Bid Opportunity: W054--Rental of EMERGENCY ROOM MODULAR/TRAILERS Grand Junction VAMC, CO.

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Category: W - Lease or Rental of Equipment

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Colorado
Date Entered:   03/23/2023
Due Date:   04/06/2023
Description:   SF 1449 Block 14 Continuation Page * The deadline for all questions is 2:00pm MST, 30 March 2023.All questions must be submitted in writing no later than the question cut-off date marked above. All questions will be answered officially through an amendment to the solicitation.** Quotes are to be provided to, copies of the quotes are to be provided to, no later than 2:00pm MST, 6 April 2023.Quotes shall not be hand carried. Faxed quotes shall not be accepted. Emailed quotes are the only method of submitted quotes (4MB email limit). The Government reserves the right to make award solely on initial Quotes received. Offerors bear the burden of ensuring that all portions of the offer (and any authorized amendments) reach the designated office before the deadline specified in the solicitation. This RFQ shall be completed in its entirety, and signed and dated, failure shall not be considered for award.The Government will accept new questions through 27 March 2023 at 2:00 PM MST. Any questions received after the cut-off may not be reviewed. NOTE There will be a second site visit, please see Clause 52.236-27 below for specific information. Please see below for questions and responses 1. On Page 98 Addendum to FAR 52.212-1 is not filled out. Response: This is an oversight. The information will be provided on Amendment 0002.2. On Page 104 E.9. 52.236-27 are there any instructions for mask requirements, who or where are we supposed to meet? Response: This is an oversight. The information will be provided on Amendment 0002.3. On Page 106 E.12. 52.212-2 is not filled out. Response: This is an oversight. The information will be provided on Amendment 0002. 4. Are you looking for new buildings or will you accept used Response: All buildings shall be New and meet the Requirements Stated in the Scope of Work.5. How long is the lease for? It looks like base plus 4 options just making sure Response: Requirement is for a Base and provides for Four One Year Options. Options are exercised at VA discretion and need. 6. I would add some clarifications around CLIN 5002 if not that number could be all over the place. Response: The VA is not able to determine what clarifications are required based upon the question provided. Additional Response: See SPEC 01 00 00 1.7 and SPEC 01 00 00 1.10. Use survey to restore back to existing conditions.7. CLIN 0002 needs more clarification. Response: The VA is not able to determine what clarifications are required based upon the question provided. Additional Response: CLIN 0002: See drawings for list of work, which is graphically illustrated on the Plans. Work includes selective demolition; Installation of water, sewer, power, communication, Foundation preparation, and other utilities; Construction of a covered ramp connecting temporary ED with Building 1; construction of an entry ramp into the temporary ED; and construction of an ambulance unloading area. The Site Preparation contractor must coordinate with the Station on electrical connections. Electrical infrastructure will be provided by the Station.8. Is there a site visit? If so when? Response: See SECTION E 52.236-27 and the information to be provided in Amendment 0002.9. Is there a site map? How far are utilities from the site? Response: See site map provided in Amendment 000210. Is there a specific fire alarm system that you need? Response: See attached SPEC: 28 31 00 Fire Detection11. Are there specifications for the building? Do the area that patience will be seen in have special requirements? Response: See attached SPEC 09 06 00; 09 29 00; 09 30 13; 09 51 00; 09 65 13; 09 65 16; 09 91 00; 10; 21 23; 10 21 23; 10 25 13; 10 26 00; 10 28 00; 10 44 13; 10 51 0012. What type of door hardware is being requested for this solicitation? Is there a certain product we will need to use for compatibility with the main facilities? Sargent, Tell, etc.? Response: See attached 08 71 00. Facility mainly uses Horton products or approved equivalent.13. Per the conceptual floor plan, there is a connecting platform shown to capture the exterior doors. Can this be a deck platform with covered canopy with the associated ramps for ADA compliance? If yes, can you clarify what type of material is to be used whether it be PT wood or aluminum? Response: The connecting platform shall be enclosed and of a material that will with stand local weather conditions for the duration of the contract. The platform should be insulated. Flat surfaces shall have a surface for grip.14. We understand there will be access control at all exterior door locations. Can you confirm which interior doors, if any, are required to have access control? Response: See conceptual floor plan for access control locations.15. Our typical foundation design is based on a 2,000 psf (SIC) capacity. Will this be acceptable? Response: The foundation shall be of sufficient structural strength to support the contractor provided solution for the duration of the contract.16. Is there a geo-tech report or topographic survey that is available? Response: There is no geo-tech report or topographic survey available. Contractor shall perform survey.17. Is the existing power on-site three phase or single phase? Response: Existing power is three phases, 440V, 120Amp. Contractor shall field verify18. What is the required data/comm configuration per drop for the modular building? Our standard configurations is 2 cables per drop. (1) data and (1) voice, per drop. Please confirm this is acceptable. Response: Data and power shall be on each wall for each room. Data shall be 1 data and voice, per drop. Voice shall be cat 6. 19. We intend to propose all low voltage cable running above ceiling to be ran in plenum rated cable with J-hooks or Arlington loops. Please confirm this is acceptable. Response: Arlington loops shall not be used. J-hooks are acceptable.20. It is our understanding that all water piping outside of building envelope will need to be protected from freezing. The exposed areas on the modular building would only be in the crawlspace below the sub floor. Are both pipe insulation and heat trace required, or just insulation? Response: Both pipe insulation, heat trace, and a heater shall be required.21. Will the Fire Sprinkler system, if required, need to be Sch. 40 black pipe or is CPVC (Blazemaster) pipe acceptable for the modular building? Also, NFPA 13 and UFC 3-600-01 permits the use of Sch. 40 and Sch. 10 black pipe. Please confirm this is acceptable or if Sch. 40 is required throughout. Response: CPVC shall NOT be used. Sch. 40 black pipe shall be used.22. There is a discrepancy between the stated requirement in the contract docs (Statement of Work), and what is illustrated in the concept drawings. The statement of work indicates 8,500 sq. ft. of space is required but what is illustrated is roughly 10,500 sq. ft. of space. This is a significant deviation which depending how it is interpreted, would result in significant pricing deviation Please confirm what the actual size of the space that is required. Response: Provide 6000 SF of clinical space. Provide 4500 SF of admin space. 23. Should the VA Design Guide be used to develop the required specifications for the temp facility. The only real guidance given is that there should be no fabric or wood finishes. Response: Yes, please use PG-18-12 Emergency Department dated 1 Dec 21. If the guide can't be met, please notify the COR to review each instance and determine way forward.24. Would this temporary structure be considered a Business/ambulatory healthcare occupancy? I assume that this does not have a healthcare occupancy as it pertains to NFPA 101, which would necessitate an I-2 rated structure. Response: Structure shall be a Business occupancy.25. Will below grade footings be required for the temporary structure or will a more temporary foundation system be acceptable? Response: Expansive soils are known to exist in the area. The foundation must be designed to support the trailers for the duration of the contract. 26. It appears the concept drawings indicate that the government has a desire for (7) separate structures, with 0 separation between them. And connected together utilizing a site built connecting walkway, can you please verify if that is the intent? Response: The intent is to functional temporary ED that is interconnected and meets the requirements in the scope of work. Number of trailers to be determined by the provider. The conceptual drawing is simply to provide a visual representation a solution. It is not the required solution. 27. What is the duration (or anticipated duration) of the construction project which necessitates the use of these temporary facilities? Response: The current construction project is anticipated to finish in four to five years. The rental will be for a base year plus 4 option years with options exercised at the government's discretion. 28. Will the contractor be responsible for data wiring of the temp facilities? If so can you please provide the required scope that is desired? Response: Yes, the temporary facility is to be pre-wired. Data and power shall be minimum one on each wall for each room. Data shall be 1 data and voice, per drop. Data and voice shall be cat 6.29. Will the contractor be responsible for any security scope? Such as, card readers cc tv, site security lighting, etc. If so, can a scope be provided? Response: See previous response regarding access control. No CCTV or exterior security lighting.30. Will medical grade light fixtures be required for patient areas in the structure. If so, can appropriate color temperature, lumens, functionality (3-way switching, dimming, etc) be provided? Response: Medical grade is not required. Desire LED with motion sensors and dimming capability. 31. Can mechanical requirements be provided as it pertains to: filtration, pressurizations, air changes, outside air changes, RH, etc. be provided for this project, or shall we use off the shelf vertical wall mounted packaged units as illustrated in the concept drawings? Response: The HVAC systems shall comply with the current version of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) HVAC Design Manual. If a requirement cannot be met, contact the COR in each instance to determine way ahead.32. Will there be emergency power required for this structure? Response: Emergency power will be provided by existing facility equipment. The trailer will need to connect to critical, equipment and normal power. See response to 32. 33. Shall the electrical system be provided on several branches, i.e. essential power, mechanical, normal power, and equipment, such a design is typical in hospitals Response: The trailer can be wired for critical power only. 34. IS there any special equipment that we should make utility or structural provisions for such as overhead lighting, etc. Response: No 35. IS there any requirement for med gasses? Response: Yes, there is a requirement for med gasses. 36. Will lightning protection or a TVSS or another type of surge protection device be required on this project? Response: Lightning protection shall be required. 37. Do you anticipate the need for windows/natural lighting in the structure? Response: Natural lighting is desired but not required. Where feasible, please provide natural lighting but not at expense of other requirements. 38. Due to the many questions that exist, we repectfully (SIC) request an extension of due date from 2-weeks from the date the questions are answered in order to appropriately cost and price the project, can this be granted? Response: The VA has extended the period to provide an offer to 3:00 PM MST on 31 March 2023 via P00001. P00002 will extend the period to provide an offer to 2:00 PM MST on 6 April 2023. 39. Where do you want the power as the drawing shows the power blocking a fire exit? Response: The power shall run on the north side opposite the fire exit. 40. Is the island on the map northeast of CLC Building 20 the lay down area? Response: This spot is not the lay down area, it is in the parking lot.41. Will the contractor be able to utilize the main entrance? Response: Refer to the Statement of Work. 42. What is the structure to the east of the generator pen? Response: This is the handicapped parking area.NEW QUESTIONS: 43. We are working on pricing the fire detection and alarm systems per amendment 0002 attachments with the requirement to tie the new fire alarm system into the existing system on site. Could you please provide the name of your preferred installer, the contact who installed the original system? Thanks so much. Response: We cannot direct the contractor on what sub-contractors to utilize.
NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 19 (36C259) Department of Veterans Affairs Health Revenue Center 80111 6162 S WILLOW DR SUITE 300 Greenwood Village CO 80111 Rayshun Jennings, Phone 3037125781, Email, Douglas D Buffington (Supv CO), Phone 918.577.3012, Email
RFP Number:   36C25923Q0191
Bid Documents:   Download Document
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