR for review and approval giving the COR an additional three days before submitting the invoices through the Tungsten-Network System. Invoices sent to other than the above website will delay payment to the Contractor and failure to comply with the above information shall delay payment to the Contractor. POST AWARD CONFERENCE The Contracting Officer shall schedule a post-award conference with the Contractor, for contract orientation purposes after contract award.
262-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 22 (36C262) Long Beach VANLO 85297 335 E. German Rd SUITE 301 Gilbert AZ 85297, Danielle L. Carroll, Phone 562-766-2296, Email
RFP Number:   36C26223Q0725
Bid Documents:   Download Document
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