Bid Opportunity: W065--WSNC Rental of Specialty Mattresses and Acute Care Beds

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W065--WSNC Rental of Specialty Mattresses and Acute Care Beds

Category: W - Lease or Rental of Equipment

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Washington
Date Entered:   03/24/2023
Due Date:   03/31/2023
Description:   Bed Rentals - Western States Network Consortium (WSNC) medical facilities2Radiation dosimetry - Western States Network Consortium (WSNC) medical facilities1This is a request for information for market research purposes only to determine the availability of potential businesses with capabilities to provide the services described below. Potential offerors are invited to provide feedback via e-mail to Jayme Defae at Jayme.Defae@VA.Gov and Derek Crockett at Derek.Crockett@va.govResponses will be used to determine the appropriate acquisition strategy for a potential future acquisition. All responses due by 31 March 2023 at 1500 PST.The intention is to procure a 5-year Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract throughout the Western States Network Consortium (WSNC) catchment area.? The WSNC is comprised of Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN s) 17, 19, 20, 21 and 22.?See attachments for locations and specifications. Potential contractors shall provide, at a minimum, the following information to Jayme Defae at Jayme.Defae@VA.Gov and Derek Crockett at Derek.Crockett@va.gov1) Company name, address, and point of contact, phone number, e-mail address, and DUNS.2) Is your firm eligible for participation in one of the following small business programs? If so, please indicate the program. Anticipated North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 339113 Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing. The largest a firm can be and still qualify as a small business for Federal Government programs is no larger than 750 employees.[ ] yes [ ] no Small Business (SB) [ ] yes [ ] no HUBZone [ ] yes [ ] no Small Business 8(a) [ ] yes [ ] no Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) [ ] yes [ ] no Women-Owned (WO) Small Business[ ] yes [ ] no Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)[ ] yes [ ] no Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) [ ] yes [ ] no Other (please specify) 3) What types of beds are you able to provide as rentals?4) What brands are you able to provide as rentals?5) What geographical areas can you provide rentals too? (See attachment B WSNC Medical Facilities)6) What information is needed to submit accurate offers?7) Comment on any current or potential technical, cost, schedule, or performance risks that you would like to make the Government aware of that concern the draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) below. (i.e., problems or any other issues experienced with similar contracts). Include comments on the Draft PWS.8) How is the service, as described in the draft PWS typically priced? How could it be priced for a Government contract?9) Provide a brief capability statement (Max 2 pages) with enough information to determine if your company can meet the requirement. The Capabilities Statement for these sources sought is not expected to be a Request for Quotations, Request for Proposals or Invitation for Bids, nor does it restrict the Government to an ultimate acquisition approach, but rather the Government is requesting a short statement regarding the company s ability to provide the services outlined in the draft PWS below. Any commercial brochures or currently existing marketing material may also be submitted with the capabilities statement. Submission of capabilities statement will assist our office in tailoring the requirement to be consistent with industry standards. The capabilities will be evaluated solely for the purpose of determining to Set-Aside for the Small Business (SB) Community or to conduct as an Unrestricted Procurement. Other than small businesses may respond to this notice in the event the market does not indicate SB interest. This synopsis is for information and planning purposes only and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government. The Government will not pay for information solicited. Respondents will not be notified of the results of the evaluation. The DRAFT PWS as follows:Thank you for your participation.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B.1 DESCRIPTION OF AGREEMENTUnder this agreement, the Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) holder shall provide patient beds and related items for patient bed rentals for Western States Network Consortium (WSNC) medical facilities (Attachment B for sample location list). All VHA facilities within the WSNC are authorized to order any item listed on the Price-Cost Schedule (Attachment A) at the listed price.No items may be ordered off this IDIQ unless they are listed on the Price-Cost Schedule. Additionally, related items may be added without further competition to the Price-Cost Schedule with the award of a Modification by the administering Contracting Officer (CO). The administering CO is the only VHA employee authorized to Modify this IDIQ.B.2 OBLIGATION OF FUNDSThis IDIQ does not obligate any funds. The Government is only obligated to the extent of authorized Task Orders (TOs) issued under this IDIQ. B.3 PRICE-COST SCHEDULEThe Contractor shall provide pricing for each orderable item on the Price-Cost Schedule spreadsheet (Attachment A).All supplies are priced as FOB Destination.B.4 TERM OF IDIQThis IDIQ is effective from the date of award for a period of 5 years. An annual review will be conducted by the CO, to determine if it is in the best interest of the Government to continue performance of the IDIQ. B.5 AUTHORIZED USERSAll properly warranted COs in the WSNC are authorized to place orders under this IDIQ. Government Purchase Card holders may place TOs off this IDIQ.B.6 ORDERINGTOs will be placed against this IDIQ using official email messages and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).The Terms and conditions included in this IDIQ apply to all purchases made pursuant to it. In the event of an inconsistency between the provisions of this IDIQ and the Contractor's invoice, the provisions of this IDIQ will take precedence, unless TO variation has been otherwise authorized by the IDIQ.B.7 PURCHASE LIMITATIONSIndividual Task Orders (TO) may not exceed $1,000,000 each.B.8 PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT (PWS)The Contractor shall provide all patient beds and related items for patient bed rentals as listed in Attachment A at WSNC facilities.GENERALUpon award of a Task Order, the contractor shall provide to the ordering CO:a. Contractor s regular work hours.b. Contractor s telephone number for call-in orders during regular work hours.c. Contractor s telephone number and instructions for placing Emergency orders after contractor s regular work hours, including weekends.d. Contractor s telephone number for expert advice concerning awarded products.Contractor shall provide recall notification, regardless of level, to each facility, to the ordering CO and WSNC CO. The Contractor shall be responsible for assuring that the ordered products are available to meet the requirements ordered.The ordering CO and WSNC CO shall be notified immediately of any backorder item(s). No substitutions will be permitted without approval from the ordering CO.Supplies and services will be delivered in accordance with individual TOs. Deliveries shall incorporate sufficient packing to comply with all applicable federal and/or state standards relating to shipment of these products. Shipping containers must comply with all federal and state regulations (i.e., DOT, DOE, regulations and standards)In the event that material defect is suspected and/or detected by the Contractor will be requested to provide any consultation necessary to alleviate any said suspicion and/or defect by the following:Provide technical expertise which may include professional examination of product; results and recommendations shall be sent to the CO.Make expedient replacement of any product suspected of being deficient.Delivery schedules, arrangements, and packing slip requirements will be provided in the TO or by the ordering CO. PATIENT BED RENTALS The Contractor shall furnish all labor and supplies for delivery, set-up, and removal of patient beds and mattresses when rented in a TO.When the patient beds and mattresses are no longer needed by the VA, the Contractor will be contacted to pick up the equipment. Billing shall stop at the time the Contractor is notified that the equipment is no longer needed.Beds rented to the VA shall be in fully functional condition. Any defects found in rented beds shall be immediately corrected by the Contractor at no additional cost to the VA.PATIENT BED TYPES REQUIRED:The Contractor shall be able to provide the following types of patient beds and mattresses as appropriate to the manufacturers product lines (by functional category) - Air-Fluidized Mattress- Alternating Pressure Mattress - Low Air Loss Mattress - Bariatric Low Air Mattress - Non-Powered Mattress- Respiratory/Pulmonary Mattress- Wound Care Mattress- Air-Fluidized Therapy Bed- Bariatric Bed - Behavioral Health Bed- Critical/Intensive Care Bed- Fall Prevention Bed- Med/Surg Bed- Therapy Bed- Bariatric Bedside Commode - Bariatric Stretcher Chair - Electric StretchersRequired capabilities, details, and features per bed type:Air-Fluidized MattressA powered mattress that moves therapeutic elements (such as beads) inside the mattress.The mattress can be used with flat deck beds.Alternating Pressure MattressA powered mattress that redistributes pressure on the patient s body as it lies on the mattress to prevent pressure wounds or sores.Includes a motor that controls pressure redistribution.Low Air Loss MattressA powered mattress where air goes through the mattress to prevent the trapping of patient body moisture and to keep the patient s body dry.For average sized bed frames and patients (patient weight range up to 500 pounds).Bariatric Low Air Mattress A powered mattress where air goes through the mattress to prevent the trapping of patient body moisture and to keep the patient s body dry.For larger sized bed frames and patients (patient weight range 500-1,000 pounds).Bed mattress must have ability to expand in width from 35 to 50 and includes bolsters (if necessary) to prevent entrapment.Non-Powered MattressA mattress consisting of foam or gel layers with no motor or powered function.For Med/Surg and Behavioral Health bed frames. Patient weight capacity of up to 500 pounds.Respiratory/Pulmonary MattressA powered mattress with pulsating, beating, and/or turning features.Patient weight capacity of up to 500 pounds.Includes a motor that controls the powered feature.Wound Care MattressA low air loss mattress with pressure redistribution features.Mattresses can be in both average and larger patient size weight capacities.Bariatric mattresses must have ability to expand in width from 35 to 50 and includes bolsters (if necessary) to prevent entrapment.Air-Fluidized Therapy BedA bed frame with an air-fluidized mattress integrated into it to perform this function.Bariatric BedBed frame must have a safe working load of at least 1,000 pounds. Bed frames must have weight capacity clearly labeled on the frame.Bed frame must have a central braking or caster locking system that can be accessed from the foot end of the bed.The height range from the floor to the bed platform shall be from 18 to 36 .Bed must have ability to expand in width from 35 to 50 , without tools and still meet FDA Entrapment Guidelines for all 7 zones.The bed frame shall be motorized for safe patient handling.Behavioral Health BedA platform bed that has no removable parts.Critical/Intensive Care BedBed frames must be capable of moving into Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg positions.Bed frame must have a cardiac chair position (ie, sitting position or standing position).Bed frame must have weight scales.Bed frame must have a bed head height indicator.Bed frame must have an exit alarm, a siderail alarm, and a wheel lock alarm.Bed frame must have additional power outlets available on the bed frame.Bed frame must have a brake and steering system.Fall Prevention BedA bed frame with a height range from the floor to the bed platform that can be lowered to less than 12 .Bed frame must have an exit alarm.Med/Surg BedBed frame must have a safe working load of at least 500 pounds. Bed frames must have weight capacity clearly labeled on the frame.Bed frame must have a central braking or caster locking system that can be accessed from the foot end of the bed.Bed frame must have a height range from the floor to the bed platform of 18 to 36 .Bed frame must have weight scales.Hi-Lo bed models shall have a height range from floor to bed platform shall be less than 12 to 36 .Bed frame must have a brake and steering system.Therapy BedA bed frame with a specialized therapeutic function.Power-assisted bed frame movement capability is desired.Bariatric Bedside CommodeThe bed frame accessory must be capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds.Bariatric Stretcher ChairAn integrated mattress and bed frame device capable of lying flat and sitting up.The device must have motorized movement capability.The device must be capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds.Electric StretchersStretcher is powered to adjust heights for head of bed and knee areas.Stretcher must have a brake and steering system.APPLICABLE STANDARDS:All beds shall meet the following requirements and salient characteristics The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires a UL listing/certification mark of UL 60601-1, IEC 60601-2-38 or (UL544 for older beds) be located on the bed, as appropriate. Beds must be tested by an independent OSHA recognized testing laboratory such as UL, CSA, ETL. The UL 60601-1 and IEC 60601-2-38 are also the FDA s current recognized consensus standard for hospital beds. A bed that receives the UL 60601-1 / IEC 60601-2-38 means that it has been tested to meet manufacturer claims of weight capacity, environmental hazard safety and fire hazard safety. Beds must meet national safety standards regarding interface of both patient and caregiver, with particular attention to FDA side rail and entrapment issues. Bed frames must easily fit in elevators.Bed frames must have a safe working load of at least 500 pounds. Bed frames must have weight capacity clearly labeled on the frame.Head and footboards must be able to be removed without tools (except for Behavioral Health Bed frames).Movable beds must be able to roll at any height.Bed frames must be able to go to Comfort chair/Cardiac Chair position with one button control.Bed frames must have under bed clearance of approximately 23 ? to accommodate existing surgical lifts, floor lifts, and clearance for wheelchair leg support brackets (with exceptions of Hi-Lo and Fall Prevention bed frames).Two or more IV rod sockets at the head is desirable.Bed frames must be equipped with side rails with non-slip grips.A lowered side rail must maintain a safe floor gap to avoid foot injuries.Bed frames must have the ability to attach a trapeze system.Bed exit alarm systems are desirable and must be compatible with current nurse call systems.Bed motors and mattress motors must be quiet and unobtrusive in operation.Underbed lights are desired to help reduce patient falls. Underbed lights that indicate if a bed is locked or in the low position are desired.Beds shall have ability to expand in length the foot support area to accommodate taller patients.Bed frames (except for Behavioral Health Bed frames) shall have emergency CPR quick release mechanism for the back section.Bed frames must have separate staff controls with illuminated buttons.Bed articulation must configure effectively with most commercially available special surfaces to provide a matching therapy system and reduce shear and pressure forces to the patient, notably regarding these features:Pneumatic tiltLow air lossAlternating pressure mattressesRotatingLow noise systems with heat dissipationBed frame motors must have undergone extensive electrical tests of the electric motor drive including current leakage, electric shock, duty cycle and heat rise under load. Mattresses and/or mattress covers shall be vapor permeable and waterproof.Bed frames and mattresses shall be capable of routine cleaning with commonly available cleaning products.PATIENT BED PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE:The Contractor shall be responsible for the performance and maintenance of the patient beds leased to the ordering facility. If a patient bed is deemed unserviceable, the Contractor shall repair or replace the unserviceable bed within twenty-four (24) hours of notification by the facility. If the patient bed is not fully functional within that 24-hour period, the ordering facility is authorized to discount payment for the unserviceable items for the time period covering the point at which the leased bed or accessory was discovered to be unserviceable until the point at which the Contractor restored the item to service.INSTALLATION:The Contractor shall be responsible for managing and coordinating the delivery, assembly, installation, configuration, and calibration of any equipment ordered. The Contractor shall ensure that the equipment installed is in proper working order and ready for use by the VA before leaving the installation site.The Contractor shall provide a list of installed equipment serial numbers and copies of user manuals in the quantity specified by individual TOs.The Contractor shall remove and dispose of any waste related to providing the ordered equipment.TRAINING:The Contractor shall provide training for the ordering facility s designated staff in accordance with the training requested on individual TOs and the manufacturer s standards for operating the ordered equipment.The training may be rendered in any medium (in-person, online, video conference, phone conference, etc.) agreed to by the facility and the Contractor.TECHNICAL SERVICESThe Contractor shall provide preventative maintenance and repair services to the patient beds and accessories rented by the ordering facility in order to maintain functionality of the rented items. Contractor-provided technicians must be trained to the manufacturer s standards for the equipment to be serviced. Technicians must provide proof of training by the manufacturers upon request by the administering CO, the ordering CO, and COR(s). Failure to provide proof of training may result in contract termination.When technicians are on-site for service, they shall have in their possession a full range of commonly needed tools, repair items, and system components. All replacement items must be new, OEM parts.Individual TOs may specify desired response timelines and persons authorized to place service calls for rented beds and accessories.Ordering facilities may require service report documentation in accordance with their local standards.WORKPLACE CONDITIONS:Contractors provided under this IDIQ are employees of the Contractor and shall not be considered VA employees. Contractors working on VA property shall be subject to the same rules and regulations as all contracted employees.Parking is allowed only in areas not designated for patient use. All traffic laws and parking rules on the grounds are strictly enforced. Failure to follow these laws and regulations may result in a citation being issued that will have to be resolved through the Federal Court system. Prior to reporting to work, the Contractor will need to contact the designated point of contact for the ordering facility to arrange an escort to the on-site badging department. VA staff will issue a temporary ID badge to the contracted employee, who will properly display the badge while working onsite. Upon completion of the assignment, the employee will return the badge.The VA reserves the right to refuse any Contractor access to VA property, for any or no reason.Contractors shall comply with all security requirements imposed by the ordering facility.Contractors shall not receive personal telephone calls or texts on their cell phone while rendering services.A VA employee must accompany Contractors who are providing services.The Contractor shall remove and dispose of any waste related to providing the ordered services.VA FACILITY HOURS OF OPERATION:Standard operating hours for CBOCs and larger VA facilities are normally 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday in the time zone of the facility, excluding federal holidays. VA Emergency Departments normally operate with 24-hour coverage.TOs may require services to be available 24/7, 365 days a year to include all Federal Holidays.Federal holidays are:New Years DayMartin Luther King Jr BirthdayPresident s DayMemorial DayJuneteenthIndependence DayLabor Day Columbus DayVeterans DayThanksgiving DayChristmas DayB.9 QUALITY ASSURANCE SURVEILLANCE PLANWSNC IDIQ OVERSIGHTThe program manager will periodically review the TOs issued off the IDIQ to verify compliance with the designated terms. Instances of non-compliance will be noted and referred to the administering CO for consideration for action and in performing the annual IDIQ review. VA employees ordering off the IDIQ will also be evaluated for their compliance with IDIQ terms. Instances of non-compliance will be noted and referred to the administering CO and the relevant supervisor for consideration.The administering CO will perform annual reviews and as required by circumstances. Instances of excellent contractor service will be noted for the same purposes.TASK ORDER OVERSIGHTEach ordering location will designate a COR (if sufficient dollar thresholds are reached and subject to ordering CO approval), who will be responsible for verifying TO performance. CORs may designate appropriate VA personnel to assist in monitoring services rendered through one or a combination of the following mechanisms:1) Facilities will monitor Contractor performance to ensure that services ordered have been rendered in a timely manner. Any incidents of Contractor noncompliance as evidenced by the monitoring procedures will be forwarded to the ordering CO for action and administering CO for annual performance evaluation consideration.2) Documentation of services performed will be reviewed prior to certifying payment. The COR will perform periodic spot checks and document findings. The VA will pay only for services actually provided and in accordance with Attachment A. COR contract monitoring and recordkeeping procedures will be sufficient to ensure proper payment and allow audit verification that services were provided. 3) COR(s) will provide a written statement annually to the ordering CO and administering CO, to include a summary of contractor actions and a statement that all requirements of the contract have been fulfilled as agreed. This summary evaluation will be submitted 45 days prior to expiration of contract (and/or prior to election of Option Year renewals, if applicable).PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AND POTENTIAL PENALTIESThe chart below quality assurance surveillance plan (QASP) outlines performance objective, standards, minimum quality levels, surveillance methods, and possible penalties for non-performance, to serve as a guide for Contractor performance evaluation under this IDIQ. Terms may be tailored and added to on individual TOs. Confirmation of delinquent performance will be made known to the Contractor immediately upon discovery.Any identified deficiency will be noted by the observer, reported to the cognizant CO, and the CO will be responsible for investigating if the deficiency is founded or not. Performance ObjectiveStandardMinimumQuality LevelSurveillanceMethodPossible PenaltyTimelinessContractor delivers supplies and services in a timely manner. Service Technicians arrive as scheduled (for annual preventative maintenance visits) or within 24 hours (for repair calls).Performance will meet standard 90% of the timeObservation, validated complaints.PerformanceEvaluation to reflect poor performance; 10% reduction of relevant invoice paymentsProfessionalismContractor shall present themselves in accordance with the terms of the IDIQ, follow work site requirements, and behave courteously and professionally.Performance will meet standard 90% of the timeObservation, validated complaints.PerformanceEvaluation to reflect poor performanceSupply and Service availabilitySupplies and services the Contractor states they can provide are provided when ordered.Performance will meet standard 100% of the timeObservation, validated complaints.PerformanceEvaluation to reflect poor performance; termination of contractQuality of supplies and servicesContractor provided items will be qualified and capable of performing the services ordered.Performance will meet standard 100% of the timeObservation, validated complaints.PerformanceEvaluation to reflect poor performance; 100% reduction of invoice payment.
260-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 20 (36C260) VA Northwest Health Network 98662 5115NE 82ND AVE SUITE 102 VANCOUVER WA 98662 Jayme Defae, Contract Specialist, Phone 360-852-9872, Email
RFP Number:   36C26023Q0400
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