Bid Opportunity: Y1NZ--542-18-104 Replace Steam & Condensate Mains - Oval 1

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Y1NZ--542-18-104 Replace Steam & Condensate Mains - Oval 1

Category: Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities

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Bid Details

Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Pennsylvania
Date Entered:   03/22/2023
Due Date:   05/12/2023
Description:   REPLACE STEAM & CONDENSATE MAINS OVAL 1 & OUTLYING BUILDINGSTIERED EVALUATION OF OFFERSPROJECT NO. 542-18-104, SOLICITATION NO. 36C24422R0140AMENDMENT 0003VA Response to Contractor Questions from site visit on February 21, 2023Evaluation Factor: A. Proposed Team - Item j. Commissioning shall be removed from this evaluation factor.2nd site visit scheduled for March 30, 2023 at 10:00 AM, meeting at Coatesville VA Medical Center, Bldg 702nd round of Contractor questions due April 14, 2023VA response to 2nd round of Contractor questions on/or about April 28, 2023New Proposal due date May 12, 2023 by 4:30 PM, email to Contractor RFI Questions and VA Responses To evaluate successful completion is the VA requesting the submission of existing CPARS with the proposal? VA response: YesWill experience of sister companies/subsidiaries be evaluated and accepted for past performance projects? VA response: Only if the parent company is part of the team when executing the contract. Are the past performance projects of predecessor, sister companies, subcontractors, teaming partners, etc. weighted any differently than those of the prime? VA response: NoDo resumes count towards the 25-page limit for Section 1 VA response: No. 25 page limit is only related to the narrative in section 1.The SOW indicated 550 days for the POP.- Is it the VA intent to suspend the contract during winter shutdowns so the POP will only count towards months where work is allowed?VA response: No. The existing steam distribution must remain in operation until the new system is ready for full activation and switch-over. Switch-over should not occur during the winter. Nothing prevents the contractor from working during the winter other than potentials to freeze exposed underground utilities, which must be prevented. The contractor should submit a plan addressing this issue.- If no to above, please consider that with the bid due late March and pricing is to be held for 120 days, award could be made 1st of July.? By the time initial submittals and plans are made, it would be Sept and the contractor would not be able to mobilize due to shutdown for winter.? Therefore, actual work would not start until April 1 or 9 months of no work.? We would lose 270 days of the 550 POP before we break ground.? We would essentially only have one working season to complete all work with the last 2-3 months of the POP during the next winter shutdown period. Please confirm if this is the expectation. VA response: That is the expectation. It is expected that the 550 days will be met unless a valid reason to deviate is presented.- Please confirm if the proposed POP can be negotiable due to the lead time on materials and coordination that is required on this project?VA response: No. Lead time should be incorporated into the proposed schedule. If changes occur, considerations can be made.Section 01 00 00 -2 indicates the project requires that heat be maintained in all buildings during the heating season. Is it the VA s intention that the contractor provide temporary heat for the buildings when the campus wide steam is not available? VA response: Yes, steam should always be available to the buildings. The use is for both cold weather heating, as well as domestic hot water year-round, other than 8-hour (approximate) shutdowns.Section 01 00 00 22 indicates the contractor must provide photographic documentation of construction progress. To what extent must the contractor provide these photos? Will they be reviewed at the weekly meetings or submitted as part of the contract documentation. VA response: Application of the documentation will be at the COR s discretion.Changes to the construction schedule. The language indicates the contractor has a responsibility for completion. The VA indicates that the contractor should remedy any construction delays with manpower, increase in working hours per day or rescheduling the work in conformance with specification requirements. The majority of this work is out of doors, will the VA entertain adding additional time for delays associated with weather? VA response: Yes Will additional time be provided if sufficient cause for delay is presented to the government?VA response: YesWhat are the liquidated damages per day if the project runs past the POP? VA response: Actual damages will/shall be assessed if contractor goes beyond completion date.Will the VA hold the selected QCM to the experience matrix they have provided in the specifications? VA response: YesSection 23 22 13 17 Can the VA clarify the requirement for radiographic verification of the welds for this project? VA response: Will be done per specifications. Section 01 91 00 35 Indicates the contractor must return after one year to inspect the installed piping. One of these requirements is that the contractor must provide a commercial grade sUAS or drone platform equipped with a 3-axis stabilized high resolution radiometric thermal camera. The camera must utilize a long wave microbolometer detector with a resolution of 640x512 and a frame rate of 30 hz. Is this correct? VA response: YesAdditionally, section 01 91 00 35 requires that the company providing the commercial drone have an additional $3,000,000.00 in liability insurance. Is this correct? VA response: YesSection 02 21 13 Requires that the contractor verify the drawings 100% and once the contractor verifies the drawings they are responsible for all changes in the design. Is this correct?VA response: No. Section 01 00 00, Article 1.7 Alterations and Article 1.10 Restoration address differing site conditions. Article 1.7, Paragraphs A and B in this project deal primarily with site features, including sidewalks, benches, drainage features, plantings, any appurtenances, etc. Section 02 21 13 does not apply to this project and will be deleted.Section 01 00 00 2 Indicates that the VA previously awarded a tree management and sidewalks contract. To what extent must the contractor protect or restore this work? Can the government provide the extent of this previous contract?VA response: Restore to match existing. See attached drawings from tree management project.Section 0100 00 2 indicates there is a rain garden between buildings 7 and 8 that must be protected restored. Can the government provide information on this project?VA response: Yes. See attached drawings.Section 01 00 00 -4 Indicates the contractor must provide a PE to perform stress analysis on the pre engineered piping system. Is this correct?VA response: Yes Please confirm that the contractor required to hire a PE to perform a stress analysis for the manhole piping?VA response: Yes Will the VA be providing a commissioning agent for the project?VA response: TBDWill this be the DOR?VA response: TBD.Section 23 22 13-19 Will the required hydrostatic testing be required to be witnessed by the COR and DOR? Or will a simple report suffice?VA response: Testing will be reviewed by the COR.Section 33 63 00-2 Is it correct that the manufacturers rep be required to provide 25 days of instruction and monitoring of contractor activities?VA response: Yes Section 33 63 00 4 As the VA has some strict storage, handling and moisture control requirements. Will the VA be providing a laydown / storage area on site?VA response: YesWhere will this laydown area be located? VA response: Next to campus generators/power station and T21How large will the laydown area be?VA response: See attached map.Section 33 63 00 -9 Is it correct that the contractor must supply a five (5) year warranty on all work related to the pre-insulated piping system including backfill and testing?VA response: YesSection 33 63 00- 18 Can you confirm that all of the testing requirements for 33 63 00 18 Field Joint Testing will be enforced?VA response: YesWhich is the preferred method Mag Particle or X ray?VA response: The specification requires both.Section 33 63 00 19 Will the casing epoxy coating process require witnessing by VA personnel?VA response: At COR s discretionSection 33 63 00 24 The VA has indicated that all Oval 1 steam and condensate casing shall be tested and dried before turnover to the VA. Is this correct?VA response: YesIs this the only acceptable testing and drying contractor?VA response: YesHas the VA verified with the piping manufacturer that this is an acceptable method of drying the specified pipe?VA response: YesSection 33 63 00 24 E. Is the contractor or the VA responsible for carrying the cost associated with the drying contractor?VA response: The contractorSection 33 63 00 24G 18 Month Follow up inspection. How will the drying contractor verify this portion of the work AFTER the direct buried pipe has been installed and backfilled?VA response: The process is described in the specification.Section 33 63 00-28 Is the contractor required to use the sleeves by GPT called out in this section? VA response: Water-tight modular seals (i.e., Link-Seal (BOD) are required.Section 33 63 00 54 Can the VA provide a description of what the one-year piping inspection After completion of the project might entail? VA response: The description is detailed in the specification.Can the VA provide a list of Thermal Drone companies that have engineers and Level 1 Thermographers on staff in our area?VA response: This is the responsibility of the contractor.Is the contractor responsible for the aviation waiver to operate the drone at night?VA response: YesPage 10 RFP document indicates that the contractor should encapsulate the dirt areas in the crawls space for building 10 in 6 thick shotcrete. Is this correct? VA response: Yes, see number 21 in the SOW.The project drawings indicate several trees may need to be removed to allow room for the pipe and manholes. Is there any requirement to replace the removed trees?VA response: Yes, for every tree that is removed two must be planted in a location on the VAMC campus where designated by the COR. Replace with approved tree list (see COR for details)It seems to be a direct contradiction to this statement under soil and erosion control.VA response: Note on Page SS-101, SS-102, SS-103 and SS-104 Please confirm how excavation around trees and within their drip edge will be handled.Can we excavate within the drip edge of the tress?VA response: NoIs there any requirement to warrany trees survive following excavation work?VA response: YesDrawing S-001 under Earthwork indicates the contractor should retain the services of a Geotechnical Engineer for shoring, underpinning, sheeting, load bearing levels and measure quantity of excavation and fill. Is this correct?VA response: Geotechnical Engineer to be hired for shoring, underpinning, sheeting, and compaction testing. Testing for allowable bearing and quantity measurement not required. Excavation is unclassified excavation as defined in 31 20 11, and contractor is responsible for all excavation and backfilling required to complete construction.Drawing S-001 In lieu of a geotechnical engineer a licensed surveyor may be retained for the measurement and certification of excavation and fill quantities. To what extent is the contractor required to measure and certify fill quantities?VA response: The contractor has no requirement to measure and certify excavation/fill quantities. This note to be deleted. Drawing S-001 Is the contractors Geotechnical engineer to approve all subgrade elevations prior to concrete pour as indicated in subgrade Construction?VA response: Yes. Contractor s engineer to approve compaction at subgrade and backfill prior to concrete placement.Drawing S-001 Indicates the contractor should retain field testing services for the concrete. Field testing services will test for:Slump per ASTM C143LAir Content per ASTM C231 or C173TemperatureConcrete test cylinders per ASTM C31, one set of six (6) cylinders for each 50m cubic yards each mix used. Additionally, a cylinder compressive test per ASTM C39Will all of the concrete poured on this project need to meet these requirements?VA response: YesS-001 Item #18Is the above requirement correct? VA response: Note 18 general is correct. 18.B electronic submission is acceptable; physical submission not required. 18.C is correct. 18.D is correct in intent, all penetrations are to be coordianted and shown on shop drawings. Is the reference to the stamp an indication the contractor must hire a structural engineer to review the previously engineered drawings? Why can the contractor not use the designers stamped engineered drawings as the submtted structural material?VA response: The contractor s stamp of approval is a mark indicating that the GC received, reviewed, coordianted, and approved the subcontractor s shop drawings. A PE stamp is not required for shop drawings unless noted in General Notes or Specifications.Item #15 on S-001 again indicates the contractor must employ a structural engineer when altering existing structures is this correct? VA response: The penetrations and alterations to the existing structures as shown do not require a structural engineer. A structural engineer may be required for design of excavation supports throughout the project extents including but not limited to manholes, trenches, tunnels, and Building 7-8 corridor (9/S-102)Page 13 RFP #8 indicates the contractor may only park one company vehicle at the project site. All other vehicles must be parked in the designated parking lots At a minimum the contractor will need to have a backhoe, dumptruck, crane, and support vehicles for a project of this size. Can we remove this single vehicle requirement from the RFP?VA response: The project site may include only the equipment used on a daily basis, the stored materials for one week, a secured dumpster and one company vehicle, and all must be incorporated into the fenced in area. All other equipment must be located and secured in the T-21 area where designated by the COR. Similarly, all other vehicles must be parked in the T-21 area, see attached. Page 18 of the RFP indicates it may be necessary for contractor to employ the services of a subsurface Utility Engineering firm to conduct surveys to locate all of the underground utilities in areas to be excavated.Did the DOR engage a utility location service prior to design? VA response: Refer to Civil Drawings and General, Structural and Construction Notes on Drawing S-001.If they did not, should the contractor plan on locating all subsurface utilities, structures and piping? VA response: Refer to Notes on Drawings S-001 and SS001 as well as Specifications.Is the contractor required to use the below sleeve for penetrations? VA response: Yes, sleeves and seals are the basis of design. Drawing MP 105 indicates valves for medium pressure steam and pumped condensate are to be a ball valve for 4 and smaller and a triple offset butterfly for 6 and larger, what should the contractor use for the 5 MPS pipe in the basement of building #16? VA response: If a 5 valve is not available use a 6 Triple offset valve.Can the VA provide a copy of the sign in sheet from the site visit?VA response: Will be providedPlease identify what can be used as a laydown yard that would allow enough space for equipment and all piping.VA response: See attached map.Do we need to account for any asbestos in the soil during excavation other than the existing pipe itself?? This could be from contaminants or naturally occurring.VA response: YesWhat is the policy for shutting down roadways?How long can they be closed?VA response: No more than necessary for construction with alternat routes pre-determined and approved by COR. Major shutdowns will be required.What signage and notifications are required?VA response: As determined by COR for safe traffic/pedestrian flow.Are all roadways under the supervision of the VA or do any closures require notification and approval from local municipalities?VA response: Only VA approvals will be required.Are flaggers required?VA response: Flaggers are requiredCan the VA relocate the parking that is currently along the roadways requiring construction?VA response: Coordinate with the COR.Can all existing structures remain?VA response: It is not clear what is being asked in this question.If roadwork needs to be performed when asphalt plants are not open, can we temporarily reopen roads with plates, flowable fill, etc. for future paving?VA response: Yes. Only until plants reopen. Plan must be coordinated with the COR prior.How will it be handled contractually if additional utilities are discovered during excavation that are not identified on the drawings? VA response: See drawing M-001 Note #14Can the VA provide additional GIS data to show existing utility data beyond what is on the drawings? VA response: NoPlease confirm the fence and signage requirements around excavation.VA response: Per contract specificationsCan multiple crews work on separate sections of the project at one time?VA response: Yes, but must be preapproved by COR.Are there any other projects planned that could cause coordination issues while this work is being performed?VA response: NoCan additional details be provided on footer depths and details of the buildings we need to excavate near?VA response: Yes, as requested, but details have not been confirmed as as-built and are subject to errors.Can the existing hallway with the OH door into the courtyard be removed for future reconstruction?VA response: NoIf we utilize the OH doors through the hallway for access, how long can we interrupt foot traffic in this area for crossing equipment and other vehicles?VA response: Traffic shall be interrupted to the minimum time needed for construction.Excavation at the building mech rooms will require the shutdown of several exterior exits to those buildings for extended periods of time.? How will that be handled?VA response: Must be closely coordinated with the COR prior to shutdown and coordinated weekly at construction progress meetings. ILSM s will be needed through FD.Please confirm the requirements and process for shutting down utilities impacted by construction activities. Shutdowns must be included in construction schedule and COR must be notified one month (or longer) in advance of any shutdown.VA response: YesCan existing soil be reused for backfill and compaction or will it be considered as undocumented fill?? Will we need to remove soil from the roadway and replace with select? VA response: Refer to S-001, Earthwork, Note#8Will a location be provided on property for soil stockpiles?VA response: YesAre any environmental permits required for this work?VA response: YesPlease confirm that proof of bonding capacity needs to be included in the proposal to the extent of the actual proposed bid amount.VA response: YesPlease confirm the actual key personnel requirements because there is discrepancy between the RFP and the design documents.VA response: Same as below (question # 64).If there are discrepancies between the RFP requirements and the design documents/specifications, which one takes precedence?VA response: Identify specific discrepancies for responsePage 13 RFP indicates under contractor responsibilities the contractor is responsible for verifying all site conditions prior to performing any work under the contract. The contract documents indicate that many of the conditions, utility locations and depth to bedrock were taken from previous documents. Can the contractor be held to conditions that have not yet been exhumed / excavated? VA response: No. Refer to FAR clause 52.236-2, Differing Site Conditions What if the design documents are incorrect?VA response: Issue an RFI. Also, in the case of any differences, the specifications will govern over the drawings.Will this responsibility still reside with the contractor?VA response: YesIf an excavation requires benching, is there a limitation on how much area we can disturb? VA response: Yes see specifications.Will the VA pay the contractor for all pipe delivered and stored on site prior to installation? VA response: VA will pay for a percentage of delivered pipe, when delivered to this VAMC site, inspected, properly protected and secured. Retainage will be withheld until the piping is installed and finally accepted.Are there any additional requirements for compaction testing, bedding, bridging, etc. when backfilling to existing utilities?VA response: Any and all excavation and backfilling are required to meet the requirements of 31 20 11.Is it expected that we will encounter any existing concrete encased utilities or duct bank?VA response: Yes, see design drawings. What tasks need to be performed after hours or on weekends?VA response: TBD and coordinated with the COR.Is there any work that will have to be coordinated in advance due to noise constraints? VA response: YesWould the VA allow the contractor to determine the required amount of open excavation as part of the technical approach for this project?VA response: NoAre flaggers required for road closures? VA response: YesWe will have some deep excavations. At what depth will the VA consider the excavation a confined space? VA response: Per VA and OSHA requirementsAre any areas inside the buildings considered a confined space that we are expected to be working in?VA response: NoThere is one excel file with two tabs called bid form. The two tabs are different, and have different information on each tab. Is this bid form an example, or is the VA going to revise the form for us?VA response: Bid form (Bid Form auto calc) will be utilized as is.What level of detail is the VA expecting for this pricing proposal?VA response: Pricing sheet for total project and deduct alternates, attached Contractor Bid Form and any additional submissions identified in the solicitation such as Certification and Representations and Bonding.There is no bond requirement listed on the bid sheet. Should a line be added for this cost?VA response: Bid bond and performance/payment bond is listed and required. Reference solicitation.The bid deducts listed on the bid sheet total into the final cost on the sheet. This should not be added in unless accepted by the VA. Can this be revised?VA response: No Will the VA provide a tax-exempt certificate for this project, or will tax need to be applied? VA response: No3 day notification for testing will require excavations left open longer than necessary. This will expose the excavations to weather and extended safety hazards. Can this requirement be relaxed so we could close up excavations as quickly as possible?VA response: NoCan an additional round of questions be asked after these questions are answered?VA response: Yes, see attached amendment 0003.Where on the bid sheet does the pricing for this section go?VA response: 4.2 of bid formPlease confirm what work the VA wants us to perform in order to abandon the manhole in place?? Empty or fill?VA response: For EMH-3, refer to 7/SS501.How are we to enter the pricing for the crawlspace shotcrete encapsulation that was identified verbally as a potential mod?VA response: Refer to # 21 of the solicitation for encapsulation requirement. No change in the requirement.Requires a complete labor breakdown for the proposal. This exceeds the breakdown on the bid form, how should this detail be shown?VA response: Provide material and labor breakdown on separate sheet and include in price proposal.How do we handle unidentified utilities encountered during excavation if it is active or abandoned?VA response: Coordinate with COR. How quickly would we be able to get a response from the VA if it is abandoned and can be removed?VA response: Within 5 working days.How do we handle unidentified utilities encountered during excavation or a utility that is at a different elevation that is shown, and it interferes with the routing of the new pipe?VA response: Provide RFI for clarification by AE.Please confirm that this would be considered a differing site condition subject to reimbursement.VA response: NoWhere will be the Contractor lay-down area?VA response: Laydown area shall be provided in T21. Laydown area shall be coordinated with COR.Will the Contractor be granted a stockpile area?VA response: An additional stockpile area for piping materials only can be provided in parking lot area just south of emergency generators (see attached map). Contractor shall provide temporary fencing around the stockpile area and restore the site to its original condition once construction is completed. The stockpile area shall be coordinated with COR.How many Buildings may the Contractor concurrently work on?VA response: Contractor will be allowed to work on multiple buildings provided that they follow all VA requirements, policies and procedures. Contractor must coordinate with COR prior to this work.Regarding restoration of the rain garden between Buildings 7 & 8, may the VA designate an Allowance?VA response: Drawings will be included as an attachment.Not sure the extent of the rain garden construction, underground pipe, etc.VA response: Drawings will be included as an attachment.Regarding the notes on the Drawings for New Engineered Fill around the new manholes, may this be suitable fill that was excavated to install the manholes?VA response: Refer to Drawings S-001, Earthwork Notes, Note# 8: On site borrow material shall be tested to determine suitability for use as fill material. Are there existing isolation valves on steam, condensate and vent serving each building so that we can shut individual buildings off as we bring them on line?VA response: Contractor shall field verify extent of existing shut-off devices.If so where are they located?VA response: TBDRegarding existing Utility Rooms, who is responsible to removing equipment, etc. in order to perform work?VA response: Contractor What is the make-up of the engineered fill around the manholes?VA response: Refer to section 31 20 11, 2.1A and S-001, Earthwork. Note #8.How much of the road can we close while working/digging in the road?VA response: Coordinate road closures with COR.Where can we stock pile excess fill?VA response: Contractor can generally stockpile excess fill inside fencing at each construction site. If there are complications or safety concerns, a remote location on the VAMC campus for stockpiling of excess fill may be coordinated with the COR.What type of fence is required while working in driveways and roads?VA response: Refer to contract documents and specifications.Are we allowed to use road plates to cover trenches at night?VA response: Yes, but only as needed until trenching is filled.Between manhole 4 and 5 when we go under corridor C7 to C8 is there an existing utility trench?VA response: No.Spec sheet refers to rain garden at building 7, are there details and plans for the rain garden? VA response: Yes, see attached design drawings from previous project.Existing trench in building 17 any pictures?VA response: Yes, see attached pictures.
244-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 4 (36C244) Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 15215 1010 DELAFIELD ROAD PITTSBURGH PA 15215 Elizabeth Wilson, Contracting Officer, Email
RFP Number:   36C24422R0140
Bid Documents:   Download Document
The official solicitation bid document(s) posted by the agency, often including detailed specifications, requirements, forms and directions necessary for bid submission.

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