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J012--MARKET RESEARCH ONLY | Fire Protection System Services

Category: J - Maintenance, Repair and Rebuilding of Equipment

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   California
Date Entered:   03/24/2023
Due Date:   03/30/2023
Description:   Page 1 of 7Performance Work StatementFire Protection System Service 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION: This is a Full-Service Firm-Fixed Price Contract to Include Parts, Labor, Material, Inspection, Testing, and Reporting of the Fire Protection System. 1.1 Scope of Work:1.2 The Contractor must furnish all labor, tools, material, and parts necessary to provide testing and inspection of the Water Based Fire Protection System, at Bldg. T1 E-Wing, Bldg. 30 Ambulatory Care Clinic (ACC), Bldg. 110 Center for Aging (CFA) which consist of skilled nursing facility and residential PTSD program, and Bldg. 32 Parking Structure located in Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii. All testing and inspections of fire protection systems are to be performed per requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code , NFPA- 99 Health Care Facilities , and NFPA-25, Standard for Inspection, and Testing of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems NFPA-72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code , and The Joint Commission accreditation standards for Ambulatory Health Care.1.3 TESTING AND INSPECTIONAll testing, inspection, and frequency of testing shall be performed in accordance with the most current and up to date NFPA Codes and Standards. Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, provide all required testing and inspection required by NFPA 25. For the fire alarm system, provide all required testing and inspections for fire alarm systems required in NFPA 72. Comply with NFPA 72, Table 14.3.1 (Visual Inspection) and NFPA 72 Table (Testing).1.4 The Contractor must perform an initial inspection and perform testing on all fire protection systems.The Contractor must create an initial inventory of all devices, equipment, name, and ID tags associated with the device or equipment. The Contractor must update the inventory as needed with coordination with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR). The contractor must follow the latest editions of NFPA Codes and Standards. The Contractor shall provide a schedule within the first 30 days of performance for the period of performance year. 1.5 Period of Performance. The Period of Performance shall be Base year plus four one-year option. June 30, 2023, to June 29, 2024 (Base year)June 30, 2024, to June 29, 2025 (Option year 1)June 30, 2025, to June 29, 2026 (Option year 2)June 30, 2026, to June 29, 2027 (Option year 3)June 30, 2027, to June 29, 2028 (Option year 4)Location Information: VA Pacific Islands Health Care System, 459 Patterson Road, Honolulu, HI 96819Building list:Building NameBuilding NumberOccupancyEwingT1BusinessAmbulatory Care Clinic30BusinessCenter for Aging110Health CareParking Structure32Storage1.6 Contractor Work Hours: 1.6.1 Work will be performed during normal business hours from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Any deviation from the normal business hours schedule, the contractor will need to provide a written request with description of work that will need to be accomplish outside of the normal business hours. This request will need to be approve by the COR.1.7 Contractor must provide a quote for repairs for any deficiencies found from testing and inspecting, within 30 days of finding for a new task order number.2.0 Contractor Qualifications2.1 To be considered eligible for consideration, offerors shall have been engaged in maintaining and servicing the specified systems in a healthcare setting for a minimum of 3 years. 2.2 Offerors must be licensed and certified by the State of Hawaii for Inspection of Fire Protection Systems or certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) Level 2 certified. Provide certification when submitting proposal.2.3 Offerors must provide evidence of appropriate training and certification of field service representatives providing services under the terms of this contract, including but not limited to following: Qualifications for water-based fire protection systems: Reference NFPA 25 Chapter Inspection, and testing shall be performed by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel shall meet at least one of the following qualifications:Meets the requirements and training for a given field acceptable to the authority having jurisdictionIs certified by a nationally recognized fire protection certification organization acceptable to the authority having jurisdictionIs registered, licensed, or certified by a state or local authority to perform inspection, and testing of water-based fire protection systems.Qualifications for inspections, testing and servicing of fire alarm systems and signaling: Reference NFPA 72 Chapter 10.EC.02.03.05 Fire Protection and Suppression Testing and Inspection:Table 1 Elements of Performance for EC.02.03.05 is used as reference only. Currently, we are following the frequency as called out in the Frequency (VHA) column. Contractor to verify testing and inspection frequency based on the most current edition of the NFPA standard. Contractor to provide all other testing and inspections not shown below per NFPA.7Table 1. Elements of Performance for EC.O2.O3.O5Note: This standard does not require hospitals to have the types of fire safety equipment and building features described below. However, if these types of equipment or features exist within the building, then the following maintenance, testing, and inspection requirements apply.EP#DescriptionNotesFrequency (VHA)References per most current edition of the standard as of the date of this document.EP1Supervisory Signal Devicespressure supervisory; pressure tank, pressure supervisory for a dry pipe (both high and low conditions), steam pressurewater level supervisory signal initiating device (see EP7)*water temperature supervisory (see EP8)* room temperature supervisory'For items (2) and (3) above, VHA will use the criteria in EP7 and EP8, respectivelyAnnuallyNFPA 72 (2019) Table (17)(10)/b-g)EP2Water Flow Devices and Valve Tamper SwitchesSemiannuallyNFPA 72 (2019) Table (17)(10)(a) & (17)(11)EP3Duct, Heat, Smoke Detectors, Pull Boxes,AnnuallyNFPA 72 (2019) Table (17)EP4Notification Appliances (Visual and Audio), Door Releasing Devices AnnuallyNFPA 72 (2019) Table (22)EP5Emergency Services Notification Transmission Equipment AnnuallyNFPA 72 (2019) Table (4)EP6Fire Pumps Tested (No Flow)Only for Building 30 ACC. All other buildings do not have fire pumps.Monthly (Electric) NFPA 2512020J Systems Main Drain TestTest is only required at lead-in to a building.AnnuallyQuarterly (where sole water source is through backflow preventer) NFPA 25 (2020) 13.2.3 & I Fire Department Connection InspectedQuarterlyNFPA 25 (2020) 13.8.1EP11 I Fire Pumps Tested Under FlowAnnually NFPA 25 (2020) 8.3.3Table 1. Elements of Performance for EC.02.03.05Note: This standard does not require hospitals to have the types of fire safety equipment and building features described below. However, if these types of equipment or features exist within the building, then the following maintenance, testing, and inspection requirements apply.EP#DescriptionNotesFrequency (VHA)References per most current edition of the standard as of the date of this document.Automatic Standpipe Systems Tested with EP12 Water Flow (See Issue 2 above)Five YearsNFPA 25 (2020) Extinguishing SystemsOnly for Building 110 CFA has a kitchen. All other buildings do not have a kitchen.SemiannuallyNFPA 96 (2017) 11.2.1EP14Gaseous extinguishing Systems (no discharge required)AnnuallyNIAEP15Portable Fire Extinguishers InspectedFire extinguisher is excluded from the contract.MonthlyNFPA 10 (2018) 7.2EP16 I Portable Fire Extinguishers MaintainedFire extinguisher maintenance is excluded from the contract.AnnuallyNFPA 10 (2018) 7.3EP17Fire Hoses Hydrostatically Tested 5 years after installation and every 3 years after5 years/3 yearsNFPA 25 (2020) Table 1962 (2018) 4.2.2EP18 Fire Dampers1 year after installation, then:Hospitals - every 6 years Others - every 4 yearsNFPA 80 (2019) 19.5. (Fire Dampers)EP19Smoke Detection Shutdown Devices for HVACAnnuallyNFPA 90A (2021) 6.4.1EP20All Horizontal & Vertical Rolling & Sliding DoorsOne vertical rolling door located at M&O.AnnuallyNFPA 80 (2019) 5.2.4EP25Door AssembliesAnnuallyNFPA 101 (2021), 8.8Fire doors are required to be inspected annually( ).Doors in smoke barriers, doors in smokepartitions, and doors serving hazardous areas are also required to be inspected annually (i.e.,doors that are required to be self or auto?closing) (8.8).Table 1. Elements of Performance for EC.02.03.05Note: This standard does not require hospitals to have the types of fire safety equipment and building features described below. However, if these types of equipment or features exist within the building, then the following maintenance, testing, and inspection requirements apply.EP #DescriptionNotesFrequency (VHA)References per most current edition of the standard as of the date of this document.EP28Documentation of maintenance, testing, andinspection activities for StandardEC.02.03.05, EPs 1-20, 25 (including firealarm and fire protection systems) includesthe following:Name of the activityDate of the activity- Inventory of devices, equipment, or otheritems- Required frequency of the activity- Name and contact information, includingaffiliation, of the person who performed theactivity- NFPA standard(s) referenced for the activity- Results of the activityNote: For additional guidance ondocumenting activities, seeNFPA 25 (2020): 4.3; 4.5;NFPA 72 (2019): 14.6 & 7.8.2 (Figure7.8.2)Note: EP28 does not apply to fireextinguisher annual maintenance,which is permitted to be documentedby using a tag with the month andyear in accordance with NFPA 10.EP AdditionalGaugesBatteries for the smoke detectors and fire panels.Monthly per NFPA 25Bi-Annual3.2 The Contractor must contain all water during sprinkler testing to prevent damage and is responsible for providing the means of containment. The Contractor shall be liable for any damage resulting from improper precautions to contain water during testing.3.3 Buildings. The facility wide fire suppression system consists of approximately 3,000 sprinkler heads, 50 valves, 50 flow detectors and ancillary equipment. 3.4 Additional equipment included in this contract:BuildingPost indicator Valve (PIV)Fire PumpsFire Department ConnectionsPre-Action SystemsPull Station Heat DetectorSmoke DetectorDuct DetectorDoor holdersT1 E-Wing1N/A122961785030 - ACC12123023363032 - Parking Structure1N/A121914N/AN/A110 - CFA1N/A1N/A28147124.0 Contractor Documentation4.1 Fire Protection Systems:4.1.2 The Contractor must provide written documentation of all tests, and inspections records within 30 days of site visit date. Standard documentation form will be pre-approved by the VAPICHS. All inspection/test forms will be signed by the contractor or an employee thereof and provide a sign copy to COR. All findings and reports should be made in good faith and in accordance with applicable regulations. 4.1.3 In addition a written documentation of all tests on all devices/systems indicating passing or failure, the Contractor shall provide a listing of all deficiencies. The Contractor shall also place an NFPA compliant inspection label on all system risers on the ground floor and at any other locations required by the NFPA Standard. All findings, reporting, and recommendation to repair deficiencies must be provided to the COR. 5.0 Quality Control Program. The Contractor shall provide a test and inspection plan established in terms and conditions of the performance work statement. The quality control program shall be submitted within 30 calendar days from the award of this contract. Using maintenance records and visual inspections, the Contractor shall establish the current physical condition and compliance status of the existing fire suppression system components within 30 days of the signed contract, the Contractor shall provide a written report on the condition of the fire sprinkler system with recommendation to correct any physical or compliance issues. The report shall include an inventory of the system on which the work was performed, results which detail any problem found, and recommendations and/or suggested corrective action.
261-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 21 (36C261) Department of Veterans Affairs No. California Health Care System System 95655 10535 HOSPITAL WAY MATHER CA 95655 James Postell, Contract Specialist, Phone 702-791-9000 x18936, Email
RFP Number:   36C26123Q0511
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