Bid Opportunity: K059--626-15-106 Upgrade Energy Management System Infrastructure

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K059--626-15-106 Upgrade Energy Management System Infrastructure

Category: K - Modification of Equipment

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Type:   Bid
Agency Type:   Federal
State:   Tennessee
Date Entered:   05/24/2023
Due Date:   07/27/2023
Description:   PRODUCT/SERVICE CODE: K059 Modification of Equipment: Electrical and Electronic Equipment ComponentsThis will be a 100% set-aside for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business concerns under the authority of 38 U.S.C. section 8127 (d). NAICS code 238210 Electrical Contractors, applies to thisrequirement. The small business size standard is $19M.The estimated range of construction is Between $2,000,000 - $5,000,000.This requirement will be procured per Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 14.101 -Sealed Bidding.The solicitation is expected to be posted on or around 16 June 2023.This requirement is a 100% set-aside for Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business(SDVOSB) concerns under the authority of 38 U.S.C ?8127 (d). Only those SDVOSB s listedand viewable in the SBA VetCert database located at The database will be checked at the time of offer submission as well as prior to award. All offers must also have an active listing in the System for Award Management (SAM) database. The awarded contractor must also submit evidence of enrollment with VETS4212.In addition to the requirements as set forth in the solicitation notice (to be issued), the proposedcontractor must also be determined responsible in accordance with FAR Part 9. TheContracting Officer will determine responsibility prior to any award being made.Questions related to this requirement will only be addressed in writing by way of email to theContract Specialist at The Project number, Project Name andSolicitation Number must be included in the subject line of all questions related to thisrequirement.No questions will be considered until the actual solicitation is released.DRAFT - STATEMENT OF WORKDepartment of Veterans AffairsTVHS, Nashville CampusConstruction RequirementsProject 626-15-106Upgrade Energy Management SystemGENERAL INFORMATION Introduction: The VA s existing Building Automation System (BAS) Direct Digital Controls (DDC) systems are manufactured by Honeywell, Siemens, and Alerton. The Engineering Control Center (ECC) is located in Room D-72, the Boiler Plant Operator Room, and AC Shop Supervisor Office on second floor of Boiler Plant of the hospital. These systems currently operate via V-LAN (Virtual Local Area Network). These control systems, along with many of their outdated control panels, manage various Air Handling Units, Chiller, and Boiler plant operations. Present DDC systems are a mix of proprietary and non-backwards compatible frameworks that are incapable of functioning as a system to allow control as required across the facility. This requirement will upgrade the existing Energy Management System and Building Automation System and remove existing system(s) in Building 1 at TVHS Nashville VA Medical Center. This solicitation will result in one award for the project. Scope of Work: Provide construction services to upgrade existing Energy Management System and Building Automation System for project 626-15-106 at the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Nashville Campus at 1310 24th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212, in strict accordance with the specifications and drawings. Contractor will provide professional services to convert Direct Digital Controls (DDC) system to industry standard Native DDC front-end and panels, fiber optic backbone to all panels, replace outdated controls and panels, and add controls on to key areas. The contractor shall furnish all labor, material, equipment, and supervision necessary to successfully complete all work as described. The job includes controls, programming, structured cabling, low-voltage electrical and architectural for patch back, tuning, fire alarms, certification/commissioning, and general construction. At the conclusion of these upgrades, there will be a new Fiber Optic backbone, ALL panels will be Native-BACnet supporting all equipment, and there will be a new front-end with new graphics for a unified and certified/commissioned BACnet System.Performance Period: The contractor shall complete the work required under this statement of work (SOW) within the 210 calendar days from date of the Notice to Proceed, which includes all work, submittals, material lead times, inspection, and closeout. Unless otherwise stated, any modifications required under the resulting contract and shall be submitted by the contractor and approved by the Contracting Officer (CO).Project Objectives: Convert existing BAS communications from V-LAN to Fiber Optic serving Fan Rooms.Replace each Control Panel, tie in and integrate all existing field devices/feeds. Replace or integrate existing Non-BACnet devices, analog inputs, and NOTIFER Fire Alarm. Provide any necessary conversion modules/cards, controllers, devices, sensors, boxes, armored cable, supports, instrumentation, programming, and controls. System supplier shall submit point-to-point Engineered drawings, control sequence, and bill of materials for approval. Remove old V-LAN cabling once new system(s) is installed AND operational.Replace listed Alerton, Siemens, and Honeywell control panels and associated components with Native BACnet. Upgrade existing DDC system to function as an integrated and open system to allow control of the entire DDC system across the facility.Provide professional services to ensure a complete and fully functional BAS upgrade, including coordination and installation of sensors, controls, and modifications. Contractor provided professional services will include, but is not limited to, general construction, controls, programming, structured cabling, low-voltage electrical and architectural for patch back, tuning, fire alarms, and certification. Coordination drawings shall include all components and exact utility routing, sizing, capacity, location, and arrangement/configuration.SPECIFIC TASKS AND ASSOCIATED DELIVERABLESDescription of Tasks and Associated Deliverables: Contractor shall provide construction services within the specified period of performance in accordance with the statement of work and specifications including all documentation, schedules, submittals, coordination, certifications, test reports, training, warranties, manuals, etc. as specified in the contract documents. Work includes but is not limited to:Upgrade all the existing Control Panels from the V-LAN to fiber communications. Installation shall comply with ASHRAE Standard 135 BACnet protocol.All new fiber lines installed shall terminate in fiber patch panels/hubs.All fiber optic lines are to be installed in armored (not Clad), independently supported, riser-, plenum-rated cable with independent penetrations, unless contractor can tie to a nearby cable tray or noted otherwise. Existing V-LAN lines supporting building service equipment shall remain active until new, fiber lines are installed, and new system is operational supporting the building service equipment. Once new system is operational, remove/demolish all existing wire from old backbone/loop, conduit to remain.All the fiber switches must be located in Fan Rooms for easy access, no switches above celling.Provide a Fiber Optic Backbone (minimum 10 GBPS) serving all Fan Rooms and back to the head-end. Contractor to submit stamped, backbone coordination drawings showing floorplans and riser diagrams. Although fiber distances are not specified, contractor shall be conscious of data transmission rates/speeds and performance requirements of specifications (system response times) (See Attachment A Specification 230923 Direct Digital Control System for HVAC). Upgrade existing Building Automation System Honeywell Legacy Control Panels to Native BACnet for the systems listed below:Operation Room Panel for Chiller Four (4) and Chiller Five (5). Chiller Four and Five panel interface modules shall be upgraded to interface with the new Panel Controller. Chiller Seven (7) panel controller and Chiller seven (7) panel interface module shall be upgraded to interface with the new panel controller. Listed Air Handling Units (AHU) in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule. Install Air Flow Management System (AFMS) for the Honeywell AHU s listed in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Listed Exhaust Fans (EF) in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Listed Convertible Heat Exchangers (C-HX) in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Additional listed components identified in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Install Air Flow Management System (AFMS) on the following Siemens AHUs:Install Air Flow Management System (AFMS) for the Siemens AHU s (Outside Air) listed in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Upgrade or replace to Native BACnet with appropriate internals the following Alerton control panels:Listed Air Handling Units (AHU) in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Listed Fan Coil Units (FCU) in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Listed Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Additional listed components identified in Attachment B- Control Panel ScheduleInstall Air Flow Management System (AFMS) for the Alerton AHU s listed in Attachment B- Control Panel Schedule.Additional BAS control enclosures required to complete the migration of existing control points are to be provided by the control s contractor. New BAS control enclosures are to be installed in each AHU s respective mechanical room.Enclosures shall have hinged, locking doors.Provide laminated plastic nameplates for all enclosures in any mechanical room or electrical room. Include location and unit served on nameplate. Laminated plastic shall be 0.125 inches thick and appropriately sized to make label easy to read.Upgrade the existing DDC system to function as an integrated and open system to allow control of the entire DDC system across the facility. The combined system shall operate and function as one complete system including one database of control point objects and global control logic capabilities.The contractor shall observe the capabilities, communication network, services, spare capacity of the existing control system and its ECC prior to beginning work.DDC shall communicate directly with the new native-BACnet devices over the existing control system s communications network without the use of a gateway.Provide a combined system server that must be compatible with all existing/newly installed control points and systems.Provide programming converting the existing non-BACnet devices, objects and services to ASHRAE Standard 135 BACnet-complaint BIBB s (BACnet Interoperability Building Blocks).Facility operators and select engineering personnel shall have complete operation and control capability over all systems, new and existing, including monitoring, trending, graphing, scheduling, alarm management, global points sharing, global strategy deployment, graphical operations interfaces and custom reporting as specified.The direct-digital control (DDC) combined front-end system shall start and stop equipment, move (position) damper actuators and valve actuators, and vary speed of equipment to execute the mission of the control system. Use electricity as motive force for all the damper and valve actuators, unless use of pneumatic as motive force is specifically granted by the VA via formal correspondence.Control System shall accommodate seven (7) Engineering Control Center workstations and the control system shall accommodate up to ten (10) web-based users simultaneously. Access to the system should be limited only by individual, specific operator username and password.The operator shall be able to remotely access and operate the system. Remote access shall allow the operator to function the same as local access.BAS supplier shall provide Web-based access to the system as part of standard installation. User must be able to access all displays of real-time data that are part of the BAS using a standard Web browser. Web browser shall tie into the network through Owner-supplied Ethernet network connection. Web page host may be a separate device that resides on the BAS BACnet network, but is not the BAS server for the control system. BAS server may be a separate computer from the Web page host device. The Web page software shall not require a per-user licensing fee or annual fees. The Web page host must be able to support simultaneous users with the ability to expand the system to accommodate an unlimited number of users.All digital and analog output overrides, temperature setpoints, Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Loop configuration/tuning parameters, timed overrides and key parameters shall be adjustable from the combined front-end DDC and Web Interface. The operator shall be able to periodically adjust parameter within the application, such as reset schedule values, timing parameters, calibration offsets, tuning parameters, set point values, globe/zone/VAV/TU schedules, and be able to manually override of output points and manual overrides of physical sensor values or states.Overrides shall change color state while the point is in override. This shall be displayed on the web graphic depicting the point, and in a summary page of all active overridesMust tune See Specification for Response requirements.Maintenance management (PM): The program shall monitor equipment status and generate maintenance messages based upon the operator s defined equipment run time, starts, and/or calendar date limits. A preventative maintenance alarm shall be printed indicating maintenance requirements based on pre-defined run time.The system shall update all dynamic points with current data within eight (8) seconds. Data refresh shall be automatic, without operator intervention.Combined front-end system shall allow trending of any point/object, hardware or software virtual. Include tabular and graphical formats, simulation display of multiple values, user adjustable ranges and scaling, high resolution capable sampling on PID control loops, archiving and storage.The combined system server shall start the trending and be able to store the data for a minimum of one (1) year. The combined system shall trend all points available on the systems and equipment listed, but not limited to: Air Handling Units, Chiller Plant, Boiler Plant, VAV Boxes for each AHU, Chiller Four (4) and Five (5), Chiller Seven (7), Fans, Pumps, Booster Pumps, Fans Coils, Heat Exchangers, Exhausts Fans, and Domestic Hot Water.Each newly installed server and panels shall have sufficient memory to support its own operating system, including data sharingCombined system shall be able to provide a table for each Air Handling Units VAV boxes that contains the points listed below: VAV Box Name VAV Box Location VAV Supply TemperatureVAV Supply CFM 7. Upgrade Combined Front-end Graphic Displaysa. Provide a Graphic Floor Plan that will include locations of key space sensors, associated exhaust fans, fire/smoke damper locations and status, set-point adjustment and color band displays, floor plan maps that show heating and cooling zones throughout the building with user definable colors.b. Provide custom graphics and images of the combined front-end system for, but not limited to, the existing/new control systems, air handling units, chiller plant, chiller four (4), five (5), six (6), and seven (7), boiler plant, fans, pumps, fire pump, booster pumps, heat recovery systems, domestic hot water, fan coils, heat exchanger, VAV boxes, venturi air valves, energy recovery ventilation system, exhausts fan system and points for the graphic interface of each system.i. System Graphics shall be equipment specific and schematically correct for each system. (i.e. coils, fans, dampers located per equipment supplied with project.) Standard system graphics that do not match equipment or system configurations are not acceptable. Operator shall have capability to manually operate the entire system from each graphic screen at the ECC. Each system graphic shall include a button/tab to display the applicable sequence of operation.c. Animation shall be used for rotation or moving mechanical components to enhance usability, such as to show if louvers/valves are open, closed or partially open.d. Dynamic temperature values, humidifier values, flow rates, and status indication shall be shown in their locations and shall automatically update to represent current conditions without operator intervention and without pre-defined screen refresh values. e. Color shall be used to indicate status and change in status of the equipment. The state colors shall be user definable. f. A clipart library of HVAC equipment, such as chillers, boilers, air handling units, fans, terminal units, pumps, coils, standard ductwork, piping, valves and laboratory symbols shall be provided in the system. The operator shall have the ability to add custom symbols to the clipart library. g. A dynamic display of the site-specific architecture showing status of the controllers, the ECC and network shall be provided. h. The windowing environment of the workstation shall allow the user to simultaneously view several applications at a time to analyze total building operation or to allow the display of graphics associated with an alarm to be viewed without interrupting work in progress. The graphic system software shall also have the capability to split screen with half portion of the screen with graphical representation and the other half with sequence of operation of the same HVAC system. i. Provide Graphical engineering tools shall include Device Manager for detection of devices connected anywhere on the BACnet network by scanning of the entire network. This function shall display device instance, network identification, model number, and description of connected devices. It shall record and display software file loaded into each controller. A copy of each file shall be stored on the computer s hard drive. If needed, this file shall be downloaded to the appropriate controller using the mouse.8. Provide a Software Configuration Tools, including the software to modify graphics, upload and download controllers, and re-configure the sequence of operation as programmed in the stand-alone controllers.9. Provide Scheduling and Alarm Management software.10. The new control systems shall be designed such that each mechanical system shall Operate as a Stand-Alone Mode . The contractor administered by this Section of the technical specifications shall provide controllers for each mechanical system. In the event of a network communication failure, or the loss of any other controller, the control system shall continue to operate independently. Failure of the ECC shall have no effect on the field controllers, including those involved with global strategies.C. CONTRACTOR GENERAL REQUIREMENTSStatement of Bid item: Controls System Upgrade: Work includes installation of new campus Energy Management System fiberoptic network in new conduit and existing underground signal conduit system, installation of new DDC controllers and fiberoptic switches in new enclosures, new power feeds (normal and standby) to new DDC controllers and switches, extension of existing controls I/O wiring to new control panels, programming of new controllers, creation of new custom graphics for all equipment, complete system testing, and removal of all existing fiberoptic cable and empty conduit once new system has been tested and placed in service.Fully Functional & Complete: When furnish , provide , install , construct , convert , upgrade or similar term is used, it shall mean a complete installation by the contractor, fully functional and ready for use, including all supervision, coordination, labor, materials, equipment and to perform the job, as well as all associated costs, such as disposal, handling, delivery/transportation, storage, fees, taxes, etc. For the purposes of this contract/project, if direction/statement is silent as to who shall performs work or provides services/items, it is meant to be the contractor s responsibility. Modern/Up-to-Date Equipment & Open Systems: Provide modern systems incorporating modern components. Components/devices/modules/items/etc. shall have been developed within the last 5 years. When items cite compliance with codes/guidelines/standards, they shall be the most recent, up-to-date version. All components must still be in production and widely used/available. No discontinued items are allowed. Software shall be the most current version. No proprietary components or systems, included but not limited to, gateways, communication bridges, protocol translators or any other device that translates any proprietary or other communication protocol to the BACnet communication protocol shall be permitted as a part of the BAS installation. Gateways may only be used as required for communication to existing systems or systems installed as part of this project. Network/Controls Architecture and Software shall be Open License and require no annual/reoccurring fees for continual access.Time for Deliverables (5-day max): Unless noted otherwise, any written milestone or deliverable shall be provided within 5 days. VA reviews of a deliverable shall also be completed within 5 business days from the date of receipt. If revisions are required, the contractor shall deliver any revisions within 5 days from the date of receipt. All written deliverables shall be phrased in lay person language.Interchangeable Language: For the purpose of the Scope of Work, these words are used interchangeably: Mechanical Room = Fan Room = Equipment RoomNative-BACnet = BACnetFront-end = Head-endCertification = ComplianceCertify = ComplyPanel = Control Panel = Pier-to-Pier (P2P) NetworkDays = Calendar Days Survey of Existing Conditions: The Department of Veterans Affairs intends to have the contractor fully survey, investigate, and document the existing conditions/locations, devices, sensors, connections and finishes to gain the knowledge and insight necessary to determine the required labor, supervision, and materials, including all components, accessories, and options to successfully develop a complete bid and perform the work.Submittals: Contractor shall prepare quality, accurate submittals, and material orders to perform the construction in a professional and competent manner. Submit all materials to COR. Long lead items shall be submitted within 5 days of NTP. QA/QC or Professional Services review times are no more than 5 days, VA Submittal review times are 7 days. All items, accessories and options shall be clearly marked on the submittal, along with any specified codes/standards. Whenever possible, accessories shall be provided from the fixture manufacturer. Submittals shall indicate the suitable fixture/materials for each location. Contractor shall field verify each installation/location prior to bid, submittals, and ordering materials. Submit a sample of the custom stainless steel shower wall-plate. All materials will be for use in wet areas. Labeling: Contractor is responsible for Identify all equipment and panels. Provide permanently mounted tags for all panels. Submit to COR for approval.Contractual Provisions: This SOW shall be considered as the most specific requirement for this project and shall quash any conflicting requirement(s) or terms. When the requirements/terms of the contract do not directly conflict, that provision shall be considered as an additional requirement. IT Information Security: The Information Technology Certification and Accreditation requirements do not apply, and a Security Accreditation Package is not required.Superintendent: The contractor shall appoint a qualified superintendent that shall be on-site during the performance of the work associated with this contract. Coordination of Work/Minimize Impact: The contractor will coordinate all work with the VA COR to minimize the impact on medical center operations. Each week, the superintendent shall survey and coordinate future work with COR, providing a 2 to 3 week look-ahead review and appropriately addressing after-hours work, shutdowns, and any issues.Safety: The contractor s safety manager is responsible for safety inspections of all contract operations. All VA and OSHA safety regulations shall be observed during the performance of work identified on this contract. Provide signage, barricades and infection control as required to maintain safety and protection around the project work site. Infection Control: Provide and maintain infection control. If infection control precautions are not required by the policy/specification, such as work at locations/setups lasting less than a shift and not producing dust (such as typical device/sensor swap outs in fan/mechanical rooms), close room doors, provide a scrubber, as needed.Parking: The Contractor will have one designated parking location. Working materials should be contained in this authorized truck/van. Drivers should be particularly concerned with pedestrian traffic, yielding to pedestrians. Seat Belt use is mandatory on all VA grounds. Cleaning: After installing devices, sensors, etc., contractor shall clean the area, leaving it in an orderly condition, hospital clean and ready for use or patient treatment. Contractor to notify COR once cleaned. VA will terminally clean Surgical, PACU, SICU and MICU areas after the contractor s work and cleaning is complete. The Contractor shall always keep the work area, including any areas where materials and/or equipment is being stored, free from accumulations of waste materials. Before completing the work, the Contractor shall remove from the work and premises any rubbish, tools, equipment, and materials that are not the property of the Government. Staging/Storage: An office, storage building, Connex or staging area is not authorized for this project. Materials and construction items must be limited to on-site useable amounts and what may be contained in an authorized/parked workman s truck/van.Demo/Removal: When items or equipment, are shown to be demolished, remove and dispose of all materials and appurtenances. Do not leave any abandoned components or utility feeds. Remove utilities feeds back to the source or an active line, main, or main branch. When removing dead-ends, in-wall pipe can remain to minimize impact to wall/finishes, but the remainder of the piping shall be removed and capped close to the active line. Hard wired electronic faucets shall be disconnected, wire removed to the active j-box above ceiling and a blank brushed stainless-steel cover-plate installed over the vacant box below the sink; In-wall conduit and box can remain.Waste/Disposal: Disposal shall include all associated costs, such as handling, packaging, wrapping, container costs, and any offsite costs, such as transportation and disposal/dumping fees. The contractor is responsible for any byproducts of their construction (such as dust, runoff, leaks, stains, fumes, rubbish, waste) and any associated impact or costs. Once items/materials are removed/demolished, they are the contractor s property and responsibility (unless noted otherwise). Normal Hours & After-hours Work and Work Productivity: Normal duty hours will be 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. No work shall be performed on federal holidays unless approved by COR. This project will require work to be performed outside of normal duty hours (after-hours) to minimize the impact on patients and Medical Center operations and must be coordinated with and approved by COR two (2) weeks in advance. Installation of devices, sensors, etc. in exam and treatment rooms, emergency department, surgical areas, and PACU shall be performed after-hours or weekends. Shutdowns of critical spaces shall be performed after-hours or on weekends upon coordination with the COR. Contractor expectations for productivity/progress during normal working hours should be based on this real-world performance observed on previous projects. Shutdowns: Shutdowns of critical units/spaces must be requested in writing or email to the COR 3 weeks in advance (and performed after-hours or on weekends). Shutdowns of non-critical units/spaces shall be coordinated with the COR. No Smoking: This is a smoke free facility. Contractor shall enforce the no smoking policy with his project staff. Smoking is not allowed on VA property, buildings, vehicles, or grounds. Final Inspection: 2 weeks in advance, request final inspection in writing to the CO and COR.No Additional Fees: There shall be no associated, reoccurring fees for any components, software, or general upgrades, usage fees, or capacity licensing fees ever.Warranty: All controls work, devices, etc. shall be warranted for one (1) year.STATEMENT OF BID ITEMS:BID ITEM NO. I (BASE BID): All work and items as indicated in this SOW.CHANGES TO THE STATEMENT OF WORKAny changes to this SOW must be authorized and approved through written modifications to the contract by the CO. Costs incurred by the contractor through the actions of parties other than the CO shall be borne by the contractor. F. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS1. Prior to work commencing the contractor shall provide the COR with a performance schedule and a schedule of values. The schedule of values (SOV) shall be a true representation of the work required. The schedule of values (SOV) line item total shall be based on the per unit install cost (including all mark-up). The vendor shall provide a detailed project design and installation schedule with time markings and details for hardware items and software development phases. Schedule shall show all the target dates for transmission of project information and documents, and shall indicate timing and dates for system installation, debugging, and commissioning.2. The contractor shall provide a Daily Work Report (DWR) each day or the day after at the latest. The report must contain forces by trade, equipment, locations, and work performed, testing documentation/certification and any issues encountered. DWR s shall be submitted electronically in a format agreed upon by the contractor and COR. 3. The superintendent shall also provide a copy of the updated report of installed unit counts/certifications/tests during the weekly coordination (look-ahead) survey with the COR. 4. Monthly payments will be based on the number of panels, devices, and/or sensors installed/upgraded. The performance shall be updated with each pay application. Panel upgrades/installation counts shall also be tracked in the contractor s weekly installation report reports. If installation reports/certifications are not provided, the payment request will be rejected until the delinquent reports are provided.G. CONTRACTOR EXPERIENCE AND PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS The contractor shall identify all employees that will be working under the awarded contract. Contractor personnel shall include employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, and delivery personnel entering the medical center. Those employees shall bring photo ID and social security card or passport to obtain a VA Contractor identification badge. The badge shall always be worn above the belt while on medical center property. The contractor s employees shall return all I.D. badges to designated personnel at the end of the period of performance of the contract. Lost badges compromise security and will result in action, including removal and/or surcharge.The contractor must inform the COR and the CO when personnel are removed from the contract for any reason. If a key person becomes unavailable to complete the contract, the proposed substitutions of key personnel shall be made by the contractor in writing to the COR and CO for approval.The COR may request contractor or contractor personnel to be removed from the site for violating VA Medical Center rules and regulations. The Contractor will provide a corrective action write-up on personnel removed that shall be approved by CO. Corrective action may include permanent removal of personnel from the premises. H. CONFIDENTIALITY AND NONDISCLOSURE1. The preliminary and final deliverables, and all associated working papers, application source code, and other material deemed relevant by VA which have been generated by the contractor in the performance of this contract, are the exclusive property of the U.S. Government and shall be submitted to the Co and COR at the conclusion of the contract.2. The CO will be the sole authorized official to release any data, draft deliverables, final deliverables, or any other written or printed materials pertaining to this contract. No information shall be released by the contractor. Any request for information relating to this contract, presented to the contractor, shall be submitted to the CO and COR for a response.3. Press releases, marketing material, or any other printed or electronic documentation related to this project, shall not be publicized without the written approval of the CO. I. ATTACHMENTS1. Attachment A Specification 230923 Direct Digital Control System for HVAC2. Attachment B Control Panel Schedule
249-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 9 (36C249) Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 37129 VISN 9 CONSOLIDATED ACQUISITION 3400 LEBANON ROAD MURFREESBORO TN 37129 Jeannette Morphew, Contract Specialist, Phone 615-867-6000 x20230, Email
RFP Number:   36C24923B0019
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The official solicitation bid document(s) posted by the agency, often including detailed specifications, requirements, forms and directions necessary for bid submission.

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