Bid Opportunity: C1EB--650-13-019 Install Sprinkler System

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C1EB--650-13-019 Install Sprinkler System

Category: C - Architect and Engineering Construction

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Maine
Date Entered:   04/08/2023
Due Date:   04/14/2023
Description:   SF330 SPECIAL NOTICE FOR QUALIFICATIONS NAICS Code: 541330 Engineering Services (Small Business size standard $22.5 million dollars)Set-Aside: This project will be a Small Business Set-Aside. This is not a Request for Proposal (RFP): The VA is not requesting cost or pricing information at this time.INTRODUCTION:The VA Medical Center (VAMC) located at Providence, RI 02908 has a requirement for a Firm-Fixed Price contract to obtain professional Architect/Engineer (A/E) design services to install new fire suppression system and new piping, valves and other appurtenances into the existing warehouse space within Maintenance Building 1 at the Harwood Center. The work shall also include the design for repair/ replacement of the existing hydronic heating system. B. GENERAL PROJECT INFORMATION:The general scope of work for this project will include preparing design and construction documents, and to provide construction period services (if this option is exercised) as needed to install a new fire suppression system in the building 1 warehouse space. Scope shall also include determining if the new fire suppression system can be connected to the existing service main at Harwood Center or if a new service main from Cadillac Dr. is required; determine the economic impact of each approach; provide the required service mains for the new fire suppression system; and to connect and integrate the new fire suppression system to the existing Building Automation System (BAS) at Harwood Center with use of Direct Digital Controllers (DDC). Work shall also include the design for the repair/replacement of the existing hydronic heating system in the warehouse space, and connection of the system to the BAS at Harwood Center with use of DDC s. See the Scope of Work for complete details of services.MAGNITUDE OF CONSTRUCTION:The Magnitude of Construction is between $250,000 and $500,000.SET-ASIDE INFORMATION:In accordance with FAR 52.219-6, this is a 100% Total Small Business Set-Aside.In accordance with FAR 52.204-7, System for Award Management (SAM), prospective Firm shall be registered in the SAM database.This acquisition is a 100% set aside for Small Business concerns, in accordance with NAICS Code 541330. Any subsequent award will require the firm to be registered on the System for Award Management (SAM) website accessible at ON SUBCONTRACTING:Prospective firms are reminded that in accordance with FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting, at least 50 percent of the cost of personnel for contract performance shall be spent for employees of the concern. SF 330 packages shall address how each firm anticipates meeting these criteria. This requirement is in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 36.6 Architect-Engineer Services and the VA Acquisition Regulation (VAAR) Subpart 836.6, and all submissions will be evaluated in accordance with these evaluation procedures. The Government will not pay, nor reimburse, any costs associated with responding to this SF-330 Notice. The Government is under no obligation to award a contract as a result of this announcement. Respondents are put on notice that firm(s) selected by the Selection Authority will be required to submit a Fixed Price Proposal to include labor, overhead, profit, and other costs for this project for negotiation by the Contracting Officer prior to contract award. The final negotiated agreement will be incorporated into the resulting VA contract. Each Firm shall address their method for meeting the Limitations on Subcontracting.SELECTION EVALUATION CRITERIA:Each of the below evaluation criteria will be evaluated in accordance with FAR 36.6 procedures, and the below six (6) evaluation criteria are listed in descending order of importance as follows:Professional QualificationsSpecialized Experience and Technical CompetenceCapacityPast PerformanceExperience in Construction Period Services Geographic Location SELECTION EVALUATION CRITERIA:Each of the below six (6) evaluation criteria will be evaluated in accordance with FAR 36.6 procedures; using Adjectival Ratings and Confidence Level Ratings. The selection criteria, in descending order of importance will be as follows:PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Professional Qualifications are necessary for satisfactory performance of required Scope of Work services. At a minimum, the responding Firm must describe their professional qualifications and how many years of experience Firm has in providing services in the required disciplines. Three (3) to five (5) years of experience is required within the specialty of designing fire suppression systems in accordance with NFPA Standards. Three (3) to five (5) years of experience is required within the specialty of hydronic heating system inspection, evaluation, and design. Three (3) to five (5) years of experience using AutoCAD 2013 or later format. *This project may include, but is not limited to the following disciplines: Civil/Site engineeringElectrical engineeringFire Protection engineeringHazardous materials mitigation /abatementMechanical engineeringPlumbing engineeringStructural engineering*If Firm has a discipline that is named differently or that is interchangeable with the above disciplines, Firm must describe differences.Provide a resume (no more than 3 pages) for the above disciplines, and other relevant team members, or frequent subcontractor who will perform services under the resultant contract. Each resume shall include a minimum of three (3) specific completed projects that best describes the proposed individual s experience relevant to the attached Scope of Work. Each resume must clearly describe how each proposed team member has the minimum education, training, experience, certification, and registrations in order to perform Scope of Work Requirements. Resumes should also describe personnel s experience working with the VA on similar projects for any VA Medical Center Hospital, or experience performing similar services within other hospital environments. Key Personnel who the Firm proposes for this Project must be the same team members who will perform work under the resultant Contract. Prior to any substitution of key personnel, all key personnel substitutions must be approved in writing by the VAs NCO 1 Contracting Officer.Evaluation: Each resume will be evaluated based on an adjectival scoring method, based on degree to which proposed resumes clearly and specifically demonstrate level of specialized experience in the field of designing services to install new fire suppression system and new piping, valves and other appurtenances. Higher ratings may be provided to Firms with demonstrated experience working with the VA or performing similar design services within other hospital environments.SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE AND TECHNICAL COMPETENCE:Use SF-330 to demonstrate Firm s Specialized Experience and Technical Competence performing A/E services designing the same or similar types of design services to install a new fire suppression system; to connect and integrate the new fire suppression system to the existing Building Automation System (BAS) at Harwood Center with use of Direct Digital Controllers (DDC); Repair and/or replace the existing hydronic heating system and ancillary components in the warehouse to maintain the space at a minimum 59?F and maximum 68?F; and to perform any site excavation and utility work required to install the above work (refer to Scope of Work for complete requirement details).Specialized Experience and Technical Competence submittal must provide a detailed and specific narrative of up to three (3) (maximum) relevant Contracts or Projects completed within the last three (3) to five (5) years; for relevant projects similar in scope, size, and complexity with requirements described in the attached Scope of Work (projects can be from Government and private experience). The detailed and specific narrative must clearly describe Firm s ability to meet core requirements described in the attached Scope of Work. Each firm will be evaluated based on degree to which Firms specialized and technical competence clearly and specifically demonstrates their ability to perform Scope of Work requirements. CAPACITYGiven your Firm s current workload and the availability of Firm s existing key personnel and other core team members; describe your Firm s real-time capacity to successfully meet the Design Schedule described in the Scope of Work, while also performing core requirements described in the attached Scope of Work.Also describe how your Firm will manage ongoing projects without those projects having an adverse impact on performing Scope of Work requirements for this project. Describe how your Firm typically handles capacity issues (if and when they arise). Evaluation: Capacity submittals will be evaluated using an Adjectival Rating Method, based on current availability of staff, and how realistic proposed Capacity is compared to Firm s current workload and proposed staffing.PAST PERFORMANCEPast performance is described as contracts and projects with Government agencies and private industry for recent and relevant contracts and projects in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules.Recency is defined as performance occurring within 5 five years of the date of this Notice, except that ongoing Contracts/Projects must have begun no less than one (1) year prior to the issuance of this Notice.Relevancy is defined as past performance of work on Contracts/Projects that are similar in scope and complexity to the type of Contracts/Project anticipated under the resultant contract.Each Firm must submit 3-5 recent and relevant past performance projects with their SF 330 package. At a minimum each past performance referenced must include the following information:Contract/task order numberProject titleName of Prime Contractor and Subcontractors (if applicable)Contract/Project Start and completion dateContact informationAny challenges faced during project and remedies/solutions.Dollar amount and Construction dollar amount (if applicable)Provide Contract numbers for up to three (3) Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS).Firms without CPARS data must use the attached Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQs). Refer to attached PPQ document. Evaluation: This factor will be evaluated using a Level of Confidence Rating method. The Government also reserves the right to evaluate Past Performance on previously awarded Federal Task Orders and any other information available. Additionally, the Government may review the Firm s previous ability to meet the 50% SDVOSB performance requirement on other Task Orders.? Evaluations may also include additional performance related from the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, publicly available sources, and additional projects in CPARS. Government Past Performance Information Systems may be accessed. Evaluating past performance and experience may include information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and publicly available sources.? EXPERIENCE IN CONSTRUCTION PERIOD SERVICES: Describe experience in providing services during the construction period, for projects similar in size, scope, and complexity. At a minimum, describe your Firm s experience with the below construction services areas: Professional field inspections during the construction period.Review of construction submittals.Support in answering requests for information during the construction period.Support of construction contract changes to include drafting statements of work, revising drawings and plans, and developing cost estimates. GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION:The A/E Firm should have general knowledge of the locality where services for the project will take place, and relevant knowledge of certain local conditions or project site features. The purpose of this factor is to ensure that Firm can arrive at work site in a timely manner as not to delay starting and finishing work. Provide Name and Address of your Firm s branch or satellite office that is nearest to the geographic area of the Providence, RI VAMC (this is where services will be performed). Provide Firm s familiarity with traveling to the VAMC, Providence, RI, and surrounding areas of the New England Region; or how Firm plans to become familiar with the area where services will be performed (because climate and roadway conditions in the New England region can adversely impact a Firms ability to respond quickly to unforeseen site conditions).Evaluation: This factor will be evaluated by using a Level of Confidence Rating method. QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS DUE DATE:Deadline for submitting written questions to the VA is by July 8, 2022, by 2:30 PM EST.All Questions and comments regarding this notice must be submitted only in writing via email to questions and comments in response to this SF 330 Qualifications Notice must be submitted in writing only. Verbal telephone questions will not be accepted or answered.SF330 PACKAGE DUE DATE:The entire SF330 submittal packages, including Past Performance Questionnaires, shall be submitted to the VA by July 22, 2021, by 2:30 PM EST.All interested and qualified Firms are required to submit one (1) electronic copy via email to If file size exceeds 7 MB, then each Firm is required to send multiple emails, and please use email subject line to indicate how many emails are related to Firms total submittal (e.g., 1 of __, 2 of __, etc.).SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SF330:Late responses are considered any SF 330 submittal that is submitted by the Firm, after the exact date and time outlined above under Section I a. Any SF 330 submittal package, modification, or revision to the SF 330 package that is not received at the designated VA email address before or at the exact time specified above under Section I a., may be deemed Late and may not be considered. Responding Firms must address all six (6) of the Selection Evaluation Criteria described within this Notice.A current SF 330 form is available on-line at: Firm that responds to this SF 330 Notice is responsible for ensuring that the entire SF 330 package, to include any revisions, and modification information issued by the VA is submitted by the time shown above under Section I. a.When responding to Evaluation Factors 1-6, please be specific with all response information (i.e., please do not merely state that information is incorporated by reference ).SF330 PACKAGE SUBMITTAL CONTENTS:Each responding Firm must use a current SF330 Form to respond to the attached Scope of Work, and the most current SF 330 Form to address the requirements within this Notice. At a minimum, a complete SF330 package must include the following items:The entire SF330 package along with continuation pages (if more space is needed beyond space provided on the SF330 Form) is limited to fifty (50) pages. With the exception of the below bullet point items, pages that exceed the Fifty (50) page limit will not be considered or evaluated by the Evaluation Panel. The following items are excluded from the fifty (50) page limitation:Cover letterResumesPast Performance Questionnaire submittalsDrawings may be submitted with SF 330 submittal, and do not count against total page limitation. Drawings should be substantive and must support other proposed SF330 information.Cover letter, at a minimum must include the following:Firm s Legal Name, and DBA (if applicable), and full physical address, can also include mailing address.Firm s SAM Unique Entity ID (UEI), and DUNS numbers.Response Date (date Firm s SF 330 is submitted to the VA).Number and Title of this Notice (36C24122R0137, Install Fire Suppression Sprinkler System).SF330 submittal packages must clearly and specifically address all six (6) Evaluation Criteria described in this Notice. Not fully addressing all six (6) evaluation criteria may cause Firm s submittal to be deemed unacceptable and non-responsive. Complete all Sections of both Part I and Part II of the SF 330 Form, and any other applicable sections of the SF330 form. Please use N/A if any sections of SF330 are not applicable (please do not leave any Sections blank).Responding Firms must clearly label/cross reference any supporting narrative information and attachments with their SF 330 submittal package.SF 330 package shall address how each firm anticipates meeting Limitations on Subcontracting criteria described under Section E of this Notice.K. FAR and VAAR CITATIONS:The FAR and VAAR citations referenced in this Special Notice can be accessed via the following websites:FAR: ATTACHMENTS:
241-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 01 (36C241) Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 04330 ONE VA CENTER TOGUS ME 04330, Pearl Wray, Phone (401) 273-7100 x14129, Email
RFP Number:   36C24122R0137
Bid Documents:   Download Document
The official solicitation bid document(s) posted by the agency, often including detailed specifications, requirements, forms and directions necessary for bid submission.

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