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H956--459-23-3-630-0070 Baseline Asbestos Survey

Category: H - Quality Control, Testing, and Inspection

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   California
Date Entered:   04/07/2023
Due Date:   04/14/2023
Description:   Page 2 of 2VA Pacific Islands Health Care System (VAPIHCS)Asbestos Survey Services for Facility Asbestos Survey Statement of WorkGENERAL INFORMATION: This document contains information and minimal submission requirements for the survey and report documents specified in this contract. Services shall be provided for the VA Pacific Islands Health Care System (VAPIHCS), located at 459 Patterson Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819, all in accordance with this Scope of Work and contract terms and conditions.SCOPE. This document identifies the Contractor s responsibility for determining the existence of asbestos. The objective is to conduct a site visit, building wide Baseline Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Survey, that provides the general location, type, quantity, and condition of ACM present. It is thorough in that most accessible functional spaces are inspected, and bulk samples taken of suspect materials observed. Objectives will include, to collect representative samples of suspect asbestos-containing building materials (ACMs), assess the condition of the suspect materials, and to quantify the materials and hazards present throughout the entire campus. OVERVIEW. A State of Hawaii Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)/ Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) shall conduct all phases of this survey. The Contractor shall hold current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifications in: Asbestos Building Inspection, Management Planning, and Project Design with a minimum of 5 years experience as a CAC. All asbestos surveys shall include friable and non-friable materials whether inside a structure, on the exterior of a structure, or other site materials, including the quantity of ACMs in either linear or square feet. Whenever asbestos containing materials (ACM), are discovered by the Contractor during field visits, survey, or verification of prior survey s completed, the Contractor shall then incorporate the provisions of this document and data collected into the deliverable reports and drawings. All previous asbestos sampling and analysis shall meet the state s current requirements and the requirements of this document. The primary source of the Contractors survey shall be field verification; Contractor shall not rely on the accuracy of previous surveys and shall conduct sampling of questionable or modified areas following review of previous reports in addition to all areas not covered by previous surveys. Asbestos bulk samples shall be collected and sent to a laboratory for testing to determine percent of asbestos, type of asbestos, and binding material, and the results documented within the deliverable reports. The asbestos survey report shall contain floor plan drawings in an AutoCAD format of the buildings and rooms, showing where samples were taken, indexed schedule of samples surveyed with the sample number and other pertinent notes, and a narrative on methodology of survey. The laboratory bulk sample report numbers will be correlated with the samples taken. Drawings shall be compatible in scale with all other site drawings unless otherwise noted. This survey shall also provide a consistent and effective Hazard Assessment for all ACM identified. The final survey results shall be incorporated into a database system which will provide a means for the VA to plan repairs, renovations, and demolition projects, prioritizing health risks for ongoing maintenance work by staff.BACKGROUND INFORMATION. A list of buildings and areas to be included in the survey can be found within this document in Attachment 1 for reference. The VA has conducted considerable remodeling of various areas, particularly in the E-Wing and has removed asbestos as needed. The survey associated with this project, is included as Attachment 2 within this document for reference.GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:ASBESTOS SURVEY. The contractor is to review prior surveys completed (Attachment 2), as-built drawings, historical documents, and other related project resources that are available to the Contractor, however field verification of the site by the Contractor shall be the primary source of the investigative services. The site visits shall include the taking of bulk samples from suspected locations, performing professional observations, and the use of sound engineering judgment to determine if further detailed sampling is required in specified areas. Sampling should not be taken if it renders the material unstable or causes leaking or other deterioration of the base material or poses a hazard to those working in and around the building. Procedures. Asbestos survey shall be performed using general procedures and protocols appearing in EPA 40 CFR, part 763, (AHERA Protocols). However, all suspect asbestos containing materials, not just interior structures, shall be included in this survey. This work will require removing ceiling tiles, accessing hard ceilings via access panels, entering confined spaces, and working in areas of reduced lighting, high temperatures and high humidity. Contractor shall be trained to enter confined spaces and shall take all necessary precautions in performing this type of work. Contractor shall replace same or equal, finish material or building components damaged during site investigation and sampling. Contractor shall provide all the labor, materials, equipment, and transportation necessary to conduct the survey, collect samples, perform lab analysis, and produce required deliverables. All safety equipment required for survey and sample collections are the responsibility of the contractor.QA/QC Plan. Contractor shall establish a quality control plan for all work, including that of all sub-contractors, to assure compliance with applicable codes and regulations. Quality control measures shall include, but not be limited to:Methods for performing all required inspections and tests.Methods of compliance with applicable Federal, state, and local codes and regulations and VHA directives related to conducting the survey.Qualifications of field and office personnel assigned to the project.Suspect Materials. Exposure to airborne asbestos has been associated with multiple diseases. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have adopted regulations requiring control procedures for exposure and disposal of these materials. These regulations also provide guidance to ensure safe working conditions. Examples of materials which may contain or be covered by asbestos are as follows: Thermal System Insulation - TSI (Pipe Insulation and Fittings)Stack insulationBoiler gasketsVibration isolatorsAir handling unit blanketTransite vent hoodTransite wallTransite (soffit and fascia)All other Transite materialsSink undercoatingSink backsplashSheetrock and joint compoundSpray-on ceiling materialLinoleumFloor tile and masticAcoustic ceiling tileRoofing materials and associated tars and masticsExterior stuccoHidden Suspect Materials. Materials may exist in inaccessible or hidden areas of the facility that cannot be observed or inspected during this survey. Hidden materials may include, but are not limited to: TSI covered with metal jacketing. Gasket material at pipe connections between flanges. Vent pipe or duct insulation within wall cavities.Vinyl floor tile or sheet flooring beneath sub-floors or overlays.Spray-on acoustic texture hidden by door jams or covered with drywall.Contractor shall include all quantities of inaccessible building materials that are suspect ACMs and include them in the database and survey reports.COLLECTION OF SAMPLES. Collection of samples will be in accordance with CFR 763.86 Sampling. Samples shall be analyzed to cover all suspect materials. Samples of suspect ACMs will be collected in accordance with AHERA and NESHAPS protocols to meet current U. S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), EPA and VA requirements. The sampling protocol established within AHERA (extended to commercial buildings by ASHARA) shall be used to determine the required number of samples for suspect friable ACMs. For miscellaneous materials which are suspected non-friable ACMs, NESHAPS protocol shall govern the number of samples to be taken. SAMPLING PROTOCOLType of MaterialEstimated QuantityRequired SamplesSprayed or Troweled-on Surfacing MaterialGreater than 5,000 ft27Sprayed or Troweled-on Surfacing MaterialBetween 1,000 and 5,000 ft25Sprayed or Troweled-on Surfacing MaterialLess than 1,000 ft23Thermal System InsulationAll Quantities3Miscellaneous MaterialsAll Quantities2Protocol deviation. Contractor may request, on a case-by-case basis, implementation of a stop at first positive strategy of analysis for approval by the COR.Destructive Sampling. All Suspect ACMs included in this survey shall be collected by the most unobtrusive means possible. Destructive sampling is not permitted. Any debris generated by the sampling shall be cleaned by wet-cleaning methods or by vacuuming utilizing a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Visible emissions shall not be permitted during the sampling, packaging, transportation, or disposal of the samples.Exposure Prevention. The Contractor shall collect all samples of suspect ACM in accordance with EPA and OSHA regulations, preventing airborne fiber exposure to the surveyor, the public, and facility personnel.Samples taken in occupied office spaces will be taken in locations that minimize the risk of potential exposure to occupants and the visual impact of the resulting sample location.Contractor shall restore visible sample locations to a condition as close to original as possible filling holes with caulking, sealant, or another filler agent similar in tone to the affected material.When sampling friable materials, the Contractor shall encapsulate all sample locations to prevent any subsequent release of asbestos fibers after sample collection.Contractor shall immediately notify the COR of any hazardous material or highly friable, contaminated occupied areas that pose an immediate threat to the health of the occupants. A written notification shall immediately follow.Contracting Officer, Construction Safety Specialist, Safety Manager or COR may present a verbal stop work order to Contractor, if Contractor is advised of any imminent or serious health or safety hazard which Contractor is creating, and which Contractor refuses to take immediate, appropriate corrective action to mitigate. Such a verbal stop work order will be followed by a written stop work order within 24 hours by the Contracting Officer. Work will not be allowed to resume until authorized by the Contracting Officer, after consultation with the COR, to ensure that the imminent or serious health or safety hazard has been abated. The contractor shall assume responsibility for any schedule delay and all monetary impacts due to work stoppages of this nature. Measurements. Quantities of materials shall be measured wherever practical to minimize the use of estimated material quantities in the final report.Some material quantities may be determined from area or lineal measurements on existing AutoCAD as-built drawings.All methods of measurement, whether measured, estimated or extracted from CAD drawings, shall be approved by the COR.The survey shall produce quantities with an accuracy from which an abatement contractor could base their bid.Business hours. It may be necessary to collect samples outside of normal business hours in areas that are particularly sensitive to disruptions, have tight security controls, or are designated as clean areas requiring maintenance of a sterile environment. This should be considered when creating and implementing the schedule for this survey. Contractor shall coordinate with COR when building the schedule. ASBESTOS LABORATORY REQUIREMENTS. Suspect bulk samples shall be sent to a third-party laboratory accredited in the analysis of asbestos samples by Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 600/R-93/116. Additional analysis may be performed, on samples where the results are deemed inconclusive by standard PLM, using PLM point count or Transmission Electron Microcopy (TEM) at the request of the VA. This accreditation is provided by the United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology s (NIST), and National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). Chain of custody. Samples of ACM shall be transported under full chain-of-custody to the laboratory for analysis.Sample retention. Samples shall be retained by the laboratory for at least ninety days if the reanalysis of any samples is required.Disposal. Bulk samples, or portions thereof, resulting from the survey and not sent to the laboratory shall be managed and disposed of by the Contractor in accordance with established federal, state, and local rules and regulations.SURVEY REPORTS. All reports will be presented in physical text and tabular form with two (2) hardcopies (These hard copies shall be bound, labeled, and formatted with tabs. The formatting of these hardbound copies shall discern between Buildings, Floors, and other Site material locations), likewise electronic copies shall be provided in Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Excel file format (Electronic documents shall be organized similarly to their text versions), on two (2) CD-ROM which will be write protected and clearly labeled with Project Number, Project Name, Date and Contents before submission to the VA. All Reports shall include proof of lab accreditation and shall be required for each location and type of lab, (Fixed Site, Mobile Facility and Field Operation) each shall have a separate accreditation. Listed below are the requirements for each of the deliverable reports:Asbestos Survey Report. This report shall include a narrative, and tabulated templates that at a minimum can identify ACM by:Building/Floor/Room NumberReferenced Drawing DesignationMaterial Type and DescriptionMeasurable Quantity (Square Feet, Lineal Feet, and/or Diameter)Homogenous Material ID NumberFriable (Yes/No)Type (TS-Surf-Miscellaneous)EPA Category (RACM, CAT1 Non-Friable, CAT II Non-Friable)ACM Quantity Sample Data Report. This report shall include the Original Laboratory Report, Chain-of-Custody Documentation, and ACM and/or PACM Re-inspection & Reassessment Report. The report templates shall at a minimum identify ACM by:Sample NumberHomogenous Material ID NumberSample LocationSample Description% And Type of Asbestos IdentifiedHazard Assessment Report. This report shall include at a minimum a narrative report with tabulated report templates that can identify ACM and quantity by:Material Condition (Good, Damaged, Significantly Damaged)Potential for Disturbance (Low, Med, Hi) Comments/ResponseDRAWINGS. Contractor shall produce AutoCAD drawings that show the locations and types of the ACM identified. These shall be reflected on the drawing with a layering and hatching scheme that has been submitted to and approved by the VA. All drawings shall meet VA Standards PG-18-3 (Design and Construction) and PG-18-4 (VA CAD Standards). Size. Standard sheets will be Architectural F size; 1069 mm (42 in.) long by 762 mm (30 in.) wide and half-size sheets will be 534.5 mm (21 in.) long by 381 mm (15 in.) wide. Hardcopy Format. Contractor shall provide bound record drawings on bond paper, one full size copy and two half size copies. Electronic Format. Contractor shall provide two (2) electronic copies; each of the two electronic copies shall contain .dwg and .pdf files of each drawing. Each electronic copy will be labeled as to station #, project #, date, etc. Electronic files shall conform to National CAD Standard and VA Application Guide. APPLICABLE PUBLICATIONS. It shall be the Contractor s responsibility to identify the applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations, and Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Directives, and apply the procedures and protocols as required. The Contractor shall comply with the public laws and statues including all changes and amendments of federal, state, and local environmental statutes and regulations in effect of date of issuance of this contract. The Contractor shall adhere to the most stringent code or requirement when presented with a conflict between codes, laws, regulations, and standards. The Contractor shall make an immediate request to the COR, followed by written request to the Contracting Officer concerning conflicts with, or recommended deviations from codes, laws, regulations, standards, and opinions of review officials as described above. The Contracting Officer has the right to waive the use of the more stringent code, however no work altering the scope of this contract shall be undertaken prior to receipt of written approval from the Contracting Officer. The most current editions of the publications listed below constitute an addendum to this document wherever referenced or applicable. 29 CFR 1926.1101 Asbestos Regulations for the Construction Industry29 CFR 1910.134 Respiratory Protection Standard29 CFR 1910.1001 Occupational Exposure to Asbestos, Tremolite, Anthophyllite and Actinolite29 CFR 1926.62 Construction Standard40 CFR 61, Sub-part M, National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS) 40 CFR 763 EPA Appendix E to Subpart E (ASHARA)EPA 560/5-85-024, Guidance for Controlling Asbestos-Containing Materials in BuildingsEPA, Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) protocolsU. S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)VHA Directive 7714 Asbestos Management ProgramDELIVERABLES. Pre-Survey Report. The Contractor shall collect and evaluate all existing sampling data, records of removal, encapsulation, or enclosure of all known asbestos. This shall be presented in a tabular form. Photographs are not required; however, a single photograph of the building, showing the building number is encouraged. The Contractor shall submit this summation of known acceptable data and areas of no data or unacceptable data within 10 days following the NTP.Quality Control Plan. Contractor shall submit a copy of the Contractors and sub-contractors quality control plan within 10 days following the NTP.Safety Plan. The Contractor shall prepare and submit a plan for implementation of facility Safety measures (e.g., response to fire alarm, lockout/ tag out, confined space entry, electrical safety.) within 10 days following the NTP.Employee Medical Documents. Contractor shall submit written evidence, prior to commencement of field activities on this project, that all of its field employees who will be potentially exposed to asbestos during this project and will thus be required to wear appropriate PPE are (1) enrolled in a medical surveillance program for asbestos disease which meets current OSHA requirements outlined in 29 CFR 1926.58 and (2) have been medically cleared within the past 12 calendar months to wear a negative pressure, air-purifying respirator, and (3) have been fit-tested within the past 6 calendar months in the same make and model of negative pressure, air-purifying respirator as may be utilized during this project.Schedule. The Contractor shall prepare a schedule of when information missing from the Pre-Survey report will be completed (by site visits, surveys, etc.), with a plan for implementation of this schedule, utilizing information from Attachment 3 and coordination with the COR. This shall be submitted within 15 days following the NTP.Drawings Criteria. Contractor shall submit an AutoCAD layering and key plan that shall be approved in advance for use in the creation of the ACM drawings. Asbestos data shall be on a dedicated layer with contrasting colors, gradients and/or hatches to discern different material types, such as, (ACM floor tile, mastic, TSI, etc.) within 10 days following the NTP.Schedule of Values. Contractor shall submit a schedule of values within 15 days following the NTP.Survey Reports. Contractor shall submit all survey reports within 90 days following the NTP. Survey report requirements can be referenced in section 2.4 of this document.Drawings. Contractor shall submit required drawings within 120 days following the NTP. Drawing requirements can be referenced in section 2.5 of this document. DELIVERABLE SCHEDULE: Contract duration is 120 calendar days and shall follow the deliverable schedule of deadlines as listed in the table below. If the Contractor has a conflict with the deliverable schedule deadlines, the contractor shall submit a proposed Deliverable Schedule to VA for review within 5 days of NTP. BID PROPOSAL: The VA Pacific Islands Health Care System requires mandatory site visits by the potential bidder prior to submission of any cost proposal to the Contracting Officer. The contractor s proposal shall include a narrative summary describing methods of work, quality control measures, size and qualifications of proposed field and office crews, identification of third-party laboratory to be used for sample analysis, and a listing of all sub-contractors including the services that they will perform. Contractor shall submit a copy all Licensing, Accreditation, and Certification for the contractor and all sub-contractors, proof of certifications shall be submitted along with the bid proposal package. Pricing is to be provided for each of the following as separate line items: Field Survey WorkLaboratory AnalysisACM Sample Data Report and Survey/Hazard Assessment Report ProductionDrawing ProductionOverhead and ProfitIf determined to be necessary, proposal revisions will be requested from the offeror after receipt. The Contracting Officer will make any such request.ABREVIATED TERMS:CO: Contracting Officer.COR: Contracting Officer s Representative.ACM: Asbestos Containing MaterialsPLM: Polarized Light MicroscopyTEM: Transmission Electronic MicroscopyNIST: National Institute of Standards and TechnologyNVLAP: National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation ProgramAHERA: Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response ActNESHAPS: National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air PollutantsEPA: Environmental Protection AgencyOSHA: Occupational Safety & Health AdministrationSOV: Schedule of ValuesNTP: Notice to ProceedATTACHMENT 1BUILDING LIST:LocationYear Built# StoriesPlusGSFSurvey NeedE-Wing459 Patterson RoadHonolulu, Hawaii 968194BasementPenthouse88405Full American Samoa CBOCFiatele Teo Army Reserve BldgPago Pago, AS 9679917500Full ATTACHMENT 2PRIOR SURVEYS LIST:LocationDataE-Wing459 Patterson RoadHonolulu, Hawaii 96819Report
261-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 21 (36C261) Department of Veterans Affairs No. California Health Care System System 95655 10535 HOSPITAL WAY MATHER CA 95655 Edwin Rivera, Contract Specialist, Phone Contracting Officer, Email
RFP Number:   36C26123Q0551
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